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Reasons Why You Need to Visit the Gulf of Mexico| 3-D Nautical Wood Chart for that Special Someone


The Gulf of Mexico is an ocean basin in North America and the bordering sea of the Atlantic Ocean. Three countries share its mineral rich waters; the Gulf Coast of the United States, Cuba in the southeast and Mexico in the southwest.

It serves a very important part of North and South America trading system. The Gulf links the port of five US states and six Mexican states.  It also serves as the passageway for these ports going to the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

The Gulf of Mexico early beginnings

About 300 million years ago tectonic plates shifted which created the Mexican basin known as the Gulf of Mexico. When the mega-continent called Pangea started to spread about 180 million years ago it formed the Gulf's basin. Experts considered the Gulf of Mexico as a true ocean basin because of sea-floor spreading theory.

Million years ago, a 6,000 km long cracked the two supercontinents, Laurentia and Gondwana. Laurentia became the North America we know today while Gondwana created South America and Africa. The separation created a roughly oval basin measuring 1,500 km wide in rich sedimentary rocks.

The most interesting facts about the Gulf of Mexico

·        The Gulf of Mexico is considered as the 9th largest body of water in the world. 

·        The US state of  Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana borders the Gulf.  As well as Vera Cruz, Tabasco, Campeche, Tamaulipas, Quintana Roo, and Yucatán in Mexico. These places had interconnected ports along the gulf.

·        33 major rivers and 207 estuaries which compose 60% of the inland bodies of water in the US drains into the Gulf of Mexico. Other freshwater sources of the Gulf came from the Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba. 

·        The Gulf's shorelines measures about 5 million acres of coastal wetlands. It serves as a significant habitat for 75% migratory waterfowl crossing the US. It houses hundreds of fish and wildlife species on the continent.

·        Due to a narrow passageway to the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico experiences very little tidal ranges. The 615,000 square miles basin composes of nearly half shallow continental shelf waters. 
·        The Gulf only holds 2,500 quadrillion liters of water or 600,000 cubics mi. 
·        Traversing to the Gulf is relatively easy with only 1,000 miles distance from east to west.
·        The shortest distance between the US and Mexico is about 500 miles from Mississippi Delta to the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. 
·        The “Grand Canyon under the Sea”, the deepest part of the Gulf lies 200 miles southeast of  Brownsville Texas. It has a depth measuring 12,000 feet underwater.

·        Resembling the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico is also partially land-locked, semi-enclosed and intercontinental marginal sea. 
·        The neighboring towns of Mexico and the US form the Gulf’s mainland shore. From the Florida Keys to Cabo Catoche, the northwestern area of the Yucatan Peninsula, it stretches about 4,000 miles of land. 
·        The Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary houses the tropical coral reef in the northern part of the US.

·        At least 49 shark species dwell in the Gulf of Mexico. Other marine mammals and turtles also inhabit the waters of the Gulf. Some 24 species are already considered as threatened, endangered or species of concern.
·        The BP Deepwater disaster spilled oil for three months discharging at least 4.9 million barrels of oil into the gulf. To date, the disaster remains as the largest accidental marine oil spill. 

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Best Places To See in Fort Lauderdale| 3-D Nautical Wood Chart Ideal Gifts for the Boater in Your Life


Located 23 miles of Miami, Fort Lauderdale sits on the Atlantic Coast. It features waterways and canals similar that of Venice City. For the most part of the area, residential resorts littered in this marvelous city, so choosing a place to stay will not be a problem. Named after a Major William Lauderdale, the city has grown its own reputation of being a well-known tourist destination.

Situated on the southeastern coast of Florida city, Fort Lauderdale features beautiful scenic beaches and boating canals. The main boardwalk stretches along highway A1A. The oceanfront lined with prestigious outdoor bars, boutiques, restaurants and world-class hotels. People who come here often visited these places in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Once a famous spring break destination, Fort Lauderdale sits at the very center of the tourist area in the place. Several years ago, hundreds of college students literally flock the beach and party day and night during spring breaks. Today, the area has a more relax and cozy vibe but still offers some entertainment on its sandy beach. Pedestrian walks and a number of restaurants, hotels, and shops line the beachfront. Visitors can also find cheaper and smaller hotels in the area. Still a popular destination, the real action begins during spring break, where the beach literally sprang to life. 

Bonnet House

Location: Address: 900 North Birch Road

The estate has 36 acres of land and once serves as a winter vacation house for the Birch and Bartlett family. Frederic Clay Bartlett designed and built the house in the 1920s. The local government listed the place as a National Register of Historic Places and considered it as a Lauderdale important landmark. The Bonnet House Museum & Gardens is a mixture of history, architecture, and art. Various collections of art and personal trinkets are displayed for public viewing. All these years, the Bonnet House was preserved to have the Old South Florida architecture. It reflects the creative lifestyle of early settlers and preserved its uniqueness. 

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Location: Address: 3109 East Sunrise Boulevard

The park offers a great escape from the bustling noise of the beachfront crowd. With fresh lagoons, cycling paths, canoe rental shops and trails it hard not to love the place. Hugh Taylor gave the park to the residents of Florida to encourage nature lovers.

Antique Car Museum

Location: Address: 1527 Packard Avenue

Antique Car Museum began collecting some unique pieces in the 1940s. Arthur Stone, the founder of Antique Car Museum and a one-time CEO of Buning the Florist Inc has a strong passion for Packard automobiles. Stone and his wife, Shirley embarked on a mission to make the car museum as authentic as it can be. It focuses on the history and progression of Packard Motor Company. Some of the collection made to look like a Packard showroom back in the days, which include pre-war Packard vehicles. The museum also has other memorabilia and gallery devoted to the late US President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Museum of Art

Location: One East Los Olas Boulevard

The museum features exhibits of famous artists around the world and provides educational programming. Spotting the museum is easy, as the façade has a peculiar look, three-story building. It has some of the wide-ranging collection in the area.

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5 Interesting Places You Need To Explore in the Florida Keys| Beautiful Gift Ideas for the Boater in Your Life


The Florida Keys sits on the southern coast of Florida, forming the southernmost part of the United States. The island stared at the southeast coast of Florida about 24 km south of Miami. It spreads out in a subtle curve near Key West stretching to the westernmost part of Dry Tortugas.

The islands extend along the Florida Straits, separating the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Gulf of Mexico to the northwest. At least 95% of Florida Keys sits in Monroe County but spans into Totten Key in Miami-Dade County. As of 2014 US Census, about 77, 136 residents call the area their home. Much of the population is concentrated within a few areas which 32% of the residents dwell in Key West City.

The Florida Keys holds a dark history. Back in the days, pirates use to hide in some islands in the Florida Keys during their plundering heists. But it all stopped when the US Navy started to patrol the area sometime in 1822 and built their base in Key West. As the only chain of corals in the US, it contributed to the early economic growth in the area. Usually, ships will run aground in shallow reef and locals would salvage the cargo then resell it. This tradition called as “wrecking” was one of the reasons why the area prospered. 

Today, Florida Keys are known for its beaches and for its historical places. Some of the top rated destinations in the area are:

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park along with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary remains as the only living coral reef in the US. Hundreds of tourists flock the area to experience diving and snorkeling in its waters. Here, tourists can discover firsthand the beauty of the underwater life.  The park has a beautiful covered beach with a small swimming area for the kids. But people go here just to snorkel and dive; some say it is one of the best spots in the world. There are picnic areas, wide parking lot and an information center which also display about marine life and habitats.

Bahia Honda State Park

One of the most beautiful beach in the area, quite possibly in the state of Florida is Bahia Honda State Park. There are nice picnic areas littered in the beach as well as a campground.  The park has two separate beach areas; both have magnificent views of the water.  If you really love the water, one beach facing the open ocean while the other face the old railroad bridge.

Dry Tortugas National Park

For the more adventurous mind, the Dry Tortugas National Park can be your playground. Located 70 miles from Key West the national park is accessible only by seaplane or boat. But the trip is all worth it, the Dry Tortugas National Park has some of the clearest waters in the Gulf of Mexico, and boasts seven pristine beaches. Fort Jefferson, a massive fortress completely envelops one island, a sight you do not want to miss.

Hemingway House

Another popular destination in Keys is the Hemingway House, an important part of Florida’s rich cultural history. Tourists come here to pay their respect to one of the world’s most famous writer. The Hemingway House is the home of Ernest Hemingway. Visitors can also get a chance to see wandering cats around the house; many are the direct descendants of Hemingway’s well-known pet cats. 

Dolphin Research Center

Home to the popular TV Series “Flipper” is would be a shame not to visit the Dolphin Research Center. The center educates visitors about California sea lions and Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Visitors can also watch how trainers interact with dolphins.

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The Devastating Effect of Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico|Custom Topographical Wood Charts


The worst environmental disaster in the United States happened on 2010 when Deepwater Horizon exploded. Releasing an estimated 4.9 million barrels of crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico, it was the largest marine oil spill. Even the clean-up efforts set a new high record in history. 

The former White House energy adviser, Carol Browner described the disaster as “the worst environmental disaster the US has faced.” 

Harry Roberts, a professor at Louisiana State University for Coastal Studies claimed that 4 million barrels of oil would greatly impact the environment. He said that the oil release into the Gulf was enough to “"wipe out marine life deep at sea near the leak and elsewhere in the Gulf, along hundreds of miles of coastline." 

Deepwater Horizon disaster was 20 times greater than the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Environmentalist claimed that petroleum toxicity and oxygen depletion as the main cause of damage to the environment.

With the already polluted Gulf of Mexico, the disaster brought another environmental concern in the country. 

How exactly devastating the Deepwater Horizon oil spill? The film Deepwater Horizon was based on the real life events of the oil spill, showing the world how gruesome the disaster is. But here are the facts about the largest oil spill in history. 

Still, in its cleaning-up operations authorities collected oil residue from June 2011 to March 2013 as follows: 

· Louisiana - 9,810,133 pounds.

· Alabama - 941,427 pounds.

· Mississippi - 112,449 pounds.

· Florida - 73,341 pounds.

Oil Spill Effects in Marine Animals

Marine animals suffered the most because of the oil spill as more than 400 animal species inhabited the Gulf of Mexico. The damages in the Gulf’s natural resources resulted in an estimated amount of $17.5 billion. 

In 2011, the nature journal, BioScience, researchers from the University of New Hampshire released a publication about the aftermath of the spill. According to them, the oil spill threatened 39 marine species which include 14 federally protected animals.

In the publication, it stated that threatened species ranged from ‘whale sharks to seagrass’. The report highlighted the impact of the oil spill in the animal food chain. Researchers claimed that a break in the food chain can affect the rest of the animals. 

· The oil spill affected eight US National Park and more than 400 animal species including the endangered turtle species. Affected species of turtles include green turtle, loggerhead turtle, hawksbill turtle, leatherback turtle and Kemp’s Ridley turtle.

· At least 34,000 birds are at risk to perish which include pelicans, gulls, roseate spoonbills, egrets, terns and blue herons. 

·  The spill affected 8,332 species, including 1,500 crustaceans, 1,400 mollusks, 1,200 fish, 200 birds, 29 marine mammals and 4 sea turtles.

· At least 900 bottlenose dolphins died or found stranded in the oil spill. 

· Loons, Birds exposed on Louisiana coast during the oil spill has a higher concentration of toxic oil in their blood. 

· Sperm whales that swam near the oil spill develop more DNA-damaging metals in their bodies compare in the past. Metals like chromium and nickel are present in their blood that can kill them. 

· The oyster and shrimp fisheries along the Louisiana coastline suffered the most after the oil spill disaster. Sadly, those fisheries have not yet recovered from the oil spill.

These are some of the devastating effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Since the disaster happened during mating and nesting season, it disrupts the usual pattern of migratory birds. Even with modern day technology, it still impossible to access it long term effects in the environment. 

Clean-up Operation and its Benefits

With all the environmental, economic, and political chaos BP Company did not leave unscathed. The federal judged approved a very hefty fine for the negligence of the company. 

· A settlement amounting to $20 billion remains as the largest environmental settlement in US history. This includes a $5.5 billion fine for violating the Clean Water Act and $ 8.8 billion for damaging the natural resource. 

· BP’s total of environmental damage reaches a staggering amount of $17.2 billion because of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

· On top of the heavy fine, the federal government required BP to pay $500 million to fund independent research spreading to 10 years. The money will be put to use for research in the environment in the Gulf of Mexico.

· The independent research made in the Gulf already resulted in the discovery of more than 60 species of fish. 

· The money from the fine also helps fund the research of pioneering methods for managing the fish population in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Common Reasons for Boating Accidents | Choosing the Perfect Gift for the Boater in your Life


Contrary to popular beliefs, boating fatalities do not come from bad weather conditions or treacherous open waters. They, in fact, came from smaller open boats sailing through inland waters. Most of these accidents happen in broad daylight in calm waters, light winds, under good visibility.

In these relatively perfect conditions, passengers do fall overboard. Some activities often resulting in physical injuries and boats can capsize causing fatalities. Here are some of the statistics about boating accidents:

    According to the US Coast Guard report in 2015, there were 4,158 boating accidents that resulted in 626 fatalities and 2,613 injuries. 

    Recreational boating accidents cost about $42 million dollars of total damage to property. These accidents have a fatality rate of 5.3 deaths for each 100,000 registered recreational boats. 

    76% of fatal accidents on seas drowned, where 85% of those numbers did not use any life jackets.

    Out of 158 accidents reported, at least one person was hit by a boat’s propeller. 

    8 out of 10 boaters who drowned at seas were passengers of vessels with less than 21 feet in length.

Owning a boat and operating a boat is a big responsibility not everyone can master.  A more cautious operator will get a proper education, check every detail, and follow navigational rules as much as possible. Responsible operators will ensure everyone’s safety during the trip and make sure they behave accordingly while onboard. Sadly, not everyone can do it, as some of the most common accidents on boating occurred in these situations:

Inattentive Operator

Boat operators need constant vigilance at all times when sailing. They constantly need to monitor their boat, weather conditions, and any hazardous situations nearby. Weather conditions at sea change continuously which may require operators to look for early signs of a bad weather. 

Operators should also be sensitive to hazardous conditions nearby. Usually, accidents happen because boats lack a proper lookout. Even in good conditions, there should be a designated person to watch for hazards or threats in the water. 

Malfunctioning Equipment

Proper boat maintenance is an all important factor for its safe and reliable operations. Like cars, operators are responsible for making sure that their boats will run in good condition. They need to perform necessary inspections like checking for cracks and motor parts that may need repair or replacement. 

Inexperienced Operators

According to the yearly report of the US Coast Guard, 71% of deaths occurred on vessels where operators lack proper boating instructions. Another 15% of deaths happened on boats where operators had an approved national boating safety certificate. Inexperienced operators remain as the third leading common cause of boating accidents.

Having a proper education can only lessen the possibility of boating accidents. Operators also need to know how to handle life-threatening situations.

Excessive speed

Like motorized vehicles on the road, operating boats excessive speed is a dangerous thing to do. It can cause several accidents like crashing into another vessel and causing passengers to fall overboard. At top speed, operators will not have any time to react to dangers. 

Using alcohol while operating

Intoxication, drug use and any kind of machinery do not mix well, as it can cause serious injury even death. Alcohol tops the list as the leading contributing factor for fatal accidents on seas. 

Unfortunately, boating communities do not take the matter seriously. Many people still think that it alright to drink alcohol while on board or while operating a boat. This habit can lead to serious accidents like colliding with other vessels and falling overboard because of intoxication. In some states, the legal limit of blood alcohol for operating a boat is about 0.08%, the same limit for car drivers. 

Ignoring navigational rules

Similar to other types of vehicles on land, boats follow special navigational rules. Any violation of these rules, even the slightest misconception can immediately lead to dangerous situations. It can lead to collisions, crashes with other boats or people. Miscalculating the boat’s course can cause the boat to run aground which may lead to serious injuries and drowning. 

Bad Weather Conditions

Weather conditions at seas can literally change within a matter of minutes. Even when forecasted, there are situations that will come up unexpected. Operators need to monitor any changes in the current weather before heading out. They also need to be mindful of any shift in the wind pattern and never ignore any weather alerts.

Boating accidents can be prevented. If you are an avid boater or if you know one these can be an excellent guide on how to avoid any mishaps.  And if you are looking for an excellent gift to give a loved one who is an avid boater, Carved Lake Art has a wide array of nautical gifts for you! Check out these Great Lakes 3-D Nautical Wood Chart of Lake Michigan.

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The Economic and Tourist Industry of Darien – Connecticut | Topographic Art On Sale HERE!


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Darien is town located in Fairfield County in Connecticut. With a population of no more than 20,700 according to the 2010 census, it is known as the “Gold Coast” of Connecticut. It made its way at number 2 on CNN Money as one of the “Top-earning towns” in the US for the year 2010. The town sits between the cities of Stamford and Norwalk with only a handful of buildings around town.

Most the residents find work in nearby cities like Manhattan. They have two Metro-North railroad stations namely Noroton Heights and Darien. These link Darien to Grand Central Terminal in NYC and the rest of the New Haven Line.

The town has two public beaches (in Long Island Sound), two yacht clubs, four country clubs, and a hunt club. With its size it, most people do not know about the multi-million dollar flourishing company that resides in this little town.

Here are some of the interesting facts about the region:

The Economic Growth of Darien

1. Darien houses some of the biggest companies in the world.

The headquarters of Inc. is based on Norwalk-Darien border. The company’s total worth amounts to $39.9 billion in market capitalization, with 5,000 employees working for them. Another giant company, General Electric chose Fairfield as their headquarters. GE’s estimated worth is about $198.3 billion. While United Technologies Corporation is based on Harford with $71.3 billion and Xerox company is located in Norwalk taking home $10.3 billion of revenues.

2. The Stamford Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organization in the state with 2,600 members. Next in line is the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce with 2,400 members.
3. With at least 17,000 members the Connecticut Association of Realtors is the largest professional organization in the state. Meanwhile, the Financial Executives Networking Group is the biggest professional networking group in the state. Locates in Weston, the group comprises of 3,400 members.

Darien’s Tourism Industry

4. Darien Library is the third best library in the United States.

The newly opened state of the art and eco-friendly library boasts of massive book collections. Ranking at the third spot as the best library in the US, it deviates from the usual library look. They even made the children section more child-friendly and noise free. Darien Library also offers free use of WiFi and a café for visitors.

5. The town ranks as number six for the largest tourism industry in the state. 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps

The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk attracts 450,000 visitors each year, making it the sixth largest tourist attraction in the state. The main goal of the aquarium is to show the importance of maritime exhibits and its ecological value. According to the Economic Impact Study conducted in March 2003, the annual revenue of the aquarium amounted to 420.3 million for Norwalk. Save A Memory That Will Last A Lifetime!!!

The Mystic Aquarium located at the end of the coast receives 700,000 tourists. The largest in the state is in Madison, the Hammonsasset Beach State Park. The beach received at least 2 million visits annually. Mystic Seaport and Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk gets 300,000 visitors respectively each year. Our charts are beautiful, free shipping, satisfaction is guaranteed

Bruce Museum in Greenwich and Wadsworth Atheneum Museum in Hartford both receive 100,000 visitors annually. Also, 175,000 people visit the Stamford Museum & Nature Center each year. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan

Another popular destination is the Ridgefield Playhouse. The theater gets at least half a million audience each year. The Bushnell Center for Performing Arts comes in second with 300,000 audiences visiting its stage yearly.

Topographic Art on Display

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Navigation: GREAT for Remebering fishing, traveling, boating & GREAT Times!
Canandaigua Lake is known as the fourth largest of the Finger Lakes in the U.S. state of New York. It is located at the northern end of the lake and several miles in the southern end of Naples. Derived from a Seneca name Ga-nun-da-gwa, or in a modern transcription, it means "the chosen spot", or "at the chosen town". Canandaigua Lake is one of the major Finger Lakes in the region.

Outdoor Activities in Canandaigua

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Ski Resorts

Bristol Mountain Ski Resort
Winter may seem light years away, but need careful planning to get the best seats in the house. Skiing in Canandaigua offers great benefits like shorter queue lines when using lifts and winter is actually warmer compared to other states. They also have great deals (cheaper) when you are on a budget but come in with awesome mountain course ranging from newbies to experts.

Even if it’s not winter, Canandaigua has a lot to offer with their adventure parks. Spending time in one of these family destinations can give your body a much-needed workout while bonding with your loved ones. Highly trained employees will guide you on each course and safety is their main concern for everybody. Must try adventure parks in the region are:

•    Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures
•    Roseland Wake Park
•    Canandaigua Sailboarding

Parks and Nature Attractions in Canandaigua GREAT for Remebering fishing, traveling, boating & GREAT Times!
Canandaigua Lake is known as the fourth largest of the Finger Lakes in the U.S. state of New York. It is located at the northern end of the lake and several miles in the southern end of Naples. Derived from a Seneca name Ga-nun-da-gwa, or in a modern transcription, it means "the chosen spot", or "at the chosen town". Canandaigua Lake is one of the major Finger Lakes in the region.

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Bristol Mountain Ski Resort

Winter may seem light years away, but need careful planning to get the best seats in the house. Skiing in Canandaigua offers great benefits like shorter queue lines when using lifts and winter is actually warmer compared to other states. They also have great deals (cheaper) when you are on a budget but come in with awesome mountain course ranging from newbies to experts.

Even if it’s not winter, Canandaigua has a lot to offer with their adventure parks. Spending time in one of these family destinations can give your body a much-needed workout while bonding with your loved ones. Highly trained employees will guide you on each course and safety is their main concern for everybody. Must try adventure parks in the region are:

•    Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures
•    Roseland Wake Park
•    Canandaigua Sailboarding

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Sonnenberg Gardens and Mansion State Historic Park

This 50-acres state park used as a summer home of a very famous banker named Frederick Ferris Thompson. His wife, Mary Clark Thompson is the daughter of Myron Holley Clark who was a Governor of New York in 1855. Sonnenberg came from a German word which means “sunny hill”, consists of nine gardens with a variety of theme. It was designed and built between the years of 1902 until 1919, and include a forty-room Queen Anne style mansion.

Visiting the mansion will definitely give you a breather from all of the hustle and bustle of city lights. Try to come early in the morning to get to the wine tasting room. Staffs are well trained to give a bit of history of the place. Your family will love exploring the grounds with each garden differ from the other.

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Kershaw Park

Kershaw Park has an easy going vibe to it, as you can walk its shorelines and enjoy the beautiful views of the lake throughout the day. The park has many parking slots and strategic sitting areas with playgrounds, perfect for a picnic with the family. You can also relish the calm and peaceful Lake Canandaigua. It also has nice spot to catch the sunset.

Canandaigua Landmarks and Museums

It would be a shame if you leave Canandaigua without even trying to see some of its famous landmarks and museums. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan

Canandaigua City Pier

You can also take a stroll along the Canandaigua City Pier to see some of the historic boat houses. Just a few minutes away and a short walk from Kershaw Park; the pier has a full scenic view of the lake.

Museums in Canandaigua

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Granger Homestead and Carriage Museum

Designed as an 1816 Federal-style mansion, the Granger Homestead and Carriage Museum remained as the home for the Granger family for four generations. The 10-acre home holds at least 100 valuable antique carriages and sleighs. They even dedicate one barn to house a large collection of the old farming equipment used by the Granger family.

This gallery offers a diverse collection of art and interesting exhibits of sculpture from famous artists. Finger Lakes Gallery is also known for their finest custom frames in the region. They also restore jewelry, you may find an interesting piece of art when you come by and visit the gallery.

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Coach Street Clay

Coach Street Clay is famous for their potteries and ceramics. You can also join their pottery classes and take home a souvenir.

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Shopping in Canandaigua

Take home a piece of Canandaigua back home. Some of the shopping districts offer the best of the region like their wine, sweets, and even a local produce from their Farmer’s Market. Here are some of the stores you can visit to buy items.

  • Bambooshay Boutique
  • Cat's in the Kitchen
  • True Lily
  • Sonnenberg Gardens Finger Lakes Wine Center
  • F Olivers Oils and Vinegars
  • Sweet Expressions
  • Ryan's Wine and Spirits
  • Canandaigua Farmer's Market
  • Good Life Tea

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5 Most Interesting Trivia about New York | Wood Chart Map Gifts Here!!! Refined, Trendy and Realistic 3D Bathymetric Wood Charts

Coney Island was named after a very famous English resort

During the 1660’s Englishmen dominated New York and Coney Island became their holiday destination during the 1830s and 1840s. They even built a bridge connecting the Coney Island to the main city of New York. Because of the extreme similarities like the southern location, topography, and history, it was named after Brighton, a famous English seaside resort.

Like Brighton resort, the Grand Hotel Brighton and Brighton beach pavilion were built on Coney Island. The hotel patrons were mostly from the upper middle class. The long boardwalk and beach pier was built just like Brighton’s, paying tribute to the Royal Pavilion back in 1783.

Because of efficiency in transportation, like steamship services and carriage road, people of Manhattan, New York, and Brooklyn could easily access Coney Island. It then became a popular tourist destination within the region.

Today, Coney Island continues to be a tourist spot known for its amusement park, seaside resort, and the Ford Amphitheater. 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps

New York is considered as the Hollywood of the East

Before the glamor of Hollywood came to be, the American film industry was based on the east coast during the early thirties. The glitz and glamor of the industry were apparent in the Broadway district of New York.

Theatrical performances attracted the movie industry for its talents and performances. Paramount Pictures, the fifth oldest surviving movie company in the world, based their operations in New York. The world famous studio was built in 1920 and was declared as a national gem in 1978. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan

Wildlife flourish in NYC

New York may be dubbed as the concrete jungle of the west, but wildlife flourishes in the city. An abundance of wildlife thrives in the modern fast track world of NYC. The world’s largest number of peregrine falcons takes refuge on bridges and skyscrapers of NYC. There thousands different species of animals found in city parks. Staten Island houses a huge diversity of wildlife from birds to white-tailed deer, and rabbits. The island serves as home to the world’s largest freshwater turtles. Our charts are beautiful, free shipping, satisfaction is guaranteed

NYC boasts of the first of its kind underground park

NYC's very own underground park is located on Delancey Street in the very heart of Lower East Side in Manhattan and placed in the 1.5 acres of Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal. Called as, “one of the least green areas,” the city of New York aims to create an impact on the world by using forgotten underground spaces.

Named as the Lowline after another successful park called High Line, it converts old unused underground space as another space to for Mother Nature to flourish. The Lowline followed the footsteps of High Line, an elevated public park on a deserted railway in the West Side of Manhattan.

The unused underground space used as a trolley terminal back in 1908. Thanks to the brilliant mind of James Ramsey, and his innovative solar technology, the park was successful. Using his design sunlight can permeate the park making green gardens possible.

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Waldorf Astoria hides a secret train station beneath its floor

The most famous hotel in New York, Waldorf Astoria was built on top of a secret train station named as Track 61. The track serves as an extension of Grand Central Terminal is just a few blocks away from the hotel. Rumor has it, that  Track 61 was built in during the 1930s for the former US President Franklin Roosevelt. Its main purpose is to hide the true condition of his polio disease from the general public. They used to be a train car and lift to provide accommodation for the presidential limousine whenever the former president stays at the hotel.

NYC will have the Tallest Ferris Wheel in the world

The attitude in New York is the bigger the better. NYC will soon be the trending spot for the tallest Ferris wheel in the world once completed. The 630 feet Ferris wheel will be called New York Wheel and will be built in Staten Island. Construction will start sometime in 2018 and will provide tourists the best views of New York Harbor, New York skyline, and the Statue of Liberty. How massive is the wheel? 40 people can comfortably fit in each pod, a total of 1,440 per rotation that will take 38 minutes for the complete ride. It stands on a $7 million construction budget for its LED lighting alone with 3.5 million expected visitors each year.

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