Wednesday, October 18, 2017

History of Huntington Beach|Collectible Wood Art

The Roots of Huntington Beach

Known throughout the country as Surf City, Huntington beach has a rich history behind it, all commemorated in the museums all around the city. Like all cities, their history started with starting a replenishable source of economy, and being near the shores, it wasn’t long before a small settlement exploded into a full blown city.

The First Owner

In 1784, the first person to officially own the land under Huntington beach was a Spanish soldier named Manuel Nietos, who named the 300,000 acres of land, “Rancho Los Nietos” or simply, The Nietos Ranch. Here he raised cattle, horses and farmed barley. The economy practically started with him selling the barley to other emerging ranches.

The Oldest Residence

Among the first people who settled in Huntington beach, before it was called that, was William Newland and his wife, Mary Newland. In 1898 they built a small but functional Queen Anne-style house. With their sweat and effort, they turned 500 acres of swamp lands into croplands, growing beets, peppers and lima beans. Their house is considered to be the oldest residence in Orange County.

The Incarnations

Huntington Beach had many names before it became Huntington beach. The first name was called Shell Beach, during the times of the first settlers such as the Newlands. Eventually, in 1901, they built the first resort, big enough to rival Atlantic City. Subsequently, they changed the name from Shell Beach to Pacific City, to match the rivalry.

The Name That Stuck

In 1904, the first pier opened, creating opportunities for travel, exports and imports. In the sake of transportation, the community of Pacific City changed the name to Huntington Beach, in order to gain favor and secure the Red Car lines. The Red Car lines, also known as the Pacific Electric, is a mass transit system composed of electrically powered vehicles running on train tracks.

This fast tracked the development of the now named Huntington Beach as it was incorporated in 1919, but the city was about to take an interesting turn.

Oil in the Sands

The biggest economic boom came when the city discovered oil in their own lands in 1920. The population boomed to nearly four times in less than a month due to it. What truly surprised some people is that previously, an encyclopedia company sold land at Huntington Beach for a fairly low price. Little did the lucky land owners knew that there would be oil around those parts.

Overnight, the oil wells sprang up like daisies. They went on springing up until the 1950s where a movement was made to rid the oil rigs to make way for housing developments for new incoming citizens. The economic boom kept on going well into the 1970s, with housing projects being approved here and there.

Eventually, existing oil derricks had to be concealed, all for the sake of improving the beach’s image.

Surf City

While the city made one economic turn after another, surfers were abroad. In 1914, Duke Kahanamoku, a Hawaiian Olympic swimmer, introduced surfing to Huntington Beach. This Big Kahuna began popularizing the sport by using his connections in Hollywood to publicize it.

Soon enough, surfing became popular, further boosted by Huntington Beach’s great natural waves that break close to the beaches. In 1956, the first surfboard shop was opened and it paved the way for other surfers and surfboard shops to open.

In 1963, Jan and Dean, an American Rock Duo who, recorded the classic tune, “Surf City.” This, along with the city’s pioneers in surfing, gave Huntington Beach it’s nickname, “Surf City.”

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Trendy Home Décor Forecast for 2018|Custom Topographic Art for Your Home

Decors are important in bringing the vibe of the home, making it unique and setting it apart from the usual display. Yet, some people neglect of the basic décor of their homes. A good combination of decors makes the home more inviting and homey. Making your homes as personal and as inviting as possible should be your top priority. You would want to go home after a hard day’s work in a house that is neat, well-decorated, and cozy. Not just that, but people will remember you, on how you make them comfy yet upbeat when you invite them over for dinner. 

Just like our fast pace lives, home decorations and interior designs come and go. New design trends launch every year, which is not surprising anymore. It only gives us more options to choose from. But a home makeover sometimes means breaking the bank. But for 2018, it might not be the case, as outdated styles are making a big comeback. 

Black and White

If this year’s highlight were all about accent colors, designers see a big comeback to the classic combination of black and white. It is one of the most prominent designs that may never go out of style. In a proper setting, these two are elegant, classic, and sophisticated. Don’t bother to tuck away those décor, you may find it trendy again for next year.

Harvest Gold and Avocado Green

Harvest Gold and Avocado Green once strolled the hallways of our homes back in the 70s. Combining avocado green and gold creates a nice accent in your home. The green has a soothing vibe while the gold gives an elegant accent. It will make a comeback next year, giving us nostalgic feelings of the good old days. If you still have the colors in your home, you don’t need to worry getting a makeover. You are just ahead of us.


Brass is a little tricky when it comes to interior design. Too much brass will make your home look old. But with just the right accent, your home will look magnificent and elegant. The lively yellow color of brass can make dark corners of your home interesting. Back in 2006, brass is everything, it’s a trending design in most homes. It may go out of style but always makes a comeback

Art Gallery/ Artisan Works

Pictures displayed in homes should never be dismantled. It’s the best way to personalize and show affection to one another. Just do not go overboard with it, and you will do fine. Try to fill the empty walls or hallways with pictures of your family members. Better yet, try to find a really good painting to hang on one side of your home. It’s always a conversation starter, trust us. There are works of artisans that can give your home that ‘unique’ piece of art. If you are a boating enthusiast or simply love the beach, you can check Carved Lake Art for one of their masterpieces.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Have a Tampa Bay Adventure! Exciting Places to Visit|Wood Art for Your Home

Tampa Bay is a town full of natural estuary and harbor located near the Gulf of Mexico and Florida. It consists of Hillsboro Bay, Mckay Bay, Middle Tampa Bay, Lower Tampa Bay and Old Tampa Bay. As a center economic center of western Florida, Tampa Bay has historic old districts, and high-rise office buildings connecting the old town to the new. Must visit places in Tampa Bay include Ybor City, Hillsborough River, and the charming Columbian Restaurant. 

#1 Ybor City

Tampa Bay once houses the world largest cigar factory in the world, Ybor cigar factory. The city was after the cigar magnate Vicente Martinez Ybor. Ybor came into the city around the mid-1880s after his workers threaten to unionize at his Key West cigar plant. At the height of his business at least 4,000 people hand rolled more than 900,000 premium cigars in a month. Sadly, during the Great Depression and machinery brought the end of his legacy. Today, the place is listed under National Historic Landmark District. Ybor City now becomes a city center home to many galleries, restaurants, cafes, and shops. 

#2 Columbia Restaurant

Within the unique town of Ybor City lies Columbia Restaurants, the country’s largest Spanish restaurant. a Cuban immigrant named Casimiro Hernandez, Sr. started the restaurant in 1905. From a small café corner, it now grew into a world-class Spanish restaurant that can seat 1,600 people. At night people often come to Columbia Restaurant to watch the flamenco dance show. In some nights they feature Jazz music to serenade their customers along with their architectural charm. 

# 3 Tampa Theatre

Constructed in 1926, Tampa Theatre has a façade built on multi cultural designs like Greek, Byzantine, and Italian Renaissance. On a regular basis, it plays classic films and selected foreign movies along with concerts and programs. Watching a classic movie in this theater will complete the experience of old movie houses. 

# 4 Sunshine Skyway

As not a destination itself, Sunshine Skyway is one man-made marvel worth to laid eyes with. Dubbed as “highway on stilts”, the 12-mile bridge contains several lanes to accommodate vehicles to enter Tampa Bay. The middle section is an engineering feat that features two suspended gigantic pylons. This allows on-going vessels to pass easily beneath. Engineers changed the design when a cargo ship rammed into the bridge which crumpled it. 

# 5 Henry B Plant Museum

Henry B Plant Museum is a Victorian palace that has a unique Moorish design feature. The museum showcases the history of the hotel which was once owned by railroad magnate Henry Plant. Founded in 1933, it features the Plant’s contribution to the economic development of Tampa. Each room display very delicately designed period furnishings, getting a glimpse of the luxurious lifestyle of Henry B. Plant. Walk in its grounds and explore luscious greeneries which a gardener kept well maintained. The rest of the museum is now part of Tampa University.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

7 Reasons Boating Can Teach You|Custom Collectible Wood Art for the Boater in Your Life

Boating is not just for the adventurous mind, it is also for the brave and fearless heart. But you don’t need to be, boating could teach you all these once you embark on a journey. So why go boating? Well, these are some of the reasons why: 

# 1 Boating = Family Bonding + FUN

Boating is indeed fun for the family; you can go to places and stop whenever you want to enjoy a sunset, take a dip in the water, or simply relax in some secluded dock. Younger kids would love swimming in calm shallow water. While teenagers would love activities that generally involve some adrenaline rush like wake boarding, skimming at a high speed, going with the wind in a sailboat, the possibility is quite endless.  

You can go boating alone and just relax in the open seas but what fun could it be? Boating with your family and friends doubles the fun. Bonding together while sailing in the seas, taking turns as a lookout, cruising, and anchoring can strengthen your relationships. Why? Because you trust each other, it also serves as a great activity for team building if the usual boating activities bore you. 

#2 Having adventures of a lifetime

Boating was always meant for adventure. Embarking on a journey will open doors for new adventure waiting to be discovered in each place you will visit. From the first voyagers who discovered islands and paved the way for new routes to the brave captains who fought massive waves in fierce storms who survived to tell tales. 

Whenever you go sail with your boat, new experiences are waiting for you to become amongst the seamen who ventured into seas. It does not matter if you own a fisherman’s boat or a luxurious yacht, what matters is the adventures and new life experiences that await you, one that cannot be felt anywhere in the land.

#3 Boating is about finding happiness

Boating activities can lift your spirit, no matter how simple it would be. You can read a book in solitude in a beautiful sunset as your background. If you are more of an adventurous spirit, nothing more can give you happiness than sailing through the winds at top speed in a racing competition and winning it. Taste the salty sea when getting major air while wake boarding or seeing your child tries pedal boarding for the very first time. You could not possibly deny the joy of getting your first catch or setting a new record for reeling in the biggest fish. 

#4 Getting Physical Fit

Looking for the best way to shake those love handles away? Then anchor away and go boating. It may not seem so rigorous like cross fit training. Boating requires every bit of your muscle to work like when anchoring and steering especially in high waves. Even if not on those situations, activities like kayaking, canoe racing, and hiking in a nearby island can burn hundreds of calories. That would make your next gym appointment days or even weeks away. 

# 5 Bringing out the creative craftsman in you

Boats, like your trusted vehicle but less complicated than an airplane, needs a creative craftsman. If you love DIYs, boating can bring out the best in you. Just like cars, boats need special attention to details, particularly when it comes to maintenance. There will always be a something to clean, paint, polish or holes to mend, even bolts that need replacements. Owning a boat can turn you like a certified motor head in no time but in a good way. It just means you are learning a new trade which could be productive and fulfilling at the same time. Nothing beats a job well done especially when you made it.

# 6 Learning a new trade

At first, buying a boat can be intimidating. You need to master the art of safety first before sailing in the vast oceans. You may need to learn how to tie a proper knot, an essential skill for boating or you need to get a formal education in seamanship, chart reading, rules of the road, and even piloting. Aside from these basic skills, you need to master conquering the waves and forecasting weather like a pro.  Boating is fun but it does not mean it is easy, learning this new skills can challenge your mind but can also fulfill your dreams of going into the boundless adventure of a lifetime. With continuing education, comes wisdom that only boating can give you.

#7 Leaving it all behind

Feeling stress lately?  Then embark on an adventure aboard a boat. There are hundreds of places to go to, with the Great Lakes nearly accessible to almost every city, you can just go to a mini getaway over the weekend. Boating can take your mind away from all the stress of your office and city pollution. After a few days, come back with a invigorated mind ready to tackle those problems, one at a time. Then repeat.

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Enjoy the Beaches of Siesta Key|Finding the Perfect GIft for the Boater in Your LIfe

Siesta Key is best known for its sandy beaches and shallow waters. Located in the outskirt of Sarasota, Florida in the Gulf of Mexico, this barrier island has a lot to offer aside from its beautiful beaches. From Crescent Beach which offers a fantastic view from Point of Rocks to the Turtle Beach in the south. 

Two Years ago, Siesta Key was included in some of the prestigious awards for the best beach. It tops the AARP Best Beach in the World in 2015 and dominating Trip Advisor as the #1 Travelers Choice Top Beach in the US.

Siesta Beach

From dawn till dusk, Siesta Beach has it all. The beach has a peculiar high quartz content which makes it even more beautiful. With perfect warm waters from the Gulf, it is a nice way to break away from stress. Siesta Beach has concessions, best picnic spots, a playground, volleyball, and tennis courts. Watersports are a familiar sight in the area. If the suns get a little bit too hot, they have umbrella rentals and lounge chairs.  The best spot to catch a majestic sunset will probably in this beach as well. With all that and much more, one cannot simply walk away from Siesta Beach without the best memories of their lives. 

Crescent Beach

The Great International Sand Challenge dubbed Crescent Beach as “The World’s Finest Whitest Sand”, and most people take their word for it. Situated near the Points of Rocks, many go here for snorkeling in its super clear waters. Crescent Beach boasts of abundant marine life as well as plenty of corals.

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is located at the southernmost part of Siesta Key. It may seem like a last resort for beachgoers but it’s the other way around. The more adventurous spirit would often come here because of their recreational activities. Not only that, Turtle Beach has a volleyball court, boat launch, and a horseshoe pit for families. Shell hunting is a thing in this beach as the sand has a steeper incline. This makes it as a great way to find shells that high tides might wash up. Anglers will enjoy the Blind Pass Lagoon near the beach as it’s a perfect place to reel in a catch. 

Food and Shopping 

For any necessities like water or snacks, there a grocery store at Morton’s Siesta Market. Located at the very heart of Siesta Key Village for convenience, so you can easily grab what you and your family need for the beach.

Another shopping destination and dining experience on Siesta Key is at Stickney Point Road and Midnight Pass Road near Crescent Beach. Their local restaurants are a must try more so with their great dining options and even al fresco sitting. You can enjoy fresh of their daily catch of seafood, cocktails, cold beverages and international cuisine. 

Siesta Key Village is more of high-end boutiques for serious shoppers who would want to bring home some souvenirs from the island. Located at the north end of Siesta Beach, it is lined with shops and artisan shops. You can even listen to live music or just enjoy a leisure stroll while eating a cold ice cream.

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Have an Exciting Adventure in Palm Beach|Wood Art You Need to Have in Your Home

Palm Beach is a town in Florida that separates cities of West Palm Beach and Lake Worth. It is a promising urban center with 47 miles of beautiful beaches in the United States. It has world class fine dining experience, shops, and entertainment. 

Small as it is, Palm Beach is one of the richest city in the world. The industrialist Henry Flager founded the island where he saw a big potential for the upper class family to reside in the 20th century. The interesting town surrounds the West Palm region, many of these towns are situated near the beach. Many craftspeople and artists showcase their art collection in downtown. From arts and fun recreational activities, Palm Beach has it all, and you will never run out of things to do. 

# 1  CityPlace

Fill your eyes and stomach in CityPlace, one of the biggest attractions in South Florida. It is a place where you can enjoy shopping from different well-known shops as well as indulge in top class restaurants. CityPlace has a very upbeat vibe where you can enjoy entertainment and live music. If you love shopping, you will definitely adore going into this place which has trendy shops of jewelry, gift shops, and clothing apparels. You can choose from Mexican, Japanese, and Southwestern cuisines. to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can grab an ice cream or frozen yogurt in the area. 

# 2 Panther Ridge

Judy Berens started the whole idea of saving big cats in the 90s which now turned into a sanctuary for the lucky felines. Berens would bring endangered and sickly large felines and nurse them back to health. The place would let you feel that you are in the middle of the untouched jungle. The conservation center serves as a facility for these big cats to wander freely in in the grounds, replicating their natural habitats. Other felines are protected in large cages that made to look like they are living in some jungle in Africa equipped with pools. 

The conversation center no has 20 clouded leopards, jaguars, tigers, endangered black panthers, cheetahs, and mountain lions. Watch in awe as Berens enter some of the cages and play with them. You can also enjoy petting some of the little cubs through the fence. 

# 3 Ragtops Motorcars Palm Beach

Bring out the motor head in you and check out Automobile Museum. Ragtops Motorcars Palm Beach in West Palm is one of the most visited automobile museums in town. The museum houses both classic and ambitious car designs throughout the history. The best part of the museum? They actually sell some of the restored automobiles in the museum like a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette and other classic beauty.  Other displays include street racers, convertibles, roadsters, movie cars and even luxury cars. Ragtops Motorcars also showcase Golden Age Automobile memorabilia, oil company emblems, and roadside signs. 

# 4 Rapids Water Park

If you are looking for an activity for the whole family, you can go to Rapids Water Park located north of West Palm in Riviera Beach. The water park is a popular destination since 1979 which offers several water slides for all ages. The have Pirate Plunge for the adventurous spirit that has two high-speed drops in a seven-story platform. Little kids will love playing activities in their Barefootin bay. You can also ride the six-foot waves in Big Surf.

# 5 Antique Row Art & Design District

When it’s time to head home, don’t forget to bring some souvenirs with you. THe best place to scout for these treasures is the Antique Row Art & Design District. More than 40 sellers of priceless antiques dating back from 17th to 20th century, you will surely find the right treasure for you. Take time to scout the many shops like Iconic Snob Galeries, Notso Fine Art, The Elephant’s Foot and Coastal Girls Co. Two of the notable diners to check in the area are City Diner and the Rhythm Café.

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Have a Fun-Filled Day with the Family at Sanibel Island|Custom Gift Art

Sanibel Island is Florida’s top family-friendly destination, located a few miles south of Fort Myers. Its pristine white beaches attract thousands of visitors each year. The island has a lot to offer with their rich ecosystem.

But the main attraction in Sanibel Island is the beautiful beaches paired with perfect waves for surfing.

Beaches at Sanibel Island

There are a lot of beaches and parks around on Sanibel Island but these two are the best.

Bowman’s Beach

Vacationers head directly to Sanibel’s most popular beach – Bowman’s Beach. It’s a perfect place to breathe in that Vitamin Sea as much as you can. Bowman’s Beach also attracts surfers and serves as a good place to dock for sailors. Even though there are a lot of tourists in some days, it still feels secluded, away from the busy street lights. Try to dig in and find some interesting shells along its shorelines. People never miss their chance finding unique conches and cockles on this beach.

Blind Pass Beach

For a bit more shell hunting place, Blind Pass Beach is a great destination. Although the currents are too strong to swim, the fun happens along its shorelines. Located between Sanibel and Captiva Island, Blind Pass Beach is more of an adventure. The place is more like an off the beaten destination where the currents carry a lot of shells.  

Other Attractions on the Island

Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum

Most shell hunter fanatics do not miss their chance of going to the Shell Museum. The place houses some of the biggest shells ever found on the continent. Their exhibits have a lot of fascinating finds where novices can have references of what kind of shells they found on the beach.

J.N. ("Ding") Darling National Wildlife Refuge

Sanibel is also teeming with wildlife along with other adventurous things to do. Try to visit the Darling National Wildlife Refuge, or what locals refer to as DING. It’s a 5,200-acre land serves as a huge refuge for animals and other endangered species. Jay Norwood Darling better known as DING Darling, an editorial cartoonist founded the wildlife refuge. Today, it is home to hundreds of animals like the endangered giant manatees and an abundance of bird life.

Most visitors enjoy their kayaking trails in the afternoon. Many like to take advantage of the beautiful scenery which they either hike the trail or traverse it on a bike.  For families who have smaller children, they can drive leisurely through the refuge. Driving into the wildlife refuge is a simple yet enjoyable experience for the kids as they look out the windows and name a few animals on the way.

Great Calusa Blueway

To fully enjoy the clear waters of Sanibel Island, the Great Calusa Blueway offers a canoe and kayak trail. It stretches 190 miles of trails made for beginners and advance peddlers. It’s a great destination to just relax and enjoy the view from the sea.

Botanical Gardens at Sanibel Moorings Resort

To cap off your vacation at Sanibel Island head on to Sanibel Moorings Resort. Their botanical garden has a lot of varieties of both native and non-native plants. Its humble beginnings inspire most people. The gardener at this 6-acre land brought in some rare plants on his own. It now flourishes as a beautiful garden and even designated as an official botanic garden in 2009.
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Monday, October 2, 2017

It's Always a Carnival at New Orleans|Finding the Best Topographical Wood Art for Your Home

New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana and a major port in the United States. The city has a rich background, not just in resources, but in multicultural heritage as well. The district is well known for it's French and Spanish Creole architecture.  The place gathered international recognition for its cuisine, music and annual festivities.  New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz and the much anticipated Mardi Gras festivals since the French colonial times. Some say New Orleans is the “most unique” city in the country because of its very diverse culture.

Most tourist destinations are centered in the French Quarter, the heart of New Orleans. To get up close with the city of New Orleans, you can also walk within the city to explore the French Quarter.  Located along the Mississippi River, you can ride horse-drawn carriages see the Bourbon Street and Steamboat Natchez. You can also hop on the historic street car or busses to get to the Garden District and the city museum.

#1 French Quarter

Tourists from around the world travel to New Orleans to see the French Quarter.  The whole district has a unique architecture with lots of restaurants and entertainment throughout the day. Some of the buildings date back 300 years ago with wrought iron designed balconies, red-tiled roofs, and beautiful courtyards. Many of these picturesque buildings are hotels, souvenir shops, art galleries and famous jazz clubs. Try to have your picture taken at Court of Two Sisters, a famous French building located on Royal Street. Keep your eyes out when crossing Bourbon Street; although the streets are safe during the day, it gets pretty crowded and hectic in the night.  To hear traditional jazz music, head to Frenchmen Street where you find restaurants where artistic minds would gather to talk about their passions.

# 2 National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum features exhibits about the war in Pacific and Europe. The museum houses WWII aircraft and film about the war continuously played in their 4D Theater. Feel the experience of the war as your chairs would shake as tanks explode and other sensory experience. To honor the WWII veterans, black and white documentary film shows some of the real life experience they encountered during the war. There are tour guides who would provide facts and snippets about the WWII. One part of the museum is the Stage Door Canteen which features 1940s matinees and dinner shows.

# 3 Jackson Square

At the heart of French Quarter lies Jackson Square is formally known as Place de Armes. When you explore the grounds, you will find luscious greeneries and an equestrian statue built in 1856 of General Andrew. You can also find another prominent landmark, the St. Louis Cathedral and state museums like Presbytere and Cabildo. Because of its popularity, it is a favorite place for many artists with restaurants and different shops. Don’t miss out some of the recommended tourist spots like the Moon Walk, a boardwalk along the banks of Mississippi River and the Millhouse. 

# 4 New Orleans Museum of Art

Considered as the finest museum in the southern US, New Orleans Museum of Arts it display exhibits from French and American art. They also feature African and Japanese art collection and a variety of exhibitions depending on their themes. The museum also has 60 sculptures displayed in the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden. The garden has beautiful trails that lead to lagoons and soaring oak trees.

# 5 Mardi Gras

A trip to New Orleans will not be complete without going to the Mardi Gras festival. New Orleans is synonymous to Mardi Gras, with festivities that last for two weeks. French settlers introduced the tradition which eventually became one of the most popular city events in the world. Plan your vacation in line with the city’s celebration of Mardi Gras. You can enjoy all day celebrations of parades, all sorts of entertainment and other festivities. French Quarter usually gets packed so plan ahead to get the best seat in town. The party intensifies as the event moves closer to its end. People would celebrate Mardi Gras on their balconies, overlooking the parade and decorated floats.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Home Decors to Get Rid Off|Custom Wood Art You Need To Have in Your Home

Everyone has that vision of a perfect home – cozy, trendy, and most of all clean. But because of design trends every now and then, we might find our homes stuffed with unusual things. To make your home more inviting and more relaxing, it is time to declutter or upgrade to more conventional designs. Here are some of the things to stay away from.

Sleek and flat looking rooms

Over the past few years, modernist interior design tops the list. But modern is almost synonymous to sleek and flat looking rooms. In short, homes may look monotonous and boring. For this year, textures, patterns, or anything that break that blunt design is in. Several designs may include pleat folds and anything that incorporate your personal style. 


Last year, we saw overkill to brass designs. Along with warm metallic counterparts like bronze and copper, brass was a trend back in the 70’s.  We had seen brass incorporated into every kind of furniture we can think of. However, using brass in almost every corner of your home gives out a very ‘stiff’ and industrialized atmosphere. If you went overboard last year with brass designs, it is time to throw some of them. Brass fashion can easily come and go, as long as you don’t go overboard with it, you are good. Rumor has it, that brass will soon make experience revival.

Brushed Metals 

Your main aim should always be the comfort of your home. Trends for this year lean toward textures and comfy feel. Stay away from the industrial look and try to minimize gold accents. Look for shinier metals create a very sophisticated look especially in your kitchens.

Edison bulbs

Edison bulbs are used to complete the industrialized look which was popular last year.  If you have any of these left hanging from your ceiling, get rid of it. Opt for a more fitting lighting in your home. You would want to make your home with a bubblier vibe that will always look inviting. Not something that came out from a science project.

All Whites

Over the years, all white kitchens, laundry rooms, and living rooms graced the front covers of home magazines. It all looks good in the magazine but impractical in the real life, especially if you have children. Cleaning will be a nightmare. Try to break the dull colors with textures, patterns, and accents. For this year, navy is the new black. Incorporate navy colors in some areas of your home to make it look up to date.


DIYs are not really a bad thing but too having too much of it is not always a good thing. Try to do home cleanse, and focus on a few pieces of your DIYs in your home to show your personality. This year is the year for artisans and pieces that show great skills. Visit Carved Lake Art for some of their unique masterpieces of wood carved lakes. They are a great décor that will attract attention because of their high-quality work. Also, Detroit Michigan will be your haven for paintings and artisan works.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How to Decontaminate a Boat|Custom Collectible Wood Art for the Boater in Your Life

Boating is a way of life for most people. Decontamination is a way to preserve life in the open seas. Every boater should know how important decontamination is. Invasive species may latch on the bottom of the boat that may cross another body of water causing an imbalance on the marine life. These species can be a plant, fungus or animal that has a tendency to cause damage to the environment, health and even in the economy. 

It is the sole responsibility of the boaters to decontaminate their boating equipment properly. Doing it right protects the open waters from the devastating effect of invasive species. Safe from their usual predators and disease of their natural habitat these species can cause a devastating effect on other bodies of water. They can reproduce in uncontrollably and can cause problems like:

    significantly decreasing game fish and other native marine life

    break boat engines and may jam steering gear, causing accidents

    increase drinking water operating cost

    can cause diseases

    makes rivers and lakes unsafe for boaters and swimmers

The best way to prevent these things is to stop it from spreading to another body of water. Cleaning is an understatement for it. Decontamination is the only proper way to stop these species invading other areas. With the proper equipment and right products, it is as simple as clean, drain, and dry.

Even if the waters look clear and unpolluted, invasive species may hide under the surface of your boat. They can be as big as mussels and as tiny as a microbe. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Coast Guard recommend the following steps in decontaminating boats. It is very important to do these procedures every time boats come into contact with any body of water. 


    Once docked, remove any visible plants, animals, mud, and dirt from the boat. Check the trailers, boots, fishing tackle, and other equipment that may have come in contact with the water. Tiny invasive species may hitchhike from the dirt and other plant fragments.

   Thoroughly clean boating and fishing equipment including the boat’s cooling system, bilge using hot tap water. If hot is not available then spray the trailers, boats, floats, and anchors with a high-pressure spray.

    In some cases, equipment cannot be exposed to hot water or high-pressure spray. Dipping in in vinegar for at least 20 minutes may do the trick. Another option is to immerse it with a once-percent salt water solution for 24 hours. 

    For pets that cannot resist the water, wash them properly using tap water as soon as possible. They may hide unwanted creatures under their coats.


    Empty waters from jet drives live wells, boat hulls, bait buckets, and motors. It is important to do this on site as doing it somewhere else may contaminate local waters. 

    Do not dump unused bait into the waters even if it was bought from a store near the dock or caught in local waters. They may already be contaminated with other things. Dump it properly into a trash can. 


    It is crucial for the boat and other equipment to dry for a minimum of 5 days before using them again in open waters.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

What to do in Lake Placid|Custom Topographical Wood Art

Lake Placid

Lake Placid has an interesting range of activities for such a small town. Because of its close proximity to the Adirondack Mountains, it offers the most scenic and beautiful views in the region. Look into the towering mountain peaks, forested parks, and crystal clear lakes. Here is a list of places you can visit in Lake Placid. 

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake has a breathtaking view of the Village of Lake Placid. In most days, the reflection of the town can be clearly seen from the lake. The local government does not allow any motorized vessel on the lake so it is always nice to go paddle boarding or kayaking without any distractions. You can enjoy walking along its 2.7 miles path along its shores or hike in its surrounding forests. At the end of the lake is where the held the swimming part of the Ironman Triathlon. 

High Falls Gorge

Just a few miles from Lake Placid and Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort, you can find for impressive waterfalls covering rocks and deep crevices which have carved more than a billion year ago. The perfect way to get closer to this marvelous wonder of nature is a half-hour trail to the Gorge. The trail is made for everyone to enjoy this fantastic view. Traverse through bridges, walk on glass floor walkways and well-paved trails. There is even a wheelchair accessible path which leaves room for everybody to see the waterfalls. During winter, High Falls Gorge has another amazing view with its ice formations.

Mount Jo

Located in the Adirondack in the High Peaks area, Mount Jo stands 2876 feet from the ground. About seven miles from Lake Placid, you can find the beautiful Heart Lake and the historic Adirondack Loj. Enjoy a hike with two trails that lead to the mountain peak. One trail is easy to climb, perfect if you are hauling the whole pack. The other trail is a short and steep ascendant for the more adventurous mind. Autumn season is probably the best time to go in Mount Jo as the forest is teeming with colors and little creatures.

Lake Placid Olympic Museum

Lake Placid is so marvelous that it hosted two Winter Olympics, the only place in North America to do so. The museum marks the both Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980. Inaugurated in 1994, it features the effects of both events to the region. Located in the Olympic Center, the museum exhibits memorabilia and equipment used by the athletes from the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Games. It even hosted the Olympic torch parade during the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. Lake Placid Olympic Museum is a destination itself for your pack, where Lake Placid film forum is held yearly. 

John Brown Farm

For an off the beaten path destination and a little bit of nature trip of the side, John Brown Farm will delight your family. It is the home of John Brown, the Underground Railroad conductor, and insurrectionist who moved to the Adirondack Mountains to free slaves. Unfortunately, he was captured and hanged to death on December 2, 1859, after attacking the US Arsenal at Harper’s Ferry. You can look around and explore the grounds. The farm is still fully furnished with his personal belongings and period furniture. 
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