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Santa Barbara History|Perfect Holiday Presents

We have so many good things to learn about the places we live in today. With these places’ rich history, we can learn more about the past. We could learn more from their mistakes. We can understand how the people before used to enjoy their life. In the case of the history of Santa Barbara, you may not be able to understand its present without digging its past first. You wouldn’t have been able to understand where it is now without studying its history. In addition, you won’t appreciate where it will lead into the future if you don’t know where it came from. In this article, we will try to dig into Santa Barbara’s past to appreciate it today. We will attempt to understand where its culture comes from and why its traditions are still practiced today. Let’s start.

The History

It may be appropriate to start the narrative of Santa Barbara’s history around 13,000 years ago. This is the time when the Native Americans arrived in the land. It’s safe to argue that the Native Americans were the earliest settlers of the land. In their arrival, the vegetation and agricultural landscape of the area changed. It improved. It grew. It expanded. It reached to areas that didn’t get enough farm land.

In the 18th century, the Spanish came into some parts of the Mexico and grabbed the land from the Native Americans. They conquered parts of the land and used them to expand their empire. They used Christianity as a means to gain control over the people. This even got worse when in 1848, the Spanish empire expanded their conquests to parts of California, which include Santa Barbara. In the Mexican War of Independence, United States was able to succeed in getting rid of the Spanish troops and gained control of California and defeating Mexico. The Mexican-American war is also one of the biggest wars in the world that had the highest casualty.

Another important turning point in the history of Santa Barbara happened when dusty groups of small adobes gathered people around the area to dig gold in Santa Barbara. This led to the Gold Rush era of Santa Barbara. During this event, many Victorian-era resorts were built in the region to celebrate the gold rush. It was also at this time when various film productions were produced. There was also the rise of an oil boom town in Santa Barbara because of this.

The Present

The history of the Santa Barbara shaped what it is now. Right now, Santa Barbara is a prime resort destination. Despite the fact that it experienced earthquakes so many times in the past, it is able to rise again and provide a resort destination for everyone. Since in 1812, Santa Barbara is peopled with Europeans and Spanish descent to enjoy leisure and recreation of Santa Barbara’s offerings.


Santa Barbara is indeed a remarkable place to visit for tourists. In this article, we showed to you Santa Barbara’s past in the hopes that you will appreciate the place with greater and deeper depth.

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