Monday, February 3, 2020

Simple Ways to Make your Bedroom Look Cozy

Your bedroom should be your silent sanctuary after your daily grind. We spend much of our day in our bedrooms so it's worth putting extra effort into making it a warm place to retreat. Whether you are dressing a tiny apartment or a country-style room, there are simple ways of sprucing up the look of your bedroom and making it the coziest place in your home.

1. Clear out the clutter 

You may not notice is, but there is one general rule that every designer and stylist follows – clear out the clutter. It’s like the holy grail of interior designers and it applies to all. Nothing is more frustrating than setting your sight in a messy room at the end of a long and tiring day. Keeping a laundry basket near your bedroom can help a lot in making it look clutter-free. It’s also a better chance that these dirty clothes will make it to the washers. 

Also, make it a habit to fix your bed right after you got out of bed. There’s a reason why the military does this all the time; they make sure to get the right things done first in the morning and everything will just follow. Your future self will thank you every night upon seeing a beautiful bed, perfect for a snuggle.

2. Add plants 

Indoor plants are a great addition to your home, as it filters out toxins in the air and giving out the much-needed oxygen you needed for breathing. Research even backed up this idea, indoor plants can calm your heart, lower your blood pressure, and even reduce muscle tension. Apart from having it aesthetically, plants can also help you overcome stress, feel positive and complete the cozy vibe of your home.

3. Dress up your windows 

Curtains can do so much more than block sunlight from your room. Windows are a key part of any room and is an element of interest. So dressing them up can add drama and elegance to your room. Try hanging your curtain a little higher than usual, even if you have a short window as it will look more interesting.

4. Add some wallpaper accents in your home 

Corners are one of the most overlooked parts of your room. Make a huge impact without having too much of a commitment by adding removable wallpaper. It’s a nice surprise looking at them and it breaks the monotonous of your bedroom. One advantage of buying wallpaper is that if the look gets outdated or you’re just tired of the look, you can easily replace it.

5. Hang an art piece and reveal your side

Your bedroom isn’t just a place of sleep, it should also reflect your personality. It's not just about the design principles, your room should at least show your interest and hobbies. Feel free to express yourself and what a great way to do it than having an art piece. Carved Lake art makes the best wood art pieces in Michigan, check out some of our art pieces here.


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