Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Must-See Attractions in New Jersey South Shore

Located in the New Jersey’s southern area, New Jersey South Shore remains as one of the popular attraction in the east coast. Although there is no precise geographical boundary between North Jersey Shore and New Jersey South Shore this means there are more places for visitors to enjoy whenever visiting the place. 

As a thriving place, the New Jersey State Department of Tourism listed New Jersey South Shore as one of the six tourism regions in the state. New Jersey South Shore coastlines rest along the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay while it's inland area is still part of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Many considered New Jersey South Shore as a land of fun and charm. Spreading almost 30 miles of pure sandy beaches, New Jersey South Shore offers a lot of fun recreational activities like fishing and all sorts of water sports. 

With its amazing boardwalks, amusement parks, famous restaurants, great breweries, and a historic village, New Jersey South Shore is indeed a world class eco-tourism on its own. Travel in its southernmost part, one can find the Cape May, considered as a National Historic Landmark in the country, visitors can shop along its cobblestone streets and into the Victorian-era buildings and houses. There are about 600 Victorian styled buildings to see and anyone can dine in their top gourmet restaurants. As touristy as it may sound, here are some of the places that are hard to miss, as these are part of the whole New Jersey South Shore experience. 

Lucy the Elephant 

Let Lucy the Elephant greet you on your first day while touring a whole lot of New Jersey South Shore. This 6-story (yes you guessed it) elephant-shaped building dates back in 1881 and still considered as a waterfront landmark in the area. They offer tours and views from inside out of this quirky shaped building. Indulge yourself in a whole day of fun exploring ‘Lucy’ while shopping for some souvenir from their gift shop. They have plenty of parking spaces, so you can just pull over in this largest ‘road-side attraction in the country. 

Atlantic City Boardwalk 

Never miss the most iconic oceanfront in New Jersey, Atlantic City Boardwalk dates back from the 1870s but have a lot of shops and restaurants to choose from. You can just stroll leisurely the boardwalk and just enjoy the sights while appreciating its historical value. Go ahead and indulge yourself with some hot dog, a slice of their homemade pizza or just a couple scoops of ice cream. The ocean views are amazing and it’s worth your time to visit this place. 

Jenkinson's Boardwalk 

Another must-see attraction in New Jersey South Shore, Jenkinson's Boardwalk is known for its family-friendly rides, mini-golf courses, and arcade. If you have kids in tow, this is the place to take them, let them enjoy a variety of rides to choose from. Don’t be scared if you get depleted, there are tons of food choices along Jenkinson's Boardwalk. Locals would often recommend that you stay the whole day exploring the place so you and your kids can have a wonderful time together. 

Monday, May 6, 2019

The Best Tourists Spots in Narragansett Bay

An estuary located on the north side of Rhode Island Sound, Narragansett Bay forms the largest estuary in New England. Its home to hundreds of animal species and act as a wide natural harbor in the state of Rhode Island, some of its islands even extend as far as Massachusetts. A total of 30 islands scattered all over the Bay including Conanicut Island, Prudence Island and Aquidneck Island as the three largest islands. 

Narragansett Bay history can be traced back in the time when two different Indian tribes used to inhabit the area, the Narragansett tribe occupied the west side of the bay while the Wampanoag Tribe reside on the east side near Cape Cod. Most people considered that the Italian voyager Giovanni da Verrazzano was the first non-native people who set foot on the island. He sailed his ship La Dauphine in 1524 in Narragansett Bay after visiting New York Bay. He first called the island as Refugio, meaning the "Refuge" as it has several docking areas paving the way for open forests where it is suitable for travel "even by a large army". 

Soon after the Adriaen Block, a Dutch navigator became curious about the place and mapped Narragansett Bay in 1614. In honor of his commitment and dedication of mapping the island in its entirety, locals named the Block Island after him. 

There are more to Narragansett Bay than meets the eye, as there are several tourists spot to go around with. Here are some of the top rated places to visit in Narragansett Bay. 

Point Judith Lighthouse 

This 51-foot historical lighthouse had seen it all and was even devastated by a memorable 1815 hurricane. Even to this day, it’s a functional lighthouse and an active Coast Guard base. They had had place a designated viewing area so visitors can see the magnificent view from the lighthouse. If you are a lighthouse lover, then this is the place you will surely love in Narragansett Bay. People who had been in the place would often recommend visiting the area during the wee hours of the morning and letting the beautiful sunrise greet you. Point Judith Lighthouse has a public access beach area perfect for kite flying, sunbathing, and swimming. 

Roger W Wheeler State Beach 

Located just miles of Galilee, Roger W Wheeler State Beach or more commonly known as the Sand Hill Cove is the most perfect place for families with small children. It’s far the cleanest beach in Narragansett Bay with tiny waves your little ones will surely love. The shallow water is perfect for beginner swimmers as it heats up faster and stays warmer for a long time. Even on the busiest days, Sand Hill Cove is a delight as they have restrooms equipped with shower rooms, playground, and a lot of concession stands. Most families love it for its sands as it has fewer rocks than most beaches and plenty of parking area. Never leave the beach without first seeing the amazing sunset in Sand Hill Cove. 

Theatre by the Sea 

After swimming in Narragansett Bay famous beaches, why not delight your other senses as well in watching one of the great shows in Theatre by the Sea. The theatre had entertained countless families over the course of 60 years with Broadway musicals and new plays like Annie and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats. Then enjoy the soft cool breeze after the show dining out in one of its famous restaurants. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Spending Beach Time in New Jersey North Shore

Located in the coastal region in New Jersey, New Jersey North Shore encompasses about 141 miles of the great beach shore. It borders the Atlantic Ocean from Perth to Cape May Point. Known to locals only as “The Shore”, the place is famous for its numerous boardwalks, water parks, arcades, amusement parks, and its great beautiful beaches. 

The Shore is indeed a very popular destination for many people living in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. But its popularity doesn’t stop there, visitors as far as Quebec, Canada go down south to see New Jersey North Shore’s beauty. Why not? It one of the few places on earth where you can see both sunrise and sunset over the beach from different points of The Shore. 

Although it’s called New Jersey North Shore, there is no specific geographical boundary between northern and southern Jersey Shore. This only means miles and miles of pure beach fun! Some of the top places to visit in the “The Shore” include communities of Belmar, Seaside Heights, and Point Pleasant. 

Locals often recommend these places as they add more life to beach fun. Of course, whenever you go to “The Shore”, even in its tiniest nook, the place is scattered with amazing beaches. Speaking of beaches, there is a wide list of beach life in town, Sea Bright, Ocean Grove, Long Branch, Bradley Beach, Lavallette, and Belmar are all worth seeing. Here are some of the top recommendations in New Jersey North Shore. 

Spring Lake 

If you are looking for either some quiet family time together, Spring Lake is one of the most refined beach spots in the “The Shore”. Located just about 60 miles from downtown New York, it’s one of the most visited places in the area, but because of its topographical area, it doesn’t feel like it. To complete the town experience, check in at the Breakers Hotel. The hotel has undergone major renovations along with some name changes since opened its town in public sometime in the 1800s. 

Ocean City 

Ocean City is far one of the most amazing places to visit in “The Shore”. Often referred to as the “America's Greatest Family Resort”, it never leaves the place as one of the top rank beach in New Jersey. With 8 miles of beach waters, top with mind-blowing sandcastles and fun water activities it's easy why visitors love this place. Even their boardwalk is a celebrated place, it’s teeming with life even more on Thursday nights in July and Augusts which most certainly you will be entertained with live music and magicians. 


The towns of Stone Harbor and Avalon formed yet another great thing in “The Shore”, not just friendly camaraderie, but a wide stretch of beach shore known for kiteboarding. The cool ocean breeze in Avalon is the best in the area which the sand dunes will certainly agree on. Stroll along 96th Street into their shopping strip and you might see the best flip flop in season along with other homemade jewelry and souvenirs. Sealed the hot day with ice cream from Springer’s, with at least eight decades of perfecting this creamy goodness, it’s the best you’ll ever taste.

Monday, April 15, 2019

More Reasons to Visit Nantucket

In a tiny island 30 miles from Cape Cod in the state of Massachusetts, there’s a place known for its beaches adorn with majestic dunes, Nantucket is a beautiful summer destination lined with fantastic restaurants and luxury boutiques. The name Nantucket came from similar Algonquian names meaning “faraway island”, and living to its name, the town is a tourist’s destination and a summer colony. It’s laid back country style paired with the cobblestoned street, rustic cedar-shingled buildings, and century-old churches charm tourists in coming back for more. 

It’s fairly easy enough to get to Nantucket without breaking the bank; you can take the Red Line going to South Station. Once you arrived there, you can catch a Plymouth and Brockton bus to Hyannis and from Hyannis just take the Steamship Authority's ferry to Nantucket. This route is pretty much popular among tourists who come to Nantucket, as the “slow ferry”, can make out most of the journey. Enjoy the fresh air blowing from the sea, as you indulge in good old fashion commute. The ride usually takes about 2 ¼ hours but has small great amenities like café, wifi, and has good seats. But if you don’t like riding the bus or the ferry, you can always book a flight from Boston straight to Nantucket. 

Whether you are coming to see its pristine beaches or just a curious tourist for the day, there are several great destinations to explore in town. The Whaling Museum remains as one of the most popular destinations in Nantucket because of its influence as a 19th-century whaling hub. One important thing to remember, though, if you are coming during springtime, it would be nice to bring rain gears as it can get rainy or foggy in town. 

Renting a bike is a sure way to explore Nantucket thoroughly. The town has designated bicycle paths that are wide and mostly flat, so there’s no worrying about ripping a muscle in a steep ride. Most people prefer to do this as you can go wherever your feet can take you. You don’t even need to bring one, as the town is lined with bike rental shops as soon as you step on the wharves. 

Even if you only have a few hours of spare time, it's nice to check out this hidden summer destination for a day. If you are in Boston, and really wants to get away from it all, you might want to see this beautiful tiny island of Nantucket. 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Some of the Best Destinations in Myrtle Beach

Located on the East coast of Horry County in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach is known as the “The Grand Strand” of the state. Stretching about 60 miles of beach, it attracts hundreds of people swimming in its pristine waters. As one of the major centers of tourism in the state, it ranks as the second fastest growing metropolis in the US. The subtropical weather and the city’s amenities is what makes 14 million people keep coming back for more and to discover Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach is home to at least 32,240 people as of 2016 and is known for its celebrity-designed golf courses, and beachfront boardwalk. Boasting of a 60-mile long of beaches, visitors can never go bored sightseeing and exploring it many souvenirs stands, restaurants as well as it arcades. A popular tourist destination in town is the old-fashioned Family Kingdom amusement park which has the SkyWheel and the tallest Ferris Wheels in all of the US states. 

Visitors often stay all day gushing about the perfect beach weather along the string of beaches in Myrtle Beach. People can’t get enough of the southern hospitality of its local, eating the freshest seafood, and marveling at the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Families with smaller children can surely enjoy the mild waves of Myrtle Beach. The beach also has great water activities like Jet Skiing and deep-sea fishing for boating fanatics. 

It would really be fun choosing a hotel or a rental property along the shores of Myrtle Beach, as it's difficult finding a public bathroom and much more hassle finding shower rooms. Aside from going to the beach, here are some of the places worth visiting in Myrtle Beach. 

Ripley's Aquarium 

One of the most popular destinations in the country, Ripley's Aquarium has great exhibits all year round. Located along the Broadway at the Beach complex, the aquarium has a massive 340-foot underwater tunnel called the Dangerous Reef. The tunnel is home to some of the amazing fish species like tarpons, sharks, and manta rays along with green moray eels. Kids will love the interactive Discovery Center Exhibits where they can know more about the puffer fish and horseshoe crabs. The aquarium also offers a swim with stingrays experience, behind-the-scenes tours, and hosts children parties for additional fees. 

The Carolina Opry 

Since its debut in 1986, The Carolina Opry has been the main venue in Myrtle Beach for live music and shows. The best time to see any show in The Carolina Opry is during the Christmas season when they held their Christmas special events. Many who saw the show raves by its amazing performances that are Broadway quality. 

Mt. Atlanticus Miniature Golf 

As Myrtle Beach is known for its golf courses, it's mandatory to visit even just one golf course in Myrtle Beach. One of the most popular golf courses in town, Mt. Atlanticus Miniature Golf has very interesting obstacles that anyone can enjoy any day. They have real mountains and various architectural challenges in its complex 36 holes mini-golf courses. It’s a great family activity when the waves are too strong for the little ones. 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Things to Do in Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake as the name suggest resembles an antlered moose. And it’s just the beginning; it was named as such because the lake has been home for countless of moose since time immemorial. People would come to the lake just to take a glimpse of a moose and it will not go home disappointed. Every day people can take pictures of a moose, lots of them effortlessly without fail.

When Henry David Thoreau and his companions arrived at the are, they were amazed in the beauty of the lake and its surroundings. Thoreau even describes the lake as “a gleaming silver platter at the end of the table”. Considered as the largest lake in Maine, Moosehead lake sits between Longfellow Mountains with its water coming from the Kennebec River. The lake hides about 80 islands with Sugar Island as the largest. It’s part of the region that includes the West branch of Penobscot, the Pleasant, the Saint John rivers, and the Piscataquis. 

There are so many reasons why you need to see Moosehead Lake as there are a number of things to do in the lake for the whole family. But is seeing the great moose out of nowhere every single day isn’t enough for you then perhaps hiking and the fall foliage may get you going in this lovely place. Moosehead Lake boasts of activities of the great outdoors all year round. 

But the first thing you need to do when you arrive at Moosehead Lake is to find some moose, as you can’t go to the lake without looking for one. The lake is home to more than 70,000 moose in the state of Maine, so chances of finding one are super real. June has the most sightings of moose throughout the year and you may need to be extra careful driving especially at night when they are known to cross streets. To even have more fun in your moose sighting adventure, the lake offers a number of moose guide and tours. 

Hiking is a huge part of Moosehead Lake region and most that come here never miss the Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit. Part of the challenge is hiking through the six mountains in the area namely, Borestone Mountain, Number Four Mountain, Mount Kineo, Whitecap Mountain, Eagle Rock, and Big Moose Mountain. These hikes can really challenging but are very doable and rewarding as the views on top are really amazing. The bonus part of the hike is during the winter season as you can collect the Winter or Winter Ultra badge for hiking these mountains. 

The Moosehead Lake really transform into a great picturesque beauty of nature, turning forest of luscious greenery into a work of art of varying colors. Fall foliage is a time when the autumn leaves are in their most colorful; imagine leaves of different colors like fiery red, orange, purple and yellow. Timing is everything if you want to see the trees in their finest; arrive too early and you may see mostly green leaves, arrive too late and the leaves may already wither and fall into the ground.

Friday, March 29, 2019

The Amazing Martha's Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard or simply The Vineyard is an island located south of Cape Cod in the state of Massachusetts. The place is known for the summer retreat for the well-to-do families. The island has its share in history as the earliest home for the deaf communities in the country. As a matter of fact, a special sign language called the Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language was invented on the island. The Vineyard houses some 16,535 residents but it can swell over 100,000 people during the summer season. 

As a popular summer destination, the island is accessible only by boat and air which makes it as a top boating destination for the affluent people. The standard cost of living in The Vineyard is a staggering 60 percent higher than the average American household. 

The Six Wonderful Towns in The Vineyard 

With a total shoreline of 126 miles and a land area of just 100 square miles, it’s a dreamy summer destination itself. It has a total of six towns stretching along namely Tisbury or more commonly known as Vineyard Haven, Edgartown, West Tisbury, Oak Bluffs, Chilmark, and Aquinnah. These towns have their own distinct characteristics and countryside flair. As a summer destination, beaches are the topmost priority in the island, with Moshup and Menemsha beaches rated as the best in the island. While the iconic gingerbread cottages and the old-fashioned carousel in Oak Bluffs attract families with smaller children in tow. But for the adrenaline junkies, the island of Chappaquiddick and vertigo-inducing Aquinnah Cliffs pose as a great summer destination. To really explore the island, locals would insist on renting a bike and just cruising along the smaller hamlets in The Vineyard. 

Beaches overload 

There’s no denying that Martha’s Vineyard hides one the best beaches in the country, from the shallow surf to the big waves crashing on the south. Whenever you go, the island has something to offer for everyone. Some of the best beaches include South Beach or locally called as Katama Beach. Located in Edgartown, South Beach is a great surfing destination and their dunes worth the travel. 

The island is filled with beautiful beaches and they even have a beach dedicated to kids. Joseph Sylvia State Beach and Lobsterville Beach are the best destinations for children. These two beaches are known for their gentle waves and long sandy beaches. But to see a spectacular sunset, then Menemsha Beach is the perfect place to be. Travelers rate the sunset at Menemsha Beach to be the best in the island, it’s a romantic destination to see the orange, purple, and pink hues of the sky complement each other, painting the horizon of colors only Mother Nature can orchestrate. 

Oak Bluff Campground 

Take a peek in history in Oak Bluff Campground, with their well decorated and colorful summer cottages. Get a glimpse of how quaint Martha’s Vineyard past was. The area used to be occupied by 19th century Methodists, who would retreat in the island to camp and worship. They soon become permanent residents in Martha’s Vineyard and created this wonderful array of colourful houses. No matter what season it is, Martha’s Vineyard is a great family destination. 

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Discover Long Island Sound

Considered as a tidal estuary, Long Island Sound rests between the shores of New York, Connecticut, Westchester County, and Long Island. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, it stretches for about 110 miles with its widest at 21 miles with varying depths from 65 to 230 feet. Several thriving cities sits along the coastal line of Long Island Sound housing more than 8 million people within its watershed. Some of the major cities in Connecticut are located in the island’s shorelines including New London, Norwalk, Bridgeport, New Haven, and Stamford. And of course, New York’s most scenic cities are also located along Long Island Sound like Glen Cove, New Rochelle, Rye, and some areas of Bronx and Queens. 

But Long Island Sound is most famous for its wealthy neighbourhoods which made iconic for its huge mansions on the coast of Port Jefferson and from Pelham Manor to New Rochelle stretching through Madison in Connecticut. Properties in Westchester County are rated one of the highest in the country because of its prime location; within the proximity of the trendy New York City and just miles away from Long Island Sound. 

As an amazing estuary, Long Island Sound is a place where salt water from the ocean greets the fresh water draining from the inland rivers. Experts considered the place as one of the most productive ecosystems on the planet. It’s a heaven sanctuary for migratory and native birds alike, it serves as their breeding and feeding ground. Many parts of Long Island Sound serves as a nursery for thousands of species found in the ocean. The area is home to no less than 170 species of fish, 1,200 species of invertebrates, and even dozens of migratory birds travelling across the country. 

Long Island Sound houses more than 4 million Americans and used by ships, barges, ferries to transport goods into other states. Fishing both commercial and recreation thrives in the area; oysters, crabs, lobsters, and different species of fish. Anglers price bluefish, winter flounder, fluke, tautog, and striped bass the most in Long Island Sound waters. Thousands of tourists flock the area to enjoy its sandy beaches while boaters dock its ports by hundreds to fish. As an estuary, bird watchers come to Long Island Sound to see the different variety of songbirds and hundreds of migratory birds. To educate the public about the importance of the ecosystem, the Long Island Sound has several nature centers and aquaria. It’s a way for people to know the different species of animals living within the state. 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Reasons to Visit Long Beach Island

Locally known as just LBI, Long Beach Island has been a beach lover’s haven since time immemorial. Spanning for about 18 miles, it boasts of white sand and crystal clear waters. It may have small shore but its towns are teeming with strips of artisan stores, good food, and even greater tourists spots. Long Beach Islands hides many sweet spots for quality family time. Stretching for about 18 miles it has all the summer essentials you want. From touristy spots, action-packed adrenaline rush activities, to hidden gems, LBI has it all. Visitors love how they can surf the amazing waves of the Atlantic Ocean and chill to the calmer waters of the Barnegat Bay. Hailed as the best beach in Jersey’s shore, Long Beach Island is a perfect holiday destination for your family, as it’s less crowded than other famous beaches in New Jersey.

People visit LBI for one reason and one reason only, to enjoy its picture-perfect beaches; all that is raked every day to get its super soft sand that is garbage free. LBI gets a little too busy from Memorial Day until Labor Day if you are not into crowds might as well avoid those times. With miles of sandy beaches, LBI will not disappoint, you can have a perfect spot on the beach no matter where you go. The path to the left of the bridge is often less crowded. Visitors suggest Surf City or Barnegat Light, as these two are considered as hidden gems in Long Beach Island. 

If you are into fishing, then Barnegat Lighthouse State Park will surely delight you as they are a commercial fishing port of Viking Village. You can explore its town along with other local shops for souvenirs to take back home. Then there are the bustling towns of Ship Bottom, Holgate, Brant Beach, and Beach Haven. These towns are the main attraction on the island and host some of the celebrated events during the summer season. But if you are looking for some quality family time, then head straight in the north, to the towns of North Beach, Surf City, Loveladies, and Harvey Cedar. You may find more relaxing and less crowded. 

Few things you need to remember before hitting the waves: 

There are public bathrooms available along the shores of Long Beach Island. They are located at several entrances to the beach. If you can’t find one, municipal buildings or restaurants are considerate enough to let you in. If staying for a few days, its best to rent one of the many private homes near the beach, for your convenience. 

Lifeguards can be found everywhere in Long Beach Islands, as they really take safety seriously. At some point during the year, there are at least 200 lifeguards to keep peace and look after swimmers in Long Beach Island. 

Always check the tides no matter what. Little ones will sure love low tides as they can play along with the shorelines and build sand castles. But be wary of high tides as the waves can kick in. Big kids will definitely come out to play and surf the tides. Also as precautionary, you might want to check if there are rip tides happening anywhere near your locations. These tide formation can devour even the best swimmers in the world. 

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Interesting Things to Know about Lake Winnipesaukee

Having as the most dramatic scenery in all of the Great Lakes, Lake Winnipesaukee stretches for about 72 square miles and comprises of 264 islands including a number of large bays and small inlets. The lake has a rich and diverse culture, even its name can be translated to at least five conflicting meaning like “beautiful water in a high place”, “good smooth water at outlet”, “land around the lake”, “lakes region”, and “smile of the Great Spirit”. All of them, however, agree that the lake is blessed with beautiful views comparable that of a paradise. With the White Mountains serving as a stunning backdrop and a wide open area of water called the broads, the lake is a popular holiday destination for travelers from all over the world. 

Lake Winnipesaukee is a boating and outdoor recreation year round, it peaks during the spring and summer season, then some travelers enjoy strolling through the vibrant leaf colors in the fall season and ice fishing in the winter. The lake does not disappoint as the region is filled with fun recreational activities, shopping strips, great food finds, and some historical landmarks. 

As the largest standing body of water and resting in the foothills of the White Mountains, Lake Winnipesaukee is about an hour and a half drive from Boston. The lake is a perfect weekend getaway to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It has seven towns that you can tour, each has its own character and charm; Center Harbor, Meredith, Alton, Tuftonboro, Moultonborough, Gilford, and Wolfeboro. Its best to drive around these towns leisurely and making sure to spend a good amount of time but do take it easy, you can always go back and have some wonderful “lake time”. 

Whether it’s your first time visiting Lake Winnipesaukee or a returning traveler looking for a new getaway spot, here are some the best picks on this amazing lake. 

Lake Winnipesaukee houses some of the best independently owned artisan shops and country stores. Try visiting the famous Pepi Herrmann, an artisan who mastered the art of cutting crystal. Visit the very charming shop in Gilford and be amazed in shelves upon shelves of amazing crystal artwork including Champagne flutes, bowls, vases, and earrings. Then there are the knitting shop of Keepsake Quilting and Patternworks located at the Center Harbor near the north side of Lake Winnipesaukee. 

Cool off in Kellerhaus located in Laconia to taste some of their decadent ice cream creations. This 1906 shop also offers great jellies, candies, maple syrup, and homemade jams. To those who like their drinks a little bit more tasteful, hop on to Hermit Woods Winery in Meredith where they make impeccable fruit wines paired with crabapple and strawberry-rhubarb delicacies. 

To really enjoy Lake Winnipesaukee you try a day hike tour at Gunstock Mountain Resort in Gilford where you can get amazing views of the lake. But no trip would be complete without hopping into a boat taking an excellent cruise around the lake. There are marinas in the area that are offering motorboats and other tour services. But if you are following a strict schedule then you can just pack a picnic and enjoy the profound tranquility of Lake Winnipesaukee. 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Surprising Facts about Lake Placid

For centuries Lake Placid had drawn the attention of many people, telling tales and stitching up stories of old. The lake now had become one of the top tourist attractions in the New York State. Aside from its controversial stories, its crystal clear water surrounded by luscious greenery, Lake Placid is gaining travelers across the globe. With the Adirondacks Mountains looming over the lake, winter sports activities are everything, but you can enjoy Lake Placid anytime and in any season. 

Considered as the wild frontier, Lake Placid was founded in the 1700s and it still preserved its rustic vibe despite modernization. Whenever you go to Lake Placid you cannot ignore the fact that the Adirondacks Mountain played a big effect in making it a great holiday destination. But there is more to Lake Placid than meets the eye or magazine for that matter. There are some things Lake Placid is known for, and here are some of the surprising facts you might know about the lake. 

It hosted the Winter Olympics - twice 

As the lake is really great during the winter season, it hosted the Winter Olympic Games not once but twice. It’s one of the only three places on earth to make it happen. To date, Lake Placid belongs to the group of superb ten cities in the world to have hosted the prestigious competition more than once since it started in 1896. Lake Placid first hosted Winter Olympics in 1932 and another in 1980. The Lake Placid Olympic Center and Museum draw hundreds of visitors a year to see some of the equipment used during the world-renowned international game. 

Lake Placid gave birth to the word vacation 

Lake Placid isn’t just a vacation destination, its vacation - as it invented the word. During the good old days, when ‘Brits’ go on a holiday – think of Vanderbilts and Rockefellers they need to do some vacating during the summer. So they went to chill in the northern woods and smell the fresh air of the Adirondacks Mountains. Since then, Americans started to go on vacation as well in Lake Placid. 

Row to your heart’s content 

Lake Placid and its surrounding region hide about 30,000 miles of waterways, this only means one thing, it’s every boater’s dream paradise. Just think of what you can do in a place teeming with streams, rivers, and ponds. But that is nothing with what the Adirondacks Mountain hides; you can boat, hike, swim, and explore miles of untouched forests. Imagine these bodies of water transforming during winter, it’s a magical place to enjoy winter sports. Daredevils ascend perilous frozen waterfalls and test their limit in the icy cliffs of Cascade Pass. While a lot of people either enjoys skating or ice fishing on Lake Placid. 

Nothing can paint ‘Autumn’ better than Lake Placid 

If you want to see autumn at its full glory, then visit Lake Placid during this season. The region boasts of autumn leaves in a vibrant shade of red and gold in every hue you can think of. Thanks to the thousands of hardwood trees covering the Adirondacks Mountains, fall colors has never been this colorful. Having one of the longest fall seasons, trees like beech, maple, and oak celebrate it with a vibrant display of leaves varying in colors. 

The Adirondacks is HUGE! 

When they say that the Adirondacks played a big role in making Lake Placid a great holiday destination, these people are not exaggerating. The Adirondack is so huge it can fit Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Great Smokey Mountains inside it with a lot of space to accommodate the Glacier as well. Stretching for about 6.1 million acres of land, the Adirondacks is the largest protected natural area in the country. Big thanks to the Forever Wild status implemented in 1892, more than 2 million acres of mountains, streams, and woods were preserved to this day. Because of the act, the Adirondacks serve as home to thousands of animal species including more than 100 species of birds. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

Lake Waramaug: Some of the Best Place to Visit

Spanning about 650 acres of land and stretching several parts of towns of Washington and Warren in Litchfield County, Connecticut, Lake Waramaug is a picturesque holiday destination for people who love camping, boating, lake fishing, picnicking, and swimming. Located about 24 miles north of Danbury, the lake can compete to other bodies of water surrounding Connecticut. Named after the Native American Chief of the Wyantenock tribe, Chief Waramaug who used to inhabit the surrounding area of the lake, the place is fast becoming a quick vacation hideaway for people who want to be with nature. Here are some of the spots you may not want to miss when visiting Lake Waramaug. 

Lake Waramaug State Park 

Tourists usually go to Lake Waramaug State Park as their first holiday destination. Connecticut bought the land surrounding the lake in 1920 and transformed it into their official state park for their locals. Now, this public recreation area stretches about 95 acres of pure fun. Both locals and tourists come here to enjoy its very beautiful scenery and great campgrounds. The park also offers great fishing spots, water activities, and camping. 

Hidden Valley Preserve 

For a bit of adventure, try hiking at Hidden Valley Preserve. Known to have an easy hike for beginners on a short loop, this park has suspension cable and a trail lined with luscious greenery. The Thoreau Bridge is a destination itself with stunning views; you can either hop on a bike or go on foot to fully emerge yourself in the beauty of nature. 

Kent Falls State Park 

If you are visiting during the spring season then head straight to Kent Falls State Park. Spring is the best time to see the 250 feet graceful waterfalls cascading gently down a beautiful trail. The place is excellent for hiking and for a quick picnic with your family. Locals consider Kent Falls State Park as their hidden gem and you can only marvel at it during springtime. You may want to bring some fishing equipment as it’s a perfect place to reel in trout. 

Wethersfield House 

Aside from awesome state parks, Lake Waramaug has a bit of history worth visiting. The Wethersfield House was the country estate of Chauncey Devereux Stillman, the grandson of James Stillman president of what became the Citigroup bank. Sitting on 1,200 acres of land in the Northeast Dutchess County, you can visit their Wethersfield Main House, Gardens, Carriage House, and Farm. Its location, which is the highest point in the area, provides perfect panoramic views of Berkshires to the north and Catskills to the west. 

Hopkins Vineyard 

Nothing beats ending your tour in scenic hills of Litchfield County overlooking Lake Waramaug while sipping a glass of wine. And the best place to do is at Hopkins Vineyard. For centuries Hopkins Vineyard produces award-winning wines on their Connecticut farm. They even held events varying from barrel tastings to wine bottle painting parties. Visiting them would be the perfect ending to your Lake Waramaug holiday vacation. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Santa Barbara: Destinations to Include in your Bucket List

The longest section of the West Coast in the US, Santa Barbara is the county seat of Santa Barbara County. Located between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, it has almost perfect weather, one that is often described as the Mediterranean. Tourists who visited Santa Barbara wants to enjoy the beach and relax. Because the city is gaining the popularity of the past few years, some visitors may find the surprising turn in the island. Santa Barbara boasts the latest trend in fashion on State Street and will set your imagination free with amazing watercolor arts in the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. 

Many considered Santa Barbara as one of the most glamorous towns in California. Lined with beautiful Spanish-style buildings with gorgeous architectural decors, the city has it all from the palm-lined waterfront to scenic mountaintops. When a major earthquake hit Santa Barbara in 1925, it destroyed most of the city. It was then rebuilt in a Spanish Colonial Revival style resulting in the marvelous display of architectural wonders that adorned the city today. 

Families with little children in tow loved how top tourist attractions in Santa Barbara stand within close proximity, making it easy to plan and explore the city with many child-friendly destinations as well. As there are many great tourist spots in Santa Barbara, here are some of the best destination you can tick off your bucket lists. 

Stearns Wharf 

Visiting Stearns Wharf is a great way to start your journey in Santa Barbara. Blessed to have breathtaking views of the sandy beaches and harbor, your views cannot get better than having Santa Ynez Mountain as your backdrop. Founded in 1872, it held the record as the longest deep-water pier between San Francisco and Los Angeles. You and your family can surely enjoy the place lined with great restaurants, two sites of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Treat your kids with some ice cream while enjoying a very relaxing stroll around the pier, don’t forget to try and have a seafood lunch while overlooking the beach. 

Inspiration Port 

Taking a hike at Inspiration Point will definitely clear your mind. As the name implies, it boasts of amazing views that will keep both your heart and mind pounding for joy. There are two ways to get to Inspiration Point, an easy way and a more challenging way to reach the top. If you are a beginner hiker or never tried hiking your life, you may want to start with the Tunnel Trail which is about 3.5-mile hike round trip. The other is called Jesusita Trail and considered to difficult with steep hike and stretches about 7 miles round trip. 

Santa Barbara Museum of Art and Mission Santa Barbara 

You have never been to Santa Barbara if you haven’t visited the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and Mission Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara Museum of Art was recently opened after a massive 5-year renovation project filled with great exhibits and amazing artworks. They had a mix of rotation exhibits as well as a great permanent collection that anyone can appreciate. Meanwhile, the Mission Santa Barbara is the most iconic landmark in the city. Built on 1786 with Franciscan friars still loving today, it has a great historical value to Santa Barbara. Dubbed as the”Queen of the Missions”, it has a very picturesque setting. You may notice that the Mission Santa Barbara has a strong influence on the overall look of the city. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

How to Spend your Time in San Juan Island

An archipelago in between Vancouver Island in Canada and Washington in the US, San Juan Island sits in the northwest corner of the US. It has four islands which are all accessible by a ferry operated by the Washington State Ferries system. Located about 60 miles north of Seattle, ‘The City that never sleeps’, and just a few minutes away from Anacortes WA, San Juan Island is a perfect vacation getaway to relax and see all of the Pacific Northwest. 

Most people who visit the island came to enjoy peace and quiet. Tourists love how they can enjoy the island’s natural beauty without crowds. Because despite its proximity to larger cities, San Juan had maintained its serenity and country charm. Aside from its natural beauty, the island’s temperament weather is what keeps tourists coming back for more. San Juan’s temperature rarely goes beyond the 70s or below the 40s all year round, and it doesn’t rain much. So when you are visiting the island expect it to be full of sunshine and almost perfect weather. With that in mind, you can have all the fun and enjoy outdoor activities without worrying too much about the weather, as every day is the perfect day to go out and have fun under the sun in San Juan. 

San Juan is home to the Southern Resident Killer Whales or commonly known as Orca pod, and is also considered as one of the main events of any tour in the island. At least 80 whales in this pod swim the waters of San Juan. To help you list down the things that you can do on the island, here’s a teaser about some of the best things and places to do in San Juan. 

Tour Friday Harbor 

Most tourists catch a passenger ferry from Anacortes that stopped directly into Friday Harbor. This is the perfect time to tour the island on your first day. As the only incorporated town in San Juan, Friday Harbor boasts of many great cafes and restaurants. You can even rent bicycles to explore the entire island to see many scenic wineries, beautiful parks, an alpaca farm, and lots of countryside farms. Be lost in many of its farmer's markets, bookstores, and art galleries. You can even kayak on its sandy beach and whale watch, there tours available in the city that goes out of Friday Harbor on regular basis. 

Have an unforgettable experience in Pelindaba Lavender Farm 

Visiting lavender farms is one of the many great experiences you can have; just taking a sniff of lavender farms can take you to paradise. Kids would love to smell and run in the fields plus you can have an amazing photo op. Explore the fields and buy your heart’s desire at their excellent gift shop full of assortments of lavender products either for personal care or culinary use. 

Don’t miss to whale watch from Lime Kiln Point 

After soaking under the sun, smelled the nicest flowers in the island, its time to treat your eyes with some people considered as the greatest show on earth: whale watching. Aside from seeing them up close on a boat, whale watching from Lime Kiln Point is downright magical. You got to see how an enormous pod of orcas can be. Even without any whale in sight, you can still have a breathtaking view of the island. And visiting Lime Kiln Point would be the perfect place to cap off your journey in San Juan Island

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Some Ways to Enjoy San Francisco Bay

Dominated by other larger cities like San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, San Francisco Bay is a shallow estuary in the state of California. Formerly names as Yerba which was derived in the Spanish word meaning “Good herb”, San Francisco Bay was a small city founded in 1776. It was later renamed in 1846 with its public square located in Portsmouth Square in Chinatown. What most people don’t realize is that San Francisco Bay has one of the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, with a total population of 100,000 people lives in Chinatown, ranking in number two spot. The Chinatown in SF is also considered as the oldest in North America. 

Built on more than 50 hills including some of the famous hills like the Nob Hill, Telegraph Hill, Twin Peaks, and the Russian Hill, the city is known to offer many tourists spots with a variety of features in each of them. However, San Francisco Bay is famous to host the largest competition of American wines in the world. This anticipated event called the Chronicle Wine Competition is held every February where tourists and wine enthusiasts cross continents just to visit San Francisco Bay. Here are some the best places to visit in San Francisco Bay

Visit the Golden Gate Bridge 

But San Francisco Bay goes more than that, the city and Marin County is the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. One of the most photographs landmarks in the world, which has been listed down as one of the modern wonders of the world. First opened in 1937, spectators marvel how the bridge can lift up tons of weight from the hundreds of vehicles crossing it each day. Now, it holds the record as the longest suspension bridge ever created of mankind. It’s a quite sight to see, as the steel with a total length of 1.7 miles with six lanes of traffic and carrying millions of passengers each year. 

Marvel how Alcatraz Island is known to be inescapable 

Alcatraz was made famous by the movie entitled Escape from Alcatraz. Since then, its popularity even rose as it was considered as inescapable. Built about 1.5 miles off the shore of San Francisco Bay, this small island was primarily built as a federal prison and military fortification. It was used as a federal prison for the “worst inmate” in the country, many infamous prisoners had stayed in the island including Robert Franklin Stroud and Al Capone. Today, only tourists can come and go in Alcatraz to experience the depth of the prison grounds. 

Ride the world-renown San Francisco Cable Car System 

You have never been in San Francisco Bay if you haven’t been on their cable car system. Locals are very proud of this last manually operated cable car system in the world. During its fully operational time, there were 23 cable car lines pumping the city. But now you can choose from any of the 3 remaining cable car lines in the city where it can take you in different towns. It’s a great way to explore the city while riding in a piece of very important transportation in the history of automobiles. 

Take a full 360 view of San Francisco Bay in Twin Peaks 

To end your adventure; take a full 360 view of San Francisco Bay in Twin Peaks. It’s a mandatory thing to do whenever you come down in the city for the first time. With a reputation of having a spectacular full view of the Bay Area. The Twin Peaks got its name from what locals used to call it as the “Los Pechos de la Choca” which literally means “Breasts of the Maiden”, because of its shape and size. Standing at about 922 feet high, you can have fun spotting some creatures and other plant life as you hike through the top. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Best Things to Do in Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast runs from north to south, making the western border of the US state of Oregon. Sitting along the Pacific Ocean, Oregon Coast stretches about 362 miles from the Columbia River in its northern part to the California state border in the south. One of the most diverse regions in the US, Oregon Coast has three sub-districts with its own rich history and culture. Even without any legal boundaries, locals consider their region to have North Coast, Central Coast, and South Coast. 

The most amazing thing Oregon can share with the world was the Oregon Beach Bill of 1967, which allows free beach access to everyone. This allows private beach landowners to keep their beach but removes their tax obligations. In exchange, the beach landowners will allow pedestrians to have easy access to the beach. Preventing beach landowners from building on the beach is one of the greatest highlights in this bill. And the results of their dedication to having a pristine coastline are clearly evident today. 

Oregon coastlines remain free and public, without any hassles from commercial buildings and other establishments in the beach. Which only means one thing; people can really enjoy their time in the sand and comb the beach for agates or glass floats. If you really want to be with the beach and waves, Oregon Coast is a perfect rejuvenating destination. 

There are a lot of things to do while visiting Oregon Coast and aside from its sandy beaches, the region is also known for its rugged cliffs, amazing marine life, historic lighthouses, charming seaside towns and a lot of scenic state parks. 

Cannon Beach 

You can start your vacation in the most photographs landmark in Oregon Coast – Cannon Beach. It’s one of the top must-sees in Oregon Coast. Behold its beautiful scenery and majestic view where the waves and mountains meet along the shorelines of Oregon. If Mother Nature permits it, you may find Haystack Rock more stunning, protruding about 235 feet out of the Pacific, it’s quite a view even in pouring rain. 

Take a quick tour at Oregon’ largest city – Portland 

As the largest city in Oregon, Portland is known for its cool vibe. Today, Oregon has a thriving craft beer scene, where you can find great microbreweries as well as coffeehouses. Don’t worry about where and what you can eat in Oregon, there is a lot of great grub in the region which is famous for their fresh seafood. Make sure to stop by in the famous Washington Park for a leisure walk in its historic grounds. 

Visit the historic town of Astoria 

Located at the mouth of the Columbia River, Astoria serves as the home to some of the famous restaurants and luxury hotel in Oregon. When you visit the place, make sure to check the Astoria Riverfront Trolleys and the Columbia River Maritime Museum. But to get a full majestic city view, climb atop of Astoria Column. Marvel how architecture and art can really get well, stop by the Astoria-Megler Bridge to know more about steel frame architecture. For some retreat and physical activity, you can go hiking, biking, camping, and swimming at the Peter Iredale 1096 shipwreck. 

Ride the train at Garibaldi to Rockaway Beach 

If you have smaller children in tow, you might want to take them on a slow tour aboard the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. This relaxing 1925 train ride has plenty of stops that starts from Garibaldi to Rockaway Beach, famous for its picturesque beach. People line up to get treats and other assortments of pastries at the Beach Bakeshop and make sure to bring their delicacies home with you. 

See the Heceta Head Lighthouse 

To cap off your journey, visit the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Built in the 1890s which still runs today, you can get to witness how the lighthouse keeper keeps this centennial lighthouse working. 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

San Diego: Activities You Should Never Miss

A city in the US state of California, San Diego City sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and about 120 miles south of Los Angeles. Considered as the “birthplace of California”, it served as home to the Kumeyaay people. When Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo landed in US soil in 1542, he claimed San Diego Bay for the King of Spain. 200 years later the Alta California first settled in the area and in 1769, the Presidio and Mission San Diego de Alcalá formed the first European settlement which later becomes California. 

The city’s main economic industry includes tourism, international trade, manufacturing, military, and defense-related activities. With the foundation of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and affiliated UCSD Medical Center, San Diego became as the biotechnological center in the state. 

If you are thinking of going in a quick getaway but on a tight budget, you might want to drive in San Diego as the city offers a lot of free things to do for families. Here are some of the best free things you can do: 

Enjoy the Beach 

As with another west coast, you can enjoy the beach whenever you go. But San Diego has all-day free access to the beach which is one of the best beaches in the country. You can swim, surf, and hang around to get the perfect tan. Kids will love building sandcastles, run around the beach, and comb for hidden treasure in the sand. 

For a more memorable family bonding moment, fly a kite in the Tecolote Shores of Mission Bay Park. Feel the soft grassy field on this 4,600-acre aquatic park. There are no trees or overhead wires, just the sky and ample supply of relaxing breeze blowing all day long. Just bring along your picnic basket and get ready to have the best family day ever: no gadgets, no emails, and no pesky phone calls, just pure family fun. 

Teach your kids how to Bird Watch 

Kids love the outdoors – before cell phones, game consoles, and gadgets were invented. Teach them again how fun it is to be with nature. The city is known to have a year-round bird migration in the country, go bird watching in some of San Diego's natural wetland reserves like Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, Famosa Slough in Point Loma, or in Tijuana Estuary. With over 500 species of birds along the migratory path, kids will love how birds of different species share common things in life. 

Visit museums 

San Diego has several museums that offer free days like the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego which opens for free during the third Thursday of each month. Or visit Flying Leatherneck Aviation during Tuesdays to Sundays and marvel at the 31 historical and famous aircraft. They even offer free of charge programs like Open Cockpit Days and Pilot Talks. 

To end your amazing vacation, get the full view of the city and drive to the very top of Mt. Soledad in La Jolla. It offers a great 360-degree view of San Diego and snapped that perfect family picture.