Thursday, February 13, 2020

Signs you Need a New Boat

Ah boating, nothing beats the sensation of going out in the vast ocean and be welcome with unwavering power of the waves. If you love the open seas, chances are you are also in love with your boat. We know you love your boat as much (or more than some) of your friends. You love to read about the latest trend and lifesaving hacks in boating. And when it comes to searching for this info, you may come across several top boats of the year. We don’t blame you if you compulsively compare these new boats to your old one. 

If you’ve been searching for a new boat, chances are, your well paid for boat outlived its usefulness and you are thinking (hard) of replacing it. Well, if you are reading this, there’s a big chance you want to replace it sooner. You’ve reached what most boaters consider a love and hate situation for their boat. It’s when they know they need to sell, replace their boat soon but don’t want to let it go. Don’t worry we understand you, it’s not just about being cheap or whatever but your boat has grown on you and you’ve been with the greatest adventure of all time

So, we list down the signs you may need to buy a new boat because there will come a time when it becomes more trouble than it’s worth. 

1. It’s been a long time since you’ve been boating 

When you first buy a boat, you want the whole world to know you have one. And you hit the water in every opportunity you have; sharing your new water toy with family and friends. But after a while, life will come knocking on your door, and you spend less and less time boating. Then, your boat got stuck somewhere waiting for overdue and expensive maintenance. 

2. Steering Problems 

Then when you find the time and able to hit the waters, you have steering problems. If your boat isn’t steering properly, then you need major repairs for it. This is an opportunity that it may well be out of your hands than do all these expensive repairs. A new boat won’t have this and you have less hassle going to the repair shop. 

3. You bring more tools than ever 

Okay, so you can once sail again and deal with steering problems, but you’ve noticed that you are bringing more tools than ever. Why? Because you are afraid of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. So why gamble on this problem if you can just have a new boat? You don’t need to compromise safety over your love for your boat. We are sure that your new boat will bring in the same feeling like the old one.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Simple Ways to Make your Bedroom Look Cozy

Your bedroom should be your silent sanctuary after your daily grind. We spend much of our day in our bedrooms so it's worth putting extra effort into making it a warm place to retreat. Whether you are dressing a tiny apartment or a country-style room, there are simple ways of sprucing up the look of your bedroom and making it the coziest place in your home.

1. Clear out the clutter 

You may not notice is, but there is one general rule that every designer and stylist follows – clear out the clutter. It’s like the holy grail of interior designers and it applies to all. Nothing is more frustrating than setting your sight in a messy room at the end of a long and tiring day. Keeping a laundry basket near your bedroom can help a lot in making it look clutter-free. It’s also a better chance that these dirty clothes will make it to the washers. 

Also, make it a habit to fix your bed right after you got out of bed. There’s a reason why the military does this all the time; they make sure to get the right things done first in the morning and everything will just follow. Your future self will thank you every night upon seeing a beautiful bed, perfect for a snuggle.

2. Add plants 

Indoor plants are a great addition to your home, as it filters out toxins in the air and giving out the much-needed oxygen you needed for breathing. Research even backed up this idea, indoor plants can calm your heart, lower your blood pressure, and even reduce muscle tension. Apart from having it aesthetically, plants can also help you overcome stress, feel positive and complete the cozy vibe of your home.

3. Dress up your windows 

Curtains can do so much more than block sunlight from your room. Windows are a key part of any room and is an element of interest. So dressing them up can add drama and elegance to your room. Try hanging your curtain a little higher than usual, even if you have a short window as it will look more interesting.

4. Add some wallpaper accents in your home 

Corners are one of the most overlooked parts of your room. Make a huge impact without having too much of a commitment by adding removable wallpaper. It’s a nice surprise looking at them and it breaks the monotonous of your bedroom. One advantage of buying wallpaper is that if the look gets outdated or you’re just tired of the look, you can easily replace it.

5. Hang an art piece and reveal your side

Your bedroom isn’t just a place of sleep, it should also reflect your personality. It's not just about the design principles, your room should at least show your interest and hobbies. Feel free to express yourself and what a great way to do it than having an art piece. Carved Lake art makes the best wood art pieces in Michigan, check out some of our art pieces here.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Boating Must-haves You Don’t want to Skip

It’s very intimidating to sail in the wide-open seas especially if you are a first-time boater. There are strict guidelines to follow as well as other multitudes of things to bring. Boating accessories are an integral part of boating life. It’s like dressing up for the big game and wearing all the proper attire. But there are several things that you should not in anyway forgo when sailing. 

Whether you are a seasonal sailor, a boating enthusiast, or a new boater, you need to fill your boat with the most essential boating accessories list. Boats have a rather small room for storage so its important that you are creative on how to store these essential accessories with ease of access. Even if you are only gone for a few hours, you need to check on these three things constantly. 

You might be surprised at how small or big the list is but here are some of the top three things you shouldn’t forget- since your safety and for some situations, your life depends on it. 

1. Basic First Aid Kit 

No one knows how to stock on their first aid kit until the situation calls for it. And its really important to be vigilant and prepared in case of emergency. So you need to think thoroughly about what you ‘might’ need in your first aid kit. You should at least think of every possible emergency scenario there is including a stalled boat in the middle of nowhere and at night. Also, you need to know how to apply first aid, even the most basic ones. Help may take at least a couple of hours before it reaches you and your crew, so you need to be prepared beforehand. As any emergency is a matter of life and death, its important to keep your first aid kit in a handy place that is waterproof and with clear markings. 

2. Have A Working Phone Or Marine Radio With You at All Times 

Nature has its temper and weather is all unknowing even for the seasonal boater. You may leave the dock with a clear sky but you might be greeted with thunderstorms and violent winds in the middle of the lake. With the Great Lakes weather, accidents can happen instantaneously or you might need to call for help from local authorities – you never know. Having a working phone or radio is always a must-have for every boater. 

It’s also very helpful to stay tuned in to a marine VHF radio signal just in case to hear in any event of a storm. While every local maritime frequency has its own distress, safety, and calling, you can contact the nearest coast guard using an international 156.800 MHz frequency. 

3. Floating Device 

Any kind of buoyant aid that will help you float like a life jacket, life vest, and throw-able floating equipment can save a life in the vast ocean. It is not just a safety precaution but one that is required by law. And the law requires at least two kinds of floating device on a boat. Having a floating device is all self-explanatory from here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Making Your Home Cozy


Make your outdoor a hangout spot 

An outdoor hangout spot would be an amazing addition to your home. Additions such as chairs and a firepit outside would amp up the feel, atmosphere, and overall look of your home. 

Unique Mirrors 

Hanging up or just simply placing mirrors with cool designs on any plain part of your home, such as above your dresser, can really change up the look of your house. Furthermore, mirrors can give an illusion of more space because of the light it reflects. 

Comfortable Pillows 

We all use pillows for comfort, so why not use it for style as well? Putting pillows that are cool and comfortable will quickly and effortlessly add accents to your home. 

Throw Blankets 

Going with the theme of comfort, adding throw blankets will also add comfort and style to your home. Not only can you put it on your couch for warmth, but you can also stack your coolest blankets on a ladder or a nice woven basket for display and invite your guests to grab one. 


Neat up your bedding 

Ensure that you choose the right bedding to match your whole bedroom. If needed, invest in some expensive sheets for style, coziness, and luxury. 

Hang up unique mirrors 

Placing mirrors on or above any empty space can really give your room personality and style. Additionally, mirrors can give your room an illusion that it is bigger than it actually is. 

Comfortable Pillows 

Cool pillows can give comfort and a great accent to any space. The style of your home can be taken to a new level with comfortable and stylish pillows. 

Large Area Rug 

If your home does not have carpet and has hardwood floors instead, a large area rug will effortlessly and instantly give style and warmth to any area. You can even make the rug your focal point and invest in matching pillows, paint color, and accessories that have the same color or pattern of the rug. 

Themed Photo Collages 

Any home you enter will at least have one or a few pictures portraying memories of themselves or their loved ones. Creating themed photo collages will let you and other people that enter your home who or what is important to you—it also adds a personal and aww-able touch to your home. Make a collage, frame it, and add it to any empty space in your room; whether it be on top of a cabinet, T.V stand or hanging. Add photos from any vacation, family event, or even just selfies.