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10 Things You Should Do When visiting the Baja Islands | Buy Custom Wood Art

10 Things You Should Do When in visiting the Baja Islands check out Carved Lake Art for the best deals on laser cut wood maps and charts of the lakes, steams, and oceans of the world
The Baja California Peninsula stretches across the west coast of the state of California and Mexico. Even though the islands are located in two countries, most of the habitat, conservation, and ecological issues are shared by both countries.
 The 775-mile island is well known on the planet to house magnificent natural habitats, some of the best diving spot, and produces the exceptional wine. However, the island offers far more than the usual touristy spots, you can also view some of the prehistoric cave paintings, witness the spectacular migratory whales and swim in its pristine waters.  Here is a list of the best 10 things to do when you visit the Baja California Peninsula.

First stop - Balandra

Balandra is one of the main attractions for the Baja Islands. Visiting this place is mandatory for those who want swim in the most pristine waters of the island but with a bonus. The area is a natural habitat for manta rays; they will swim safely away from you as you approach them. Also, Balandra is surrounded by magnificent sand dunes which are completely circular in shape.  It heads out into the Sea of Cortez and the pristine blue water only reaches about the waist level. This is a perfect location to bring your kids as you can effortlessly guide them to cross one side from the other. The sea is even calmer in the bay compared to other places within the island.

Second destination – Cabo Pulmo National Park

The park is situated 60 miles from the renowned city of Cabo San Lucas, north of Baja California Sur. Naturalist and scuba diving aficionados flock this area because of the beautiful reefs that surround the area. During the 20th century, the place was plagued with overfishing and exploitation. Not until it made into a national park that it has recovered from the ecological damages in the past. Now, the Cabo Pulmo National Park houses the oldest of the three reefs within the coast of North America. The said reefs are about 20,000 years old and boast hundreds of flora and fauna.

Third on the list - El Mogote

El mogote is known as a sanctuary for the majestic whale sharks. During the winter months, these creatures flock the area as part of their migratory habits and serves as a nursery for the young whales. Also, mangroves filled the area and a perfect place for boating or kayaking. Bring your loved ones to witness a romantic sunrise or sunset in El Mogote.  El Mogote is located just across the bay from one the flourishing city of La Paz.

Fourth stop – Isla Espiritu Santo

Isla Espiritu Santo is the 12th largest island of Mexico, which means Holy Spirit Island. Many people considered the place to be the most beautiful among other islands in the peninsula. You can spend the day walking in its sandy beaches while enjoying the view full of sea lions and other sea creatures untouched by human hands. You can also explore the waters on board a boat or by kayak and witness the thriving underwater world. It is one of the several islands in the Sea of Cortez that were protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Bioreserves.

Fifth on the list - Laguna de San Ignacio

The recently proclaimed area boasts of sea creatures that visit it every winter seasons. Blue whales, dolphins, turtles and seals make a stop here during their migration to escape the icy cold weather in some places. In the past years, locals who live in the area used to fish and hunts whales as their way of living. They now changed their habits and vowed to protect their local biosphere. The Laguna de San Ignacio remains as the only nursery for the gray whole and is part of the Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino.

Sixth stop - La Ventana

Now, if you like a little bit of adrenaline rush, head straight to La Ventana. Don’t let the small fishing village fool you. The place is known for stronger winds and thrill seekers flocks the area for kite surfing, snorkeling, kayaking and diving.

Seventh on the list – Mulege

Mulege is one of the nature’s marvels in the planet. It is situated in the most parched desert in the world, Mulege is an oasis. The place is located at the foot of a river valley and was blessed with abundance of fruits and vegetables. However, there is another side of Mulege, a dark and somehow peculiar past. Mulege serves as a prison but without bars and facilities to keep inmates inside a fortress. Prisoners were allowed to move around the place and even raise families of their own. It was a time when they were few roads that leads out of Mulege. An escape from the town would only means death to those who wants to escape.

Eight stop - Rock Paintings of Sierra de San Francisco

The island is indeed rich with natural marvels, the Rock Paintings of Sierra de San Francisco is another UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is a mountain range in the city of Mulege; it contains art pictographs of the early settlers of Baja California peninsula. Experts believed that the drawings goes back at least a thousand years old, some considered to go over 7,000 years ago. The markings commonly in red but can sometimes contain black inks shows images of tools, animals, humans and their ancient rituals. Also, experts believed that the Cochimi people, the indigenous inhabitants of the islands made the markings.  There are about 250 caves in El Vizcaino Bioreserves.

Ninth on the list - Todos Santos

The artist in you will surely appreciate Todos Santos, a small town within the Baja California Sur. Locals dubbed the place as Pueblo Magico or magical town because of its contribution as a cultural landmark in the region. Missionaries founded the place during the early 18th century, since then it became a center of arts and crafts. Many artists started to open their galleries, their exhibition in the area and made their home in Todos Santos. The area also serves as a home to beautiful beaches and flourishing agricultural industry, this makes Todos Santos as one of the most popular places in the region.

Last but definitely not the least - Wine course in the Valle de Guadalupe

Missionaries also have a great influence on Valle de Guadalupe as they also founded the place. Back in the days, Spanish colonialists brought grape vines with them. Surprisingly, the vine flourish and the Spaniards banned the production. Many of the missionaries refused to cut down the vines production this made wine production possible until today. The largest production of Mexican wine is in the municipality of Ensenada. The surrounding places also boast their local made wine and you can taste them in one of the local tours offered in the city.

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35 Amazing Facts about the Hawaiian Islands | Buy Custom Wood Maps

“Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace.” - Paul Theroux

Hawaii is indeed is synonymous to paradise, but who doesn’t agree? The island is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches, scenic views, and great history. However, Hawaii is more than a picturesque island, it hides interesting facts about itself. Here are some of the most interesting and fun facts about the island. Just to make sure you know everything about it before heading in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

1.    Hawaii means Hawaiki or “place of the god” or “homeland” in the Proto-Polynesian word.

2.    Hawaii is also known as the “Aloha State” which means “love”, “compassion” and “mercy.” It came from the word alofa, from the Proto-Polynesian language. Locals use the term ‘Aloha’ for saying hello and goodbye. Our charts are beautiful, free shipping, satisfaction is guaranteed
3.    The demigod Maui taught the Hawaiians how to make fire and invented spears. He created a giant fish hook out of the jawbone of his dead grandmother. Hawaiians later named the island of Maui after the demigod.

4.    Submarine or under sea volcanoes that erupted millions of years ago formed the Hawaiian archipelago. Refined, Trendy and Realistic 3D Bathymetric Wood Charts
5.    the Hawaiian Islands sits on top of the biggest mountain range known on the planet, which is mainly submerged under water.

6.    There are three dormant volcanoes in the islands of Hawaii, namely, Mauna Kea (last erupted around 4,000 years ago), Haleakala (last erupted in 1790) and Hualalai (last erupted in 1801).

7.    If measured from its eastern region to the western region, Hawaii is the widest state in the United States.

8.    Hawaii even has its own time zone, called the Hawaiian Standard Time and does not have a daylight savings time. It runs five hours behind the Eastern Standard Time and two hours behind the Pacific Standard Time.

9.    Hawaii is located 2,390 miles from the state of California; 3,850 miles from the country of Japan; 4,900 miles from China and 5,280 from the Philippine archipelago.

10.    On August 20, 1959, the union admitted Hawaii as the 50th state of the United States of America.

11.    Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and the only US President originated from outside of the continental US.

12.    One of the most prominent symbol of Hawaii are flowers. Did you know different flowers and colors use to represent these Hawaiian Islands? Here is the list of flowers and what island they represent:
  • Big Island of Hawaii – Red, Lehua Ohia
  • Kahoolawe – Grey, Hinahina or Beach Heliotrope
  • Kauai – Purple, Mokihana or Green Berry
  • Lanai – Orange Kaunaoa or Yellow and Orange Air Plant
  • Maui – Pink Lokelani or Pink Cottage Rose
  • Molokai – Green, White Kukui Blossom
  • Niihau – White, Pupu Shell
  • Oahu – Yellow,  Ilima

13.    The Hawaiian alphabet only contains 12 letters, A, E, I, O, U (for vowels) and H, K, L, M, N, P, W (for consonants).

14.    The Hawaii State Constitution claimed that any island that does not have any corresponding name belongs to Honolulu. This makes Honolulu the largest city in the world ranging 1,500 miles long.

15.    Honolulu is the 11th largest city in the United States and more than 100 famous beaches surrounds Honolulu.

16.    Meanwhile, the Oahu Island attracts more visitors than any other island in Hawaii. Why? Simply because the best surfing beaches in Hawaii are located on Oahu.

17.    The highest temperature ever recorded in Hawaii is at Honolulu Airport at 96F. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan
18.    Hawaii’s seventh largest inhabited island, Niihau serves as home to 130 residents. They have no cars and no paved roads.

19.    The Lanai is the most secluded Hawaii Island. Refined, Trendy and Realistic 3D Bathymetric Wood Charts
20.    Tourist flock Maui island because of several well-known attractions like the road to Hana, Kaanapali beach, Haleakala Crater, and the old town of Lahaina.

21.    Hawaii is home to the most active volcano, the Kilauea volcano and to the biggest dormant volcano, the Haleakala Crater.

22.    The best diving spot in the world can be found in Halupe Bay in the Kaho’olawe Island. It is also considered as a marine preserve.

23.    The Big Island of Hawaii produces the most macadamia in the world.

24.    In the United States, Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee in the country.

25.    Hawaii also produces one-third of the world’s pineapple supply.

26.    Voyaging Polynesians first discovered the Big Island. It is also the youngest of all the Hawaiian Island with about 800,000 years old.

27.    Hawaii is the only state not geographically located in North America, and the only state that is surrounded by water. The Island of Hawaii is also the only state that does not have a straight line in its boundary.

28.    During the 60's, astronauts used to train on the hardened lava fields on Mauna Loa in preparation for moon voyages.

29.    Hawaii is the only state in the world to have and increasing land area because of constant volcanic eruptions.

30.    There are no racial majorities in Hawaii, everyone belongs to the minority group and most of the population has mixed ethnicitys. Caucasians or "haoles" compose 33% of the total population, Filipino-Americans about 16%, Japanese are around 33% and Chinese-American around 5% of the total people residing on the island.

31.    Mt. Waialeale is the second rainiest place in the world and is located on Kauai Island. The average rainfall per year is at 450 inches. 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps
32.    The hula dance was initially a form of worship for the Hawaiian god Luka. Only highly trained men area allowed to perform hula who supposedly were taught by the god. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan
33.    Hawaiians never felt compelled to diet during the ancient times. Hawaiians believed that the heavier a woman, the more beautiful she becomes.

34.    Every year, park rangers who patrolled the Hawaii National Park received packages from tourist. These packages contain rocks from Kilauea. Senders claim that the rocks offered them bad luck from Pele. Pele is the goddess of lightning, dance, volcanoes, fire and violence.

35.    In 1778, Captain Cook arrived in Hawaii and was greeted as the Hawaiian God, Lono. His party arrived exactly at the same time when Hawaiians were celebrating a sacred festival.  Natives even believed that the ships were floating islands.

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How to Spend Spring Time in Big Bear Lake | Buy Custom Laser Art

Big Bear 

The Big Bear Lake sits about 100 miles from Los Angeles and 90 miles away from Palm Springs. The nearest airport to go to the lake is from Palm Springs. Elevated at 6,000 feet it can present some challenges compared to sea level experience.

Why travel to Big Bear Lake?

Big Bear Lake pacts in recreational activities both for the family and adrenaline junkies who want to get away from the city buzz. The area has the charm of a small town that time forgot, even though the name implies ‘Big’ it’s relatively small and you cannot get lost in it. Its main city center is called ‘The Village’ and it still has cobbled streets, where you can find restaurants, cafes, and other novelty shops. The weather in the area is just perfect for year-round activities that your family will surely enjoy. For most schools, Spring Break falls somewhere in between the end of winter and the start of spring season. Going to Big Bear Lake during this time is perfect for the kids to enjoy a few snow activities like snow tubing, skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. The annual snow falls in the area is at 75 inches, this makes Big Bear Lake popular for ski fanatics.

Here is a list of activities that your family can enjoy in Spring Time

Village Sweet Shoppe

Before heading up to do some activities pack you family with some sugar to fuel their energy. The Village Sweet Shoppe has everything that sweet junkies crave for and for a reasonable price. You can find an assortment of old time favorites and other candies that you can try.  The place is always packed with kids and adults alike. 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps

Zip Lines

For your inner need for speed personality, try zipping at 45 mph. Facilities usually have instructors to guide you on how to do it properly and more importantly, safely. It’s best to get that go-pro out and take some pictures while at it. The ride usually last about 20 seconds so don’t forget to smile and feel the cool breeze. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan

Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

Kids will definitely some action of tubing and sledding in the snow. The two quarter-mile-long concrete tracks will let riders go on a chairlift and travel the course in controlled bobsleds. You may need to sign a waiver for this activity but don’t get disheartened. You get a superb view of the Big Bear Lake from the top. They offer a fast or slow track for you to choose from. Children ages 2 to 6 can ride free but with an adult to supervise them. Our charts are beautiful, free shipping, satisfaction is guaranteed

Big Bear Alpine Zoo At Moonridge

Why go to Big Bear Lake if you won’t see a big bear right? The Big Bear Alpine Zoo is more of a rehabilitation and sanctuary for the animals rather than a zoo. They even raise environmental awareness for visitors. Here you get to see some of the rescued animals they cared for. The best time to go to the zoo is during their feeding time tours. It is when caretakers share some information about the animals.

Bear Mountain

The Mammoth Mountain Ski Area owns the Bear Mountain and one of the popular destinations for snowboarders in the region. It features the only massive pipe in Southern California where snowboarders can practice and show off their stunts. They also have Little Bear for children ages 3 to 7 where professional can teach your little ones snowboarding 101.

Big Bear Lake

Spring is a great way to spend day boating or kayaking. Fortunately, the Big Bear Lake has a number of marinas, where some offers kayak or boat rentals. Other water activities in the lake include jet skiing, paddle boarding, and windsurfing to name a few. If you want to go swimming, you need to go to McGill Swim Beach the only official public swimming location.
Other activities in Big Bear Lake include boating, biking, and fishing. While these activities are tempting, you can just sit back, relax and just do nothing. Spring weather is perfect for lounging in either the shorelines of the lake of in a café enjoying some al fresco snacks.
On the bright side, Big Bear Lake offers activities year-round; the busiest season for the area is during the skiing season. This runs from late December until the last few weeks of February. Another popular time in the area is when they host Oktoberfest.

Champion Lodgepole Pine

To get some fresh air, take the time to stroll through the Champion Lodgepole Pine. It’s a very short and easy hike even for the kids. The hike usually is only about a mile, round trip and most of the trails are covered with forest canopy. The main attraction is the huge Lodgepole Pine that stands in the area. Kids will enjoy exploring the trees and climbing some of the rocks in the area. A great way to enjoy a leisure walk with the family.
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Destination Brooklyn, New York | Buy Topographic Laser Art check out Carved Lake Art for the best deals on laser cut wood maps and charts of the lakes, steams, and oceans of the world
New York is one of the most popular cities of the world. Tourists from most of part of the world travel to New York to see endless possibilities of things that they can do in the city. The city has a lot to offer without an itinerary, one can easily get lost into the marvel of the city while missing some of the iconic places of the Big Apple. Here is the top 15, most iconic and popular destination in the city of New York.

1.    The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is the most iconic symbol of New York and probably in the whole country. The statue was a symbol of alliance between France and gave it as a gift to America. Built in 1886, the Statue of Liberty is also a famous symbol of freedom all over the world. It stands 152 feet tall from the base to the tip of its torch and weighs about 450,000 pounds. It is also the highest and largest statue on the planet located on Liberty Island and is accessible via a short boat ride from Ellis Island. You can get a fantastic view of the New York Harbor and lower Manhattan in just one frame.

2.    Empire State Building

Empire State Building is almost synonymous to the Big Apple itself. Since it opened in 1931, the building topped with mast like became the famous landmark which stands 381 m tall. The 102-storey building was once the tallest building the world. You can view the whole New York from the top of the Empire State Building which has two observatories. One observatory is located on the 86th floor about 1,050 feet and is accessible using high-speed automatic elevators. The glass-enclosed elevator is cooled during the summer months and heated during the winter season. You can view the whole city from the open-air observatory on all four sides of the Empire State Building. The other observatory is on the 102nd floor that is 1,250 feet above the ground. On good weather, you can see up to 80 miles span overlooking the neighboring states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

3.    The High Line

The High Line is the only elevated park in New York and it is one of the popular tourist destinations. In the past years, the High Line is rail track that went out of use during the 80s. In 2009, the place was renovated and the city created a 1.45-mile long landscape from Hudson Yards to the northern part of Chelsea. The park contains beautiful landscape of wildflowers and different plants. People can have the best view of the city while enjoying a leisure walk in the park.

4.    Central Park

Central Park is the heart of the city; it makes NY its unique flair as a beautiful city and not just an urbanized jungle of buildings. Numerous movie and TV shows used Central Park as their settings. The forest within the city boats of green space, Strawberry Fields, the Lake and the Central Park Zoo. During the winter season, it’s a popular destination as a skating venue and paddling during the warmer months.

5.    Metropolitan Museum of Art

In 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art or ‘The Met’ was founded in 1870. The museum showcases at least 2 million of art. The museum also focuses on the architecture and art during the medieval era of Europe. The extensive collections include Egyptian art, American decorative arts, armor, arms, costumes even musical instruments.

6.    Broadway and Shubert Alley

Unleash the artist in you; try to walk in the alley of Broadway and Shubert. It remains as the pride of American theater. Broadway has a long history of world-class performances, and many of Hollywood actors even started on Broadway. It’s best to get tickets for some of the longest running shows and even the latest shows on Broadway.
Meanwhile, Shubert Alley is a famous pedestrian-only destination in the theater district of NY. The well-renowned theaters are located in Shubert Alley. These are the Booth at 22 West 45 Street and Shubert on 221 West 44th Street.

7.    Fifth Avenue

Some of the world’s top designers have their prominent stores located on Fifth Avenue. And the Big Apple is famous for its top class shopping districts. Some of the world class stores include Tiffany, Cartier, Bergdorf-Goodman and the Saks Fifth Avenue. Everyone can find pleasure walking in this prestigious street.

8.    Times Square

Hundreds of films featured Times Square as one of their pivotal settings in the movie. It was initially called as Longacre Square but was named after the New York Times in 1904. The newspaper first posted their headline in the well-renowned moving billboard in 1928. However, it hides a dark side during the Depression when many theaters and business established were forced to close their establishments. Now, tourists flock Times Square to see its massive billboards advertisements and its shopping districts.

9.    New York Public Library

Just like the Times Square, the New York Public Library had gained attention because of numerous films and TV shows that featured the massive library. The library was designed based on Beaux Arts style with the combined effort of architects, Carrere and Hastings. Few only knew its real actual name which is Stephen A Schwartzman Building. The huge library boasts of 10,000 up to date magazines, it expands two city blocks to house such enormous collections.

10.    Brooklyn Bridge

What does Godzilla, Spiderman, and Transformers have in common? It all featured the Brooklyn Bridge as a part of its plot settings. You cannot visit New York without laying eyes on the Brooklyn Bridge. The world famous bridge is the world’s first ever bridge made of steel and completed in 1883. The bridge stretches in the East River of Manhattan. The Brooklyn Bridge inspires some of the prominent songwriters, poets, painters and artists. In 1855, engineer John Roebling designed the bridge and labored every detail of the bridge from the two granite towers to its four suspended steel cables. However, during the construction in 1869, a ferry flattened Roebling’s foot. Three weeks later he died because tetanus and his son, Washington picked up where he left of completing his father’s plan. But then in 1872, Washington was diagnosed with caisson’s disease. The illness left him incapable of seeing, writing and walking abilities.

11.    Wall Street

And lastly, the most prominent place in the business world, Wall Street. Even made popular of the film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, it’s the home of the most important exchanges in the world. Located near the Federal Reserve and Trinity Church, tourist often times look up in some of the notable skyscrapers in the world.

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What to visit on Catalina Island | Buy Nautical Laser Custom Art

Catalina Island 

Santa Catalina Island sometimes called Catalina Island or just Catalina is located in the Gulf of Santa Catalina. The rocky island rests in the state of California which is about 22 miles long and 8 miles wide. It is located approximately 22 miles southwest from Los Angeles, California. Catalina houses Mt. Orizaba which stands 2, 097 feet from the ground and is part of the Channel Islands of California archipelago.
In the early days, Native Americans who called themselves "Pimugnans" or "Pimuvit" called Catalina Island as Pimugna or Pimu. When the first Europeans arrived on the island asserted the area for the Spanish Empire. In the past decades, Mexico claimed the island but later on transferred the rights to the United States. But not until the island was used as a place for otter hunting, gold digging and often times for smuggling. Everything changed in the 1920s when William Wrigley, Jr. developed Catalina Island as a major tourist destination. A few decades later, the Catalina Island Conservancy claimed most of the island making is a sanctuary for most of its parts.
According to the 2010 census, the island is home for the 4,096 residents and 90% of them lived in Avalon, the island’s only incorporated city. Some of the residents live in the other incorporated village of Two Harbors, while the rest of the population are scattered within the island.
Catalina Island is a place which many considered as paradise. It attracts thousands of visitors to see the pristine beaches hidden in the area. Here are some of the places you can visit while on the island. Enjoy!

Descanso Beach Club

The best vacation you can give to your family is going to the Descanso Beach Club. Hidden in a secluded beach cove just behind the Catalina Island Casino, it offers numerous activities and entertainment for you family. It’s a perfect place to enjoy the beach while sitting in some of its cozy loungers. This private beach has fine dining restaurants, bars and you guess it, exciting nightlife.
The beach club offers water activities like snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving. They also have activities for the whole family to get the adrenaline rush going, such as wall climbing and zip lining. If you get tired from all those activities, they even offer beach massages while overlooking a perfect sunset by the beach.

Starlight Beach

 Catalina Island also offers a camping ground for those who like to be close to Mother Nature. Situated on the west end of the island, campers can find a good campground near Parson’s Landing at Starlight Beach. Rocky cliffs surround the north-facing beach and people can only access it using a trail at the back of the cove. Starlight Beach is the endpoint of a backpacking course, the Trans-Catalina Trail. However, the beach is only for day-use only with and does not allow any overnight camping. It’s a popular destination for backpackers who want to end their trek, swimming in its crystal blue water.

Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden

The chewing gum tycoon, and the owner of the largest chewing gum factory in the world, William Wrigley Jr., was the man behind the development of Catalina Island. Thanks to him, the history of the island as a smuggler’s den changed into a popular tourist spot. The Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Garden was built to honor such undertaking. The Catalina Island Conservancy operates the botanical garden which featured numerous endangered species. It spreads across 38 acres of beautiful landscapes and serves as a gateway in the Garden to Sky Trail, one of the most famous hike trails on the island. The Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Garden is located in the Avalon Canyon.

Crescent Avenue

Crescent Avenue is the main commercial center in Avalon. The area is a popular shopping destination for souvenirs and a great place to experience local cuisines. It stretches along Summer, Metropole, Catalina and Crescent Avenue and from the area you can easily navigate to other parts of the island. Try to stroll in each street as they offer different aspects about the island. One famous destination for the kids and kids at heart is Lloyd’s candy shop that sells saltwater taffy since 1934.

Trans-Catalina Trail

This trail travels from the eastern tip to the western end of the Catalina Island. The 37.2-mile trail starts from Avalon and ends in Starlight Beach.  Hikers may need to take a boat back to Two Harbors to catch a boat. This adds another nine miles making the total trek about 46 miles. It’s a great destination for nature buffs as the trail ranges from easy to difficult treks to offer to both intermediate and expert trekkers. The Trans-Catalina Trail comprises of five camping grounds including Parson’s Landing, Little Harbor, and Two Harbors. Hiking permits are mandatory in these parts and you can get one at the Two Harbors Visitor’s Services Office.

Catalina Island Museum

To preserve the cultural heritage of Catalina Island, the museum was funded in 1953. Officials collect, interpret and preserve the rich history of the island. The museum displays exhibits of artifacts that are thousands of years old. It is located in the historic Casino Building in Avalon. Aside from these exhibits, the museum also offers workshops and lecture, they also cater for special events tailored fit for visitors.

Two Harbors

Located about 20 miles from Avalon, Two Harbors is named after Isthmus Cove and Catalina Harbor. It’s a rustic village within the shoreline of Catalina Island. Two Harbors is accessible only via high-speed ferry departing from San Pedro. The area is a great place to spend your vacation as it offers accommodations from cottages, bed, and breakfast to campgrounds. It also has a different variety of restaurants, pubs, and cafes. Also, Two Harbors is one of the popular destinations for water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving. You can also find other recreational activities in Two Harbors. Our charts are beautiful, free shipping, satisfaction is guaranteed

Silver Canyon Pottery

A local from Catalina Island named Robin Cassidy founded the Silver Canyon Pottery in 1988. Cassidy is a famous artist involved in restoring the tiles of downtown Avalon. The iconic tiles were made during the era of 1920 up until 1930. The pottery offers ceramic works and world class dinnerware, figurines, and decorative tiles. The factory also features shows on how they make their famous tiles. A library which contains a wide range of book selection about the island is available for visitors. You can even read the book overlooking the very scenic Catalina Island.
Cherish those memories. Catalina Island is regarded as on of the most romantic places in California. Remember it by placing it near your heart.
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