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The History of Long Lake Michigan



Long Lake Township of Grand Traverse County is a civil township. In the 2000 census, the population was 7,648 and in the 2010 census, the population had risen to 8,662. The town was first settled in 1862 by Ira Chase and his brother-in-law Eliphalet Fillmore. They were travelling from Whitewater to Grand Traverse County to choose land. Over the next few years, there were more and more people settling and clearing out forest to make farm land. A cycle of annual production started in the form of farming in the summer, logging in the winter and maple sugaring in the spring. Over time, more people began to settle in the new settlement. 

After the rise of the auto industry, younger residents moved to Detroit and Flint. Nowadays, the town is home to retirees and people who work in Traverse City. The township is built around Long lake, which is the largest of 20 inland lakes in the township. It is the water feature that they are best known for. The lake is located about fifteen minutes west of Traverse City. There are wood maps of Long Lake that are very easily accessible on the DNR website. The township and lake are a very popular tourist destination for many Michiganders and tourists from other state as well. There aren't any major inlets that flow into the lake and it is mostly spring fed.

How Deep is Long Lake?

The surface area of the lake is about 4.5 miles and there are almost 17 miles of shoreline. The lake has an average depth of 26 feet with the maximum depth being 88 feet. 

Things to Do On The Lake

There are many things to do on the lake which makes it such a popular destination. It has several islands, four of which are public accessible as parks. These islands are Long Island, Picnic Island, Fox Island and South Island. The lake is known for being a prime fishing location and its 4.5 miles are perfect for boating. Along with the islands being accessible, there are three parks as well along the shores. These parks are Taylor Park, Gilbert Park and Crescent Shores Park and boat launch. The Carter Strong Bird Sanctuary is a great tourist location as well. The bird sanctuary is located at the southwestern end of the lake and is a protection area. If rain is in the forecast and you are with children, you might consider a trip to Traverse City to visit the Great Lakes Children's Museum. This teaches the children about the Great Lakes and provides hands-on activities to keep them busy when swimming and going to the parks aren't an option. 

If looking for a bite to eat, the township has several notable restaurants. Boone's Long Lake Inn is a steak house in an old mill located on Secor Road. It is best known for the prime rib that people describe as legendary. They open at 4pm on all days except Sunday at noon. On the weekends, there is live music to enjoy. If you are willing to travel a short distance, Traverse City has a restaurant called Mulligan's Pub and Grill. Their signature food is stuffed burgers and sandwiches. If steak or burgers aren't on your menu, there is a local pizza chain called That'sa Pizza. They serve pizza and grilled sandwiches.

This township has a lot of fun to offer and many parks to enjoy. The town is inviting and comfortable with a beautiful lake to top it all off. This is definitely a prime location for anyone looking to have a weekend at the beach or fish. 

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Glen Lake MI Things To Do

The Glen Lake MI region is known for its picturesque beauty, rolling, wooded areas, and the clear indigo blue waters. Considered one of the most beautiful areas of the great lakes, it is situated in Leelaneau County, and has two bodies of water, the Big Glen Lake to the east, and the Little Glen Lake to the West. It’s also a popular destination for boating, fishing, swimming, walking and running the many trails in the region. A popular vacation spot, with quaint villages, such as Glen Arbor, and Glen Haven, offering vacation homes, popular dining, music, boat skiing, kayaking, and other summer sports, Glen Lake offers the perfect getaway.

Little Glen Lake for Fishing

Little Glen Lake is perfect for shallow water fishing and swimming, with a depth of 12 feet, and Big Glen Lake at 130 feet. Fishermen can catch yellow perch, smallmouth bass, brown trout, lake trout, and northern pike. It is also known for driving tours, weddings, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, resorts, dunes, meadows, lush forests, and summer cottages. Nature enthusiasts will also find the nearby Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park an excellent place to investigate nature, bird watch, canoe, and capture exquisite photos of wildlife in action.

There are also many events throughout the year, such as the Spring tour of the natural cherry and orchard, and wild flower blossoms. Capturing blossoms on camera also brings the birth of nature alive. The week leading up to Mother’s Day is also Restaurant Week. Summer brings Solstice and Half Marathon 5K Race, the BBQ and Brew Festival, the Manitou Music Festival, and many other events. Fall is also a beautiful time of year in the area, with color tours as leaves are changing to beautiful hues of the sunset, and breathtaking kayak trips that allow for reflections on the water. Winter brings free ice skating, hockey, and holiday lights. Winter sports include cross country skiing, downhill skiing, and ice fishing.

More Events

Other events throughout the year are winery tours, charter fishing, museums, and local restaurants, such as Art’s Tavern. The tavern, in existence since 1934, offers visitors the best food, beer, and cocktails in the region. Recognized as Michigan’s original gathering place, it’s locally owned and operated, and has served locals, tourists, and vacationers for generations. Visitors can expect the best smoked trout, steaks, and signature dishes and sandwiches in the area. One thing visitors won’t find in the Glen Lake area is chain restaurants. Glen Arbor and the surrounding area pride itself on locally owned specialty restaurants, shops and boutiques.

In addition to some of the best food in the area, visitors will also find one-of-a-kind shops, friendly clerks, and perfect items for individual needs. In addition, those planning the perfect vacation spot will find the best real estate, vacation homes, cottages, and resorts in the country by viewing Glen Lake maps. And though the Glen Lake MI area was named the most beautiful place in America, the average price for real estate is still relatively low. For instance, average prices for waterfront real estate, is $352,714, with the average listing price per square foot at $267.

Many local real estate and rental companies also have diverse listings for the more than hundreds, or thousands of cottages and rental homes they manage. They often fit individual needs, and type of vacation with the perfect home, cottage or cabin. Companies can also match individuals with their perfect dream home, if in the market to purchase. Rentals can also sometimes be secured for half the price many people would spend for a week on fees at a hotel. Staying in a home is also much more comfortable, and convenient, and gives access to beachfront privacy or local sports and vacation itineraries in a way hotels don’t. No matter what type of housing selected, visitors to the Glen Arbor area can find the perfect home, cabin or resort to compliment their vacation itinerary. 

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The History of Lake Winnebago


Winnebago Wars

Lake Winnebago is the largest lake that is entirely within the state of Wisconsin. It is also one of the largest inland lakes in the United States. It is part of a large system of lakes within Wisconsin known as Winnebago Pool. With its surface area of 137,700 acres, Lake Winnebago has a rich history to tell. 

The French explorers met with the Winnebago Tribe in 1634. Though their Algonquian neighbors called them Winnebago, the tribe called themselves Ho-Chunk. The name Winnebago meant “people of the filthy water.” This name was given to them due to Lake Winnebago having a strong fishy scent during summer. 

In 1827, lead miners began gathering in the area. Along with rumors that two Ho-Chunk prisoners were taken to a rival tribe for execution by the Americans, they retaliated. This sparked the Winnebago Uprising.

With most other Native Americans refusing to join the uprising, the uprising ended quickly. The chiefs of the Ho-Chunk tribe surrendered eight of their men who took part of the violence. This included Red Bird, who they believed led the uprising. Red Bird died in prison in 1828. 

After the war, the Ho-Chunk decided to surrender the region to the Americans. The Americans established Fort Winnebago and increased their military presence in the region. With the Winnebago Uprising in mind, some officials decided that the Americans and Indians cannot live peacefully together. 

Battle of the Bands

After the struggles of the Winnebago war, the native Americans did not simply idle. In April 1832, a band of Native Americans led by "Black Hawk" attacked the settlers. Black Hawk's group was further reinforced by other groups of native Americans known as the "Sauks", the "Meskwakis" and the "Kickapoos" and their army was known as the "British Band" 

Why the name "British Band"? Because in 1812, Black Hawk had an alliance with the British, particularly on the war aptly named "War of 1812". This was when the majority of the war consisted of the Europeans fighting Napoleon's forces. Black Hawk's band would raid and flee as the American forces advanced, but when the American forces were out of the fortresses and settlements, the other groups would continue the raid. 

Eventually, the American government mobilized a militia to put an end to Black Hawk’s attempts to harass the settlers. The militia was commanded by General Henry Atkinson and attacked Black Hawk’s group in the “Battle of Bad Axe”. The battle was in General Atkinson’s favor, dealing a decisive blow against Black Hawk. Black Hawk was able to escape after the battle, but soon enough, surrendered. 

Interestingly, The Lake Winnebago conflicts and escalations are what gave Abraham Lincoln his military service, though he never really stepped into the front lines. 

Time passed and the lake’s name remained. Perhaps a reminder of the struggles between the settlers and the natives. Water gives life and livelihood, even more so as a huge body of it. Yet we have to remember that it comes at a price.

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Things to Do Near Silver Lake (Traverse City)

Silver lake is an enormous and beautiful lake that sits in the center of Traverse county Michigan. This massive lake, like many of the great lakes, was formed by the melting of glaciers throughout the years. If your wondering how deep is silver lake, The lake spans across 600 acres of land and has an average depth of 23 feet deep with the deepest part of the lake measuring over 90 feet deep. Silverlake is a beautiful sight to see with a lot to offer visitors interested in beautiful scenery and a great time!

History of Silverlake

Silverlake was slowly and gradually formed in the lower terrain of Michigan near the great lakes as glaciers began to melt and create lakes all around the Traverse County region. It joins with the Boardman river to flow into the Grand Traverse Bay near Traverse city. In 1965 a group of residents who owned property around the lake came together and created the Silverlake Improvement Association in an effort to maintain the lake's water quality and protect it from outside pollution. During this improvement there were also wood maps of Silver lake mapping out the entire area containing the lake. Today, the lake is known for its beautiful sights and fun things to do on and around the lake itself.

Things To Do

Aside from the beautiful scenery and views that Silverlake has to offer, there are also tons of activities and recreational things to do there as well. Fishing is particularly popular at Silverlake as it has an abundance of different types of fish. Fish such as perch, bluegill, bass and walleye are all popular residents at Silverlake. Some other fun activities to do at Silverlake include swimming, camping, canoeing. Swimming in the lake is a lot of fun because the water is just the right temperature in the summer months and parts of the lake are rather shallow allowing for smaller kids to enjoy it as well. The lake also has deeper parts to it where people like to dive and rope swing which is always a blast! Camping is also a fun activity that can be enjoyed at Silverlake due to the large amount of land surrounding the lake and sandy beach that encompasses it. Campers like to set up their camp right outside the perimeter of the lake where they can sleep under the stars and cook the fish they caught earlier in the lake over a nice fire. Canoeing is another recreational activity that can be fun to do at Silverlake as well. The calm waters of the vast lake make for a great canoe ride full of peace and tranquility. 

Nearby Landmarks

Nearby landmarks of Silverlake include Traverse city, Manitou pass and the ever famous lake Michigan. Traverse city is famous for its night scene and downtown stip of bars and restaurants. It is also a popular place for tourist's to travel due to its close proximity to Lake Michigan. Another popular landmark near Silverlake is the Manitou pass. The Manitou pass is the, often busy, pass that connects the main land to the Manitou islands. Silverlake is also relatively close to Lake Michigan which attracts more than 3 million out of state visitors during the summer months alone. 

Silverlake is truly a great place to visit and often overlooked. With its beautiful scenery and abundance of recreational activities available, silverlake is the perfect place for anyone to visit and have a great time!

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Lake SKANEATELES History & Things To Do


Lake Skaneateles - Perfect Holiday Spot

The Lake

Lake Skaneateles located 23 miles outside of Syracuse in Onondaga County, is one of the six major Finger Lakes in New York. The lake sits in the heart of the Finger Lakes and was named by the Iroquois and means 'long lake'. The waters of the lake are pristine -- so clean that many local communities rely on it as their main unfiltered water source. The area around the lake is landscaped with protruding cliffs and serene pastures. The lake is 315 feet deep, 16 miles long and one and a half miles wide.
Skaneateles sits at the highest altitude of all of the Finger Lakes and stretches through the counties of Cortland, Cayuga and Onondaga. 

Locals and visitors enjoy scores of activities on the lake including fishing for a variety of species like pike, bass and trout. There are boat and jet ski rental agencies off its shores and excursions and cruises are also available. The lakefront Cliff Park is home to a lovely gazebo where concerts are held during the summer months. There is also a pier that juts out into the lake 500 feet. The pier is a great place for locals and visitors to drop their fishing lines and is also a prime location for photo opportunities.


The Village

The village of Skaneateles was founded in 1833, by Revolutionary War veterans who were awarded grants in exchange for their military service. The uniqueness of the village is seen in the architecture of its historic district where grain and dairy were the main stay for cultivation in 1830. By 1850, industry expanded to cloth and wool, brick, paper, bricks and iron, as well as the production of machinery, carriages, farm equipment, and sleighs. This was followed by industrial construction of sailboats, canoes and motor launches. 

The streets of the village are well kept and fringed with homes of the Neo-Renaissance Revival typical of the 19th Century. Many are historically linked to the Underground Railroad -- interconnected underground routes and residencies used during the 19th century to help slaves reach slave-free states. 

The town also has an assortment of shops and activities to keep visitors busy throughout their stay. There are hillside vineyards that host tours and wine tastings, great hiking trains for the young and old to experienced, museums and galleries, antique and specialty shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars to please everyone's taste and budget. 

Visitors have no problem finding places to stay along lakeside or in the village. Options include renting cottages and cabins, bed and breakfast facilities, five-star hotels and budget motels. Many hotels are located in or near the village center near restaurants and shops. Most offer free parking and Internet access. Historic accommodations include The Sherwood Inn and The Benjamin Porter House. They include private baths, internet and cable televisions and continental breakfast. There are also pet-friendly accommodations like the Skaneateles Suites and Wicher Garden. 

For budget conscious seafood lovers, Doug's Fish Fry serves up tasty shrimp, clams and fried fish, as well as grilled and steamed seafood. The restaurant's menu also includes hotdogs and chicken. The Sherwood Inn adds a touch of class to the fine dining experience and offers an array of menu choices. The Blue Water Grill serves wonderful ambience and delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. 

Many who leave Skaneateles want to take a piece of this wonderful area with them. Wood maps of Lake Skaneateles are the perfect way to take everlasting memories back home. The layout of these maps involves intricate carvings that include the lake as well as additional favorite places and things. This wooden map will tell a story about your stay in a detailed and fascinating way - a way that will be cherished forever.

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Walloon Lake MI Things To Do


Walloon Lake

Walloon Lake, located in Petoskey, Michigan. Where you will truly be up north in the most beautiful lake region ever. Here there is just about everything one could wish for to do in the outdoors. To live on this lake it does not come cheap, but if you are looking to buy a house there it could run you anywhere from 1.5 million to 5 million. Renting a house may be more in your budget and can average from $300 a night to $1500 a night. No matter how you get to Walloon Lake you will be in for a real treat. 

Things to do


There are many trails that you can explore on. Hiking is an awesome way to spend your day. There are marked trails throughout Lake, Walloon. You can also look at Wood Maps of Wallon Lake to find places to hike. On different marked trails, you will know more of what to expect on each trail and find the one suited for your needs and what you are hoping to get out of your hike. Red trail has sloping hills. Blue trail is more challenging and rugged. Wildwood Harbor preserve is a marked trail featuring a small dock overlooking the north shore of Lake Evangline. Biking along these trails is something you may also want to consider.


Birding is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon. This is a great habitat for many forestry and animals. Different bird species flock to this habitat. On the Field Preserve you may be able to spot a Red Winged Blackbird, Bobolink, or a Barrel Owl. On the Cedar Valley Preserve you may have a potential sighting of a Wood Peewee, Ovenbird, Great Crested Fly Catcher or a Sandhill Crane. In the Cherry Lane Nature Area you are most likely to see a Wood Thrush, Veery or Ovenbird. If you want to explore Wildwood Harbour Preserve you might catch a glimpse of an American Redstart, Veery, Wood Peewee or various Wood Peckers. If you are a bird enthusiast, this is the place for you.


If you like the water more kayaking or canoeing might be what you want. If you want to see the sights from the water this is a great way to do it. If you go on Stolt Road it will take you thru Mill Pond. Camp Sherwood Road will take you south of camp Michigan and Mackinaw State along the forest shoreline. A gorgeous sight to see at any time of year, but especially in the fall. With all the fall foliage, it is truly amazing.

X Country/Snowshoe

Maybe winter is the season you love? If so, this majestic place has plenty to offer. You can explore the woods and trails on snowshoes or cross country style. When the wetlands have frozen over the wet meadows and cedar swamps are truly amazing, almost taking you back in time. 


If hunting is your thing, then this is the place to be. Lake, Walloon has a lot to offer for this timeless tradition. It is controlled hunting, of course, during the regular hunting season and with a permit.


Maybe boating is your passion. Of course boating is must here. Whether you bring your own boat or rent one here it is a fantastic adventure on the lake. Renting a boat could cost anywhere from $250 a day to upwards of $1000 per day. Great places to check out would be Boyne Recreational Rental or Walloon Central Power Sports and Marina. 


A favorite necessity of everyone is of course dinning. There are many great options for dining around this area. Barrel Back has lots of options for American cuisine. Walloon Lake Inn is great for fine dining. Walloon Village is a wonderful option for pizza and sandwiches. CafĂ© Sante is a good choice for those of you wanted a vegetarian option or a gluten free meal. Red Mesa Grill is there for those of you who would like Mexican. Julienne Tomatoes are great for up north hospitality serving up American cuisine along with great soups and salads. 

No matter what your passion is for the outdoors Lake, Walloon has it for you. Of course with all the outdoor adventures caution and safety are a must in all activities. So come on up north Michigan and visit Lake, Walloon for your family reunions, vacations, father son or mother daughter getaways. It is a great place for a girls or guys weekend or even if you just need somewhere to go along and get back to nature.

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Things To Do In Torch Lake MI- The Sandbar


A Piece of Heaven Torch Lake Michigan

Your vacation starts with this beautiful lake in Torch Lake Mi, bring the entire family and experience the breathtaking view of the water. They will love you for it. The crystal clear blue water is breathtaking. Share in the experience of relaxing on the two-mile-long sandbar beach. The sandbars are located on the north and south end of the lake, you will be able to see the amazing shades of blue. 

The boats line up off the sandbar to enjoy swimming and socializing with others. If you’re thinking of renting a boat there are many places available to you. The choices are everywhere; you can rent anything from a motorized sports boat to a jet ski. A popular swimming place is on the south end of the lake it's approximately 2 miles long. 

Take your boat out and watch the spectacular sunrise or sunset. Considering the beach faces the west, this is a great spot to watch the sunset. This would be a spectacular place to be with that someone special. The magnificent beauty of the water is unusually clear and exhibit a bright turquoise, that has the overwhelming look that resembles the Caribbean waters. You don’t want to miss that. 
While enjoying the day on the beach don't forget to stop by the many restaurants and enjoy your favorite foods. The smells that radiate up and down the streets will make you hungry. You will also have the option of pulling your boat up to the dock and grab something to eat. This is like a little piece of Heaven.

Take the time to explore our shops throughout the town, but don’t forget to take a little piece of Torch Lake MI home with you. One of our impressive artworks is the Wood Maps of Torch Lake. It’s an elegant piece of artwork that is laser etched and hand stained carved from Baltic Birchwood. The maps show the shoreline and base forms of Torch Lake, and they demonstrate exact shorelines, points of interest and lettering. Exceptional finishing techniques and procedures draw out the natural grain of the wood. Some of the locals say that this artwork is high quality and very precise artwork. Display this fantastic piece of artwork up in your home so that everyone can see and remember the best vacation ever. 

If you’re thinking about moving to Torch Lake MI there are still some bargains left to be had, you just have to look for your diamond in the rough. Property is very desirable and the average sale price is $787,835.00 according to the local listing service. Torch Lake stretches about 19 miles long and approximately 18,770 acres. Torch Lake According to National Geographic Torch Lake is the third most beautiful lake in the entire world with year-round entertainment. This town is full of wonderful and accommodating people that are eager to help make your stay more enjoyable. Book your next ideal vacation at Torch Lake in Michigan, and be ready to have a jaw-dropping experience. 

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Crystal Lake MI Things To Do


Crystal Lake is 165 feet deep and stretches over 8 miles. And it's also considered a landmark among the residents of Crystal Lake, Michigan. This community holds beautiful real estate and a barrage of activities for all. Let's take a moment explore home prices, a few of its most popular restaurants and more of its most notable landmarks.

Homes When it comes to real estate in this part of Michigan, the homes are well-taken care of and the prices are reasonable. In fact, the average price of a home in this particular community is $211,000. However, according to Zillow, they are typically sold at around $195,600. The average price per square foot sits around $127, which happens to be much lower than that of Chicago Metro which is listed at an average of $149 per square foot.

Restaurants There are no shortage of things to do in this part of Michigan, but among the most popular past times is dining. And there are several restaurants from which residents can choose. Let's discuss a few.


Da Baffone Cucina Italiana

If you're craving a little Italian, then there is a good chance that you will enjoy Da Baffone Cucina Italiana. This restaurant is considered a cozy getaway which offers the most Southern traditional Italian Cuisine. Many customers are big fans of its Eggplant and Veal Parm as well as its Italian Dipping Sauce for the breadsticks. 

1776 Restaurant

Do you or your family have special dietary needs? Well, 1776 Restaurant just may be able to cater to them. This is especially the case for those who have food allergies or need cuisine that is gluten-free. It's most known for its wild game and food that has been locally grown. 1776 has been officially accredited for being as the Best of Fine Dining for the last 10 years. 

M Supper Club

M Supper Club serves American cuisine and puts its focus on gracious hospitality and the delivery of the finest local ingredients. Many of its customers love its cheesy crab appetizers as well as its steak diane. The great thing about this restaurant is that it also caters to vegetarians, so there's something for everyone. 

Bistro Wasabi

Perhaps you're in the mood for a little Japanese cuisine. In that case, try Bistro Wasabi. The atmosphere is warm and the staff is attentive. Customers love its Tuna Tataki and are impressed by how fresh its ingredients are.

Cherry Hut

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then why not try the Cherry Hut? This restaurant is unique in that is a summer-only eatery which was started in 1922. It sells a well known classic American dessert--cherry pie. In fact, this restaurant capitalizes on everything cherry, from its cherry salsa to its sour cherry candies, it really explores the cherry theme. 



If you search through crysal lake maps you'll notice that this isn't the only landmark in this part of Michigan. There are several more that will especially appeal to outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs. Here are a few: 

Historical Society and Museum 

If you're interested in taking magical tours through history, then consider the Benzie Area Museum. Take a fascinating walk through the 1887 Congregational Church and view the artifacts and images. Hear intriguing stories about what has taken place in the past.

Beulah Public Beach

Would you like a little time in the sun? Well, visit the sandy shores of Beulah Public Beach.There are beach houses, tennis courts and playground. Vistors can also feel safe when swimming because it has a sandy bottom and is swimming area has been marked. It's the perfect spot for the perfect summer vacation. 

Betsie Dunes Nature Preserve

This is the perfect location for hunting. In fact, the Betsie Dunes Nature Preserve has a season for every form of gaming including deer, small game, turkey, and waterfowl hunting. However, there is no trapping allowed. The Dunes key mission is to protect natural, farm and scenic lands through its ongoing stewardship and conservation programs.

Platte Springs

Would you like to find the ideal place for your fishing trips? Well, try Platte Springs. Platte Springs is situated in Benzie County and is located in the lower peninsula's northwestern part. There are actually two lakes in this County, that are based on the name Platte.

As you can see, this part of Michigan holds many beautiful treasures. The prices of the homes are reasonable. There are plenty of places for dining out and it several different price points. Also, there are many interesting landmarks within the community.