Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The History of Monterey Bay|Great Gift Ideas

There’s a rich history behind the formation of Monterey Bay. But where do we start? In this article, we will start the narrative before 1800. Let’s begin.

Essential information about Monterey Bay’s history would have to start with its people. Before 1800, it was the Native Rumsien people who lived in the area. For thousands of years, these people lived in the region even before the Euro-Americans moved into the place. There’s not enough information we know about what the lifestyle of these people is. However, we do know what drew them to live there. One of the big reasons is abundance. There’ so much rich natural resources in Monterey Bay, including fish and wildlife. Living there would guarantee survival to its people. What made Monterey Bay abundant in wildlife is mainly because of its mild weather that’s perfect for vegetation.

Another important historical event in Monterey Bay is when the Spanish Explorer Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo became the first Euro-American to ever see and discover the bay last November 17, 1542. He named the bay Ba Bahla de Los Pinos, which in English translates to Bay of Pines. Sixty years later, around December 1602, it was the explorer Sebastian Vizcaino who became the first European man to ever set foot on the bays shores.

It was then that he renamed it “Monte Rey Bay”, which is in honor of New Spain’s Viceroy who was the one who sponsored him the trip. It was also the viceroy who ordered his exploration. There were even recorded documents verifying that he and his crew of 200 people celebrated the expedition under a large oak tree that overlooks the bay.

In 1776, Spain also named Monterey as the region that would play the capital region of Baja (lower_ and Alta (which is the upper area). It was also the same year that Captain Juan Bautista de Anza was able to arrive from Sonora. These explorers, by the way, were bound to the areas of San Francisco.  It’s also necessary information for people to know the rich history of how Royal Presidio catered to the wives of the explorers. It was in Royal Presidio that the wives created pueblos and raised their families.

Another event in Monterey Bay was in 1818. That year, the effort to destroy Spain’s presence surrounding California was strong. Argentinian revolutionary and privateer named Hipolito Bouchard was the first person who attacked Monterey. After the biggest sea battles and fight in the region, Bouchard was able to claim the Monterey Bay.

After the war, there were developments and changes in Monterey Bay, including an expansion of the Royal Presidio, adding buildings and residential areas, streets and businesses in the region.


The rich history of Monterey Bay makes it one of the places in the world with rich history. With the battles, fights, and achievements that the explorers had experienced in Monterey, it will not be hard to appreciate the historical heritage of the land. In this article, you also learned that there’s still so much to appreciate in Monterey Bay. This article is just a start.