Friday, December 1, 2017

What Can You Do In Newport Beach?|Beautiful Wood Art

Newport Beach is one of the most exciting places to have a weekend. You can see amazing beaches, romantic restaurants, and nature preserves. You have various options with regards to activities. In addition, you can take a walk at the various places and visit the Orange County Museum of Art. You can enjoy a lot in this place. Below are the best things to do in Newport Beach:

  1. Visit Balboa Peninsula

This residential neighborhood contains a lot of events and attractions. Its significant landmark is the Balboa Pavilion. This pavilion is also a marine recreational facility. The peninsula is also a nightlife center with a lot of options when it comes to bars and restaurants. Some of the other attractions include Balboa Pier, Dory Fishing Fleet, Newport Pier, and Balboa Fun Zone. If you are with kids, it is best to visit the Environmental Nature Center and the Balboa Fun Zone.

  1. Go To NewPort Pier

Situated in McFadden Place, this municipal pier is a fabulous place for recreational purposes. It is popular for being able to provide the visitors with a place to dine, fish, and walk.

  1. Check Out Orange County Museum Of Art

This museum centers on the early 20th century art of California up to the present. A top Newport Beach attraction, the museum has a collection of about 3000 objects. These include sculptures, photography, and paintings. Events are also hosted in the place such as children activities and lectures.

  1. Visit Newport Beach

Activities in Newport Beach include biking, volleyball, and walking. In addition, there are water activities such as fishing, swimming, surfing, and boating. You can also go and enjoy the Newport-Balboa Bike Trail that runs for several miles.

  1. Stroll Around Balboa Village

This amusement area is definitely historic. The Ocean Boardwalk can be found here. This is a popular place to stroll and do sight-seeing. It is lined up with various restaurants, activities, and shops.

The shops in Balboa village include boutiques, art galleries, and specialty shops. Restaurants are a variety, from Italian, American, and Japanese, among others.

  1. See The Environmental Nature Center

This center contains a group of about 15 California native plant environments. It boasts of great plant ecosystems (e.g. oak woodland, desert, and fresh water march), wildlife habitats, and walking trails.  

  1. Balboa Fun Zone

This family destination has a beach, boardwalks, restaurants, hotels, and shops. It also has amusement rides such as Ocean Motion, Fish Pipe, Ferris Wheel, Burt the Bull Shark, among others.

  1. Enjoy The Spa At Pelican Hill

This spa boasts of a fitness center, boutique, relaxation lounges, and 22 treatment rooms. Various options are also available here. These include personal training, wellness classes, and spa cuisine. They have saunas, herbal steam rooms, and soaking tubs. Treatments you can avail of include body therapy, advanced aesthetics, massage therapy, reflexology, and deep tissue treatments.  

In Conclusion:

This list is not exclusive. You can definitely find a lot more places in Newport Beach. This spot is a great way to relax during the weekend. It is both for nightlife aficionados and family get-togethers.