Friday, November 29, 2019

Traits of A Great Boater

Although many can work a boat and train to be an experienced sailor, skipper, or a captain, not everyone is able to do an exceptional job doing it. As we know, there are plenty of qualities that are included in being a good boater. However, there are two most important qualities: compassion and calmness amid any circumstances they are faced with. Not only will these qualities be seen on the outside, they can also be influential to those around and inspire everyone on board. 

Other qualities are being able to communicate their expectations and not underestimating what Mother Nature has to offer while ashore. For those who are working in larger boats and ships, whether it may be a boater or a captain, they need to be more hands-on and have good leadership to set an example to their crew. Furthermore, they need to be compassionate about their crew’s wellbeing and make a positive work environment. Here is a list of a good boater’s common traits and qualities. 

Able to communicate with their fellow boater effectively 

An essential quality that a good boater needs is leadership. Having good leadership means being able to strategize and maximize the efficiency of the crew, resulting in good teamwork. A good leader is able to command while still giving motivation to the crew. 

They prioritize teamwork 

Being committed to making sure that there is good working harmony to the crew, makes a good boater. No sailor is able to run the boat alone—boaters need a team with good teamwork to accomplish tasks and safety successfully. For those working on large boats, a good leader would make sure work is divided equally and fairly to the crew. 

Great decision maker 

Many find themselves indecisive when making decisions on their day to day lives; this may be as simple as going out or staying home to eat. However, for a boater, being a good decision maker is one of the most important skill they must acquire. Being able to make decisions quickly is crucial for safety of everyone on board—one wrong decision or any slight misjudgments can run result in tragedies. 

Must be disciplined 

Being disciplined is good for any job or role. However, a good boater must live and breathe discipline. A good boater abides by the rules and regulations for the safety and wellbeing over those on board. For those boarding larger ships, captains must set an example for their crew; discipline is a universal skill that results in respect.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Long History of Wood Art

For centuries, the wood had fascinated the human mind, with its versatility, durability, and is always full of surprises. Wood is perhaps the oldest if not the most challenging art material artists ever used. It’s quite amazing how wood carvers can turn a log piece of log into an amazing log with just using hammer and chisel. Wood art has a long and rich history. It’s one of the world’s oldest professions and remains highly respected to this day. 

Wood is deemed as a perfect material for groundbreaking art and even experienced artists are astonished how wood can change and dictate how it’s going to be formed. Artists may begin a concept on their mind but during the processed wood, it has its way of making it into something else – an art form worth marveling about. Indeed, wood proved itself as a viable contemporary art material – one that earned its name anything more than a mere craft.

Every woodcarver has its own set of tools and types of machinery to cut, shape and sand wood. But with the emergence of digital tools for fabrication, artists used it as a will for making intricate wood designs. These help them to conceptualize, design and carved each wood. It doesn’t just allow them with the design but it lets them work more efficiently and productively – without compromising its quality. 

There are hundreds of videos available, from DIY frit bowl to sculpting art pieces. With materials showing how artists can make great wood art, more people are getting into this industry. Technology has done a great amount of influence when it comes to wood art. Because of modernism, wood carvers can make intricate designs and somehow pushing beyond the limit of wood versatility. Some tools had been made specifically to make designs that are never been achieved in the past. It only shows how modern technology revolutionized traditional wood carving art. Check some of or intricate map designs and amazing pieces of wood art here. 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

How to Declutter your Home?

There’s one trend that has been long overdue but is now making a comeback. A minimalist style of living is the new trend that has homeowners been gushing about. It all starts with a simple decluttering of your home, then your mind, and soon after that – your life. What makes a simple living so great is of course with having so little can make a big impact in our daily lives. 

The idea of living a simple life attracts many homeowners, but often, as they begin the process will feel overwhelmed, anxious and then they just stopped. They eventually accept the defeat of the idea of owning less. However, there is the best way to tackle all the unnecessary mess, and that is to take it one room, one stage at a time. 

Learning to declutter your home isn’t as hard as it sounds, as some may make it out to be. It’s a long process but the rewards are great and the benefits are far more what you can imagine. Here are some of the benefits of living simple and how to live clutter-free. 

We all know how tedious cleaning is, it’s a daily chore we have to face every single day, and it’s hard. Having fewer things to clean means more time for your family. You don’t have to do all the de-cluttering in one sitting, you can start a few minutes at a time and slowly build your momentum. It’s best to focus on one room, remove all the things you haven’t use in 6 months. There’s a big possibility you no longer need it. If you are feeling a bit guilty of throwing unused clothes, you can donate it at Goodwill. 

When you had slowly moved from one room to another, there are fewer things to organize and finding things will suddenly become easier. Keys, remote controls, and wallets don’t just disappear anymore as you can move around your home a lot better and you have more space to enjoy. People swear that their stress level eventually decreases after de-cluttering their homes. They can see and enjoy all the things they love. Those artworks hanging will have its spectacular space. 

Then once you ‘owned’ and embrace minimalistic living, you can find yourself having less debt. Why? Because you no longer pursue the latest and seasonal decorations – no purchases, no expenses, equals more savings. With less debt, you can have more financial freedom to enjoy what matters most in your life. Loves fishing or the great outdoors? That dream vacation can now be a reality. With fewer things to think about, you can enjoy living a full life - clutter-free. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

How to Decorate Your Home without Breaking A Bank

Whether you are moving in or staging your home in hopes of getting a prospective buyer soon, the process of it can be intimidating. It’s pretty work-intensive, and the task of packing and clearing out old space requires more than planning. Many homeowners would not want to experience this if given a choice. Then some homeowners would invest in hiring professional home stagers to do all the planning and decorating. 

Professional home stagers know how to play and focus the decoration in your hose’s strengths, hide its flaws and even make it more appealing to prospective buyers. That’s why big companies especially those in real estate pay thousands of dollars for professional stagers to decorate their main homes. 

But if you are like us, living humbly in our homes, and would want to have a fresh look in your homes, then here are some of the pro tips that can help you. 

Prep to Impress Your Front Door 

The first impression lasts and you can make it work for your homes. Your front door is the very first thing people will notice, so you need to set the tone at your front door. Painting it with a bold glossy hue can attract the eyes. As red is a color in many cultures, it’s one of the most popular paint colors for the front door. Two of the emerging trends are the color yellow and orange as these colors often associated with warmth and coziness. Also, it’s time to get rid of screen doors and replace it with full-length glass that you can switch out for a screened panel. 

Let Natural Light Shine In 

Professional stagers and interior designers cannot emphasize more in letting natural light in. It’s both economical and aesthetically appealing. Switch from heavy outdated drapes to long flowy curtains; for a professional eye, a naked window is better than a hideous one. Choose curtains that are made of linen, silk, and cotton as they hang well better than other fabrics. 

Hang Mirrors to Make Your Room Look Bigger 

One of the biggest tricks in interior design is using a mirror to have an illusion of a bigger room. Mirrors can also make space feel brighter because they bounce light. But don’t just hang a mirror anywhere, it’s best to hang them perpendicular to windows. Hanging a mirror opposite a window will bounce the light back out the window instead of letting it in. Choose one room to hang a mirror preferably in your living room to make it even brighter and inviting. 

Choose Neutral Colors 

Choosing neutral colors will give you more decorating flexibility, allowing you to have more room to play with other furniture and accessories. Neutral colors can also make small rooms look bigger especially if you have two adjacent rooms. Having a wall in this color spectrum can make your artwork more appealing and interesting. 

Choose a Personalize Art Work 

To make your space more personalize, incorporate an artwork that best represents your life and your interest. Investing in a good piece of art can add value to your homes as well. If you love boating and the great open sea, check out our 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps and these trendy & Realistic 3D Bathymetric Wood Charts. No one makes wood maps better than us, Carved Lake Art.