Monday, January 25, 2016

Nail the Decor for a Nautical Party – Ideas & Inspiration

Whether it's for an adult gathering or a child's birthday party, a nautical theme is lighthearted and fun. Pulling off a nautical look is all about setting up the right backdrop and choosing decorative accents that speak to life on the water. If you're wondering how to throw a themed party that fits the nautical bill, here's everything you need to know.

Create a Backdrop for Your Nautical Party
Setting the stage for your nautical party is all about getting the big atmospheric details right. You might opt for a serene outdoorsy setting with sand and seashells, but nothing says nautical like navy blue and white. Choose linens, streamers, banners, ropes, tablecloths and paper lanterns in bold blues and crisp, clean whites. Textiles and other decor elements with horizontal stripes are particularly nautical and add visual interest to any party space.

Go even farther with the backdrop for your party by hanging fishing nets on the wall or swapping out vinyl blinds for bamboo or wood styles. If you're choosing fabric to cover a wall or drape over windows, look for organza, crepe or another lightweight fabric that moves gracefully and is easy to hang. If you're having a hard time finding suitable fabrics, head to a store that specializes in upholstery or outdoor textiles.

Finding Decor With a Nautical Feel
Pulling off a nautical theme is about nailing the fine details too. You'll find nautical party supplies in a variety of online and brick-and-mortar shops as well as in thrift stores and at yard sales. Our gorgeous wood nautical charts make a great choice to center your party decor. Fold-out nautical maps and charts are also a great option and can even be used as tablecloths.

Banners, pennants or signs in blue and white provide a perfect way to let guests know what your party is all about and where they can find essentials such as drinks and snacks. Shop at thrift stores and online for used nautical items such as ship wheels, life preservers, ropes and semaphore flags. These real-world touches will add both authenticity and fun to your party. If you can't find genuine items, look for play replicas in a toy store.

Of course, there are many nautical decorations that you can make yourself, too. You'll find an array of DIY nautical party decor ideas on Pinterest and crafting blogs. Remember that you can adapt almost any DIY party decor project to suit your theme by choosing blue and white as your primary event colors. Simple elements such as anchors, gold braids and stars can also take a craft from basic to nautical in no time.

As with any party theme, pulling off the nautical look is all about the spirit of your event. Choose snacks and drinks that speak to the theme and give guests favors with nautical flair. If you send out invitations far enough in advance, you can even ask your attendees to dress up in nautical or maritime attire.

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