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What To Do In San Diego|Perfect Gift's For the Boater in Your Life

San Diego is a city filled with a lot of places to eat and hang out. You will definitely love this city as there are plenty of spots to have fun-filled adventures. You can have fun at the beach, go to Legoland, and visit the zoo. Below are the things you can do in San Diego:

1.        Go To La Jolla

One of San Diego’s upscale beach town, La Jolla means “the jewel.” It is located on the cliffs and overlooks the ocean. This prime location makes it a great place to view the entire marine area. There are excellent restaurants with stunning ocean views. Shops also abound in the area.  Activities you can do include tide pool-hopping, biking, surfing, running, and ocean kayaking.


2.                Go To A Tour Of USS Midway Aircraft Carrier

This tourist attraction boasts of an aircraft carrier that is 972 feet long. The USS Midway is able to carry about 4000 people. It was the world’s largest ship from 1945 to 1955. Aside from the ship, you can also see approximately 25 aircrafts displayed throughout this tourist attraction.

3.                Visit Balboa Park

San Diego’s most-loved park, Balboa has a lot of buildings that is great for taking pictures with. In Balboa Park, you can actually ride a bike, take a walk, watch a Shakespeare play, visit the San Diego zoo, and ride a carousel. Balboa Park boasts of 15 museums and eight gardens. This ensures you that you won’t get bored within the area.

4.                 See Coronado Island

Coronado is actually a peninsula, not an island. It’s a narrow land strip located between the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay. Even though it’s a little space of land, there’re still lots of fun to be experienced in Coronado Island. It has a classic hotel, a great beach, and a little downtown area. To know more about interesting history and gossip, you can talk the Coronado Walking Tour too.

5.                Taking The Harbor Cruise

You can explore much of San Diego’s waters by taking a harbour cruise. With the cruise, you can take a peek at Pacific Fleet. Since water is a significant part of San Diego, this attraction is not to be missed.

6.                Go To The San Diego Zoo

Wildlife? Yes, San Diego has it. This place plays an active role in animal conservation. Giant pandas are popular in San Diego Zoo and are a must-see attraction. They also have koalas, an albino boa constrictor, California Condors, and warty pigs. The zoo boasts of 4000 endangered, rare animals and a botanical collection of 700,000+ exotic plants.

7.                Go With The Kids To Legoland

San Diego has one of the Legolands scattered all over the world. These Legos, small brick toys, are very popular among kids. In Legoland, you will find an array of life-sized dinosaurs, traffic cops, and other creations. Your kids will surely love this place. There are also rides that can be the source of enjoyment of your little ones.

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San Francisco Bay: What To Do|Perfect Holiday Gifts

If you are in freezing weather, it is best to go to San Francisco Bay and enjoy the activities you can do in the area. The place is filled with enjoyable restaurants and hotels. Perfect for a weekend getaway, San Francisco Bay is surely a place you’ll love. Below are the top things to enjoy in the area:

1.      Go To Grizzly Peak

In Grizzly Peak, you can view the whole bay area from the top. You can either go to the top or drive up to the place. 

2.      Gobble Up On The Best Indian Food

India Palace contains one of the top Indian foods in USA. The employees are very friendly. The chicken tikka masala is a must-try for everybody who wants to get to this place. It has an inexpensive eat-all-you-can buffet and has beautiful decors all over. 

3.       Get The Best Sunday Brunch

Want enjoyable Sundays? You can go straight to the Starlight Room at 450 Powell Street in San Francisco and enjoy a heartening Sunday brunch.

4.      Eat Cinnamon Rolls

For vegans, Cinnaholic is the best place to get cinnamon rolls. It is located at 2132 Oxford Street, Berkeley. And it is perfect for anybody who has a sweet tooth. 

5.      Check Out San Francisco Venues

You can check out a concert in various venues around the San Francisco Bay area. Go to The Independent, The Warfield, Thee Parkside, The Fillmore, Hemlock Tavern, and the Great American Music Hall. It’s up to you to choose which one you’d like to check out. 

6.      Visit The Redwood Room

Situated inside of Clift Hotel, Redwood Room will make you feel like you’re a big-time baller. Start by sipping on a cocktail while moving your eyes around to see the gorgeous paintings.

7.      Go To The Underground Wrestling Match

During every month’s first Friday, Hoodslam is hosted by the Oakland Metro Operahouse. In this event, performance artists or wrestlers “perform” for the viewers. Variety shows are also abundant during every month’s first Thursday. 

8.      Check Out Clarion Alley And The Sycamore

The Clarion Alley is filled with artists creating their projects. You can walk through the alley with your loved ones. Also, you might find yourself eating at The Sycamore. Enjoy your meal for this vacation!

9.      Go To The Audium

A best-kept secret of San Francisco is the Audium. In this attraction, you are situated in a dark theater. You are then enveloped in a variety of sounds that might move your emotions. You should definitely add this one to your list once you get to San Francisco Bay Area. 

10.   Make Your Own Ice Cream

You definitely have to visit “CREAM.” The word is an abbreviation of “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me.” In this place, you can make your own ice cream sandwich out of the cookies and ice cream available.

In Conclusion: 

The San Francisco Bay Area is a winner when it comes to having great experiences. You won’t run out of activities to do. Visit this area now and enjoy what life has to offer.

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A Brief History of Lake Tahoe|Ideal Collectible Art for Your Home

The History of Lake Tahoe

Before it was a popular tourist attraction to visitors in the states of Nevada and California, Lake Tahoe was an alpine lake filled with history.

Lake Tahoe was the heart of the Washoe Indian territory. It was the tribes’ source of food, water, medicinal plants, and even tools. On February 14, 1844, Lt. John C. Frémont discovered the lake during his discovery to the west. Since its discovery, the lake was used to cross the mountains that surrounded it. Even so, its harsh weather kept its visitors in small numbers. Most people who wanted to cross the lake and the mountains surrounding it needed a guide.

Naming the lake sparked controversy over decades. In 1853, it was named as Lake Bigler by the surveyor general of California, William Eddy. This naming was meant to honor California’s third Governor, John Bigler. During the Civil War, Union advocates objected to the name. This was after Governor John Bigler became a Confederate sympathizer. Lt. John C. Frémont insisted on naming the lake “Lake Bonpland” in honor of the French botanist, Aimé Jacques Alexandre Bonpland. But this naming was barely used.

Over the years, the lake’s name became an argument. Some maps used Lake Bigler while others referred to the lake as “Mountain Lake”, “Frémont’s Lake” and “Maheon Lake.” in 1862, the United States Department of the Interior suggested the name Tahoe. The name Tahoe was derived from the Washoe word, “dá’aw”, which meant “the lake”. The legislation officially named the lake “Lake Bigler” in 1870, but the public chose to refer to it as “Lake Tahoe.” Finally, in 1945, the lake was officially named Lake Tahoe.

When the Comstock Lode was discovered in Virginia city. With the city just 15 miles to the east of the lake, miners interested in the silver set their eyes on the nearby Lake Tahoe and its mountains. In 1861, the mining’s demand for lumber and fuel directed Sam Clemens to the east shore of the lake. There, he found trees that would meet the mining’s demands. This led to the first settlements within the area of Lake Tahoe, other than native settlers from the Washoe tribes. Unfortunately, this resulted in a massive forest fire by Clemens’ camp. The fire drove the lumberers out of the lake.

Even so, Tahoe city was founded in 1864. The city became a recreational spot for the miners from the Comstock Lode. This was the beginning of Lake Tahoe’s reputation for being a recreational destination. Vacation homes were built around the lake during the early 20th century. The popularity of gambling casinos in Nevada, which lies at the east side of Lake Tahoe, and the success of the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, which is located less than 10 miles from the lake, its development boomed.

Today, Lake Tahoe is a known destination spot for those visiting California and Nevada, the states that border the lake. Its vast waters and mountain ranges make it a popular choice for those interested in watersports, hiking, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, and many other activities.

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Interesting Places to Visit When in Los Angeles to San Diego|Custom Topographic Art

Things to See From Los Angeles to San Diego

Among all the road trips ever taken around California, one of the more notable ones is the trip from Los Angeles to San Diego This two, to two and a half hour trip can go many ways, often taking Route 5 so you get to see the ocean view, especially if you’re going LA to SD.

Here are some highlights and stopovers you can take to fully enjoy this lovely ocean-side drive.

The Richard Nixon Library & Museum

Located in 18001 Yorba Linda Blvd, Yorba Linda, a bit away from the highway, lies this magnificent museum. They host live shows and tours, perfect for kids, history enthusiasts, and those who want to soak in as much of North America’s history in a short span of time.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Going here, in 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, will inject you with a huge dose of art and culture. A sight to see even for people who aren’t inclined or aren’t as enthusiastic about art. At the very least, it’s a treat for the eyes as various museums display a mix of modern and rural art of both eastern and western roots, some of them deep, intense and meaningful, others colorful, simple and meant for you to look at and smile. There are live plays, film showings and their fair share of restaurants when you get hungry.


No tourist should leave California without stepping in the place where the magic happens. Take a tour in one or two movie studios, especially the special effects theme parks at Universal Studios and the Warner Bros. Studios. At the very least take a walk in the Walk of Fame.

That's during the day. At night, the place becomes even more alive with restaurants opening up and there's also the Sunset Strip Clubs for those looking for a more risque flavor to their evening.

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Located in 5704 Paseo Del Norte, this place has 50 acres of vast, unforgiving, unadulterated, flowers. The best times to go to this place is during Spring, to see the blooming phase of nearly all the flowers. There is an entrance fee for going there, and you can host parties, gatherings, and weddings in this majestic place.

Or, at the very least drive through the highway. Driving with the expansive flower fields by your side is a relaxing experience on its own.

San Diego Zoo

Voted as the top zoo in America in 2015, San Diego Zoo felt the praise and the pressure to improve. It houses more than two thousand animals, scoring over 500 species and subspecies. The entire zoo attempts to recreate a rainforest environment, using open-air, cageless exhibits. This is also one of the zoos that officially breed Giant Pandas and if you're lucky enough to see them you'd understand why they are among the most popular animals in the world.

They currently have renovations going on, so expect a few areas to be closed off, but as soon as they open, you’ll have a zoo experience unique to San Diego, and perhaps to the rest of the country.

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Maui: A History of Conflict|Amazing Gift Ideas Here

You might know Maui as one of Hawaii’s cultural heroes. In their various lore, he is depicted as both a man and a god, or both. In the Island of Maui, though, the story was less colorful, but in no way was it less culturally important.

The Discovery

The land was named after a Polynesian navigator discovered the islands. In some versions of the oral legend, he named the island after his son. Eventually, the Polynesians came to inhabit the land and are the first settlers. These group of people were the ones responsible for keeping the culture alive, establishing language, economy, religion and the Kapu system, which governed the lives of all its inhabitants.

Around the year 1400, the royal families in Maui split the island into three territories. There was a bit of animosity between the territories, but it was eventually solved when one of the daughters of one territory married the king of another. This brought peace to the island for decades to come, until…

The First Foreign Explorers

It was Captain James Cook who first saw the islands of Maui. It happened on November 26, 1778, but he couldn’t land his ship because the surf was too high and it could have compromised his ship. The second person to see Maui and the first person to land on it was French Admiral Jean-Francois de Galaup, who landed on La Perouse Bay on May 29, 1786

All was well until Simon Metcalf, an American trader, happened upon Maui. A group of island denizens stole his small boat and killed one of Metcalf's guards (Though some say it's just one man, named Kaopuiki). This angered him greatly and led a retaliation against the people of Maui, by attacking Olowalu, a peaceful trading sight in Maui where Kaopuiki was from.

The retaliation killed nearly a hundred innocent Hawaiians, some of them children, and injuring more than a hundred more. The massacre was aptly named Kalolopahu, which mean “spilled brains.”

Sometime later, Metcalf's son arrived in Maui in their ship. The people of Olowalu remembered, and subsequently massacred the entire crew, except for Isaac Davis and John Young. These two men were imprisoned by Chief Kameʻeiamoku, then was sold to the rising ruler of the islands, King Kamehameha I. This clever king had the two young men teach him how to operate the ships and use the artillery. It wasn't long after King Kamehameha I defeated Prince Kalanikupule of Wailuku and ruled the island under one banner.

In 1819, he died and his wife, Queen Ka’ahumanu with their son, ruled the island. It was the queen that challenged the rules and norms of the island, ushering the start of the “Kapu” system degradation.

The First Foreign Religion

In 1821, Dr. Holman arrived on the shores of Maui where he built a house in Lahaina. There, he taught about religion to the locals, before leaving for Honolulu. In 1823, Queen Ka'ahumanu invited a few missionaries to spread their teachings in Lahaina. The missionaries, Reverend William Richards and Charles Stewart led the mission. These two missionaries later became advisors to the kings of Hawaii.

The missionaries effect wasn't much about religion as it is education. They taught reading and writing and helped Hawaiians create their first 12 letter alphabet. They built schools and a printing press. Soon enough, Queen Ke'opuilani and Queen Kaʻahumanu became the first people to be converted to Christianity.

By the 1830s, more and more missionaries came and by 1870, 13 churches stood bright and solemn around the lands of Maui.

Conflict of Interest

As more Hawaiians were converted, more people were becoming against sexual promiscuity and drunkenness, which was generally a part of the kingdom's culture. In 1837, King Kamehameha III banned the practice of Catholicism and banned missionaries from setting foot on the island.

Yet soon after, with much demand, the king gave in to the French Government’s order to practice religious freedom, letting them back in, and allowing missionaries to teach, but with the notion that the denizens are allowed not to follow, as per the rules of the religious freedom.

There are more tales to be told in the rich history of Maui, and this small snippet of their past was paved through conflict, a catalyst for change.

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Fun Things to do in Huntington Beach|Topographic Wood Art Perfect for Your Home

What to do in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach can be found around Orange County in Southern California. It's known for its expansively long beaches, white sands and excellent surfing waves due to the land's orientation with the ocean current. Among all the qualities Huntington beach has, it's waves are top-notch, giving Orange County the nickname, "Surf City."

There are a lot of things you can do around Huntington Beach. So much that you may need to book a place for more than a week to enjoy them. So, what are the things you can do in Surf City?

Huntington Dog Beach Hangouts

Located on Pacific Coast Highway, between the ends of the 9th street and 7th street is the famous Dog Beach. It's basically an area where beachgoers with their canine buddies go to enjoy. It's perfect for people with dogs or people who love to go people and animal watching.

Clustered here are all manner of small shops made for both man and dog, with is good in case you want to give your buddy a treat but you forgot it in the house. However, this is not a place to go if you want to enjoy a nice quiet time on the beach. This is an active, fun place for dogs, where they are allowed to go unleashed, play in the sand, and establish connections with others of their kind. Expect what you'd normally expect in areas with lots of dogs. If you're bringing your dog, always pick up after them, and it's generally advised not to go barefoot in the sand.

They are open from 6 AM to 10 PM, open every day, even during holidays.

Huntington Beach State Park Activities

There are other beaches along the long coastline, but this one is among the most popular among the denizens of Orange County. This is where you can go to do every recreation you can do along the shore. The sands are perfect for making firepits, the waves are tame enough yet vigorous enough that you’ll really feel the seashore experience. From here you can watch the surfers ride the waves this beach is famous for, and be among them.

It's located at 21601 Pacific Coast Highway, which opens and closes at 9 AM to 5 PM respectively. Expect a lot of people closer to the weekend and during holidays.

Whale Watching Tours

It’s one thing to see them in media, another to see them in real. There are several kinds of whale watching tours available, from those that pick you up from select hotels and drive around the beaches for that perfect spot, to boat tours that get you in the closest watching distance. Seeing them breach from the water and slam back to the ocean is simply awe-inspiring.

The tours also include a visit to the museums, where you can get snippets and tastes of Orange County’s rich history. The pit stops between the trips land you to Main Street, where you can enjoy the many restaurants that line the sidewalks. Some of them have seafood so fresh, they were caught just this morning.

Surfing the Gnarly Waves

This isn't called Surf City just because of a song. The waves break at the beach and the bottom of it is forgiving sand, making it ideal for beginners. You don't have to swim that far from the shore to get rideable waves, making it both safer and efficient.

One thing to note is that the waves break pretty quickly, but at least wiping out closer to the shallow sands is better.

If you are interested in learning how to surf, there are multiple surfing schools all around Huntington Beach. They are easy to spot, as you would see aspiring surfers train on the beach with their coaches.

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Amazing Stories About Malibu|Wood Art for Every Boater in Your Life

The Stories Behind Malibu

The city of Malibu is known for its beaches and beautiful sceneries. All over the city, signs boast about Malibu’s “21 miles of scenic beauty.” It’s home to many Hollywood movie stars and other influential people.

But before being a tourist destination and home to celebrities, Malibu was home to Chumash Native Americans. They called the territory as “Humaliwo” which meant “the surf sounds loudly.” The name Malibu is loosely derived from this name.

In 1542, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo reached Malibu Lagoon while searching for fresh water. But it was only until 1770 that the Spanish influence colonized the area. They extended their missions to Malibu in an attempt to convert the Chumash people to Christianity.

In 1802, the Rancho Topanga Malibu Sequit was given as a land grant. The ranch reached parts of Malibu. In 1804, the Rancho Topanga Malibu was first given to José Bartolomé Tapia by the Spanish Governor José Joaquín de Arrillaga.

After the Mexican-American War, California was surrendered to the United States. However, in the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, it stated that the land grants would still be honored even after the cession. In 1848, Tapia’s widow sold the ranch to Leon Victor Prudhomme, her grandson-in-law. Prudhomme filed a claim for the ranch, but his claim was rejected. Instead, he sold the land to Matthew Keller in 1857. After Keller’s death, it was sold to Fredrick Hastings Rindge in 1891.

Fredrick Rindge protected the land from both individual and governmental influences for years. Rindge even hired guards to evict all trespassers. He won a court case to keep the Southern Pacific railroad line from building tracks within his property, leading him to build his own. Even roads rarely entered their lands until 1929. But Rindge died in 1905, leaving his wife, May Rindge, to continue protecting their lands.

In 1926, May Rindge founded the Malibu Potteries tile factory to raise funds in order to avoid selling their property. However, a fire destroyed the factory in 1931. She attempted to reopen the factory but was held back by the Great Depression.

Malibu was opened for development in 1926. The state of California built the Pacific Coast Highway after winning a case against May Rindge. At this point, May Rindge was forced to begin selling parts of her property. The Pacific Coast Highway served as the primary route through Malibu even today.

In 1929, the Malibu Colony became the first residential area in Malibu. Even with the developments in her land, May Rindge only opened the lands for select celebrities to build their vacation homes. She allowed permanent residence to celebrities during the 1930s. In 1991, most of the ranch was already incorporated as a city for local officials to control the area.

Since May Rindge’s decision to open the lands to celebrities, the Malibu Colony today is a gated community with multimillion-dollar homes. The Colony provides residents magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean and beaches along its shores. Today, it continues to be homes to celebrities and influential people.

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