Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Boating Must-haves You Don’t want to Skip

It’s very intimidating to sail in the wide-open seas especially if you are a first-time boater. There are strict guidelines to follow as well as other multitudes of things to bring. Boating accessories are an integral part of boating life. It’s like dressing up for the big game and wearing all the proper attire. But there are several things that you should not in anyway forgo when sailing. 

Whether you are a seasonal sailor, a boating enthusiast, or a new boater, you need to fill your boat with the most essential boating accessories list. Boats have a rather small room for storage so its important that you are creative on how to store these essential accessories with ease of access. Even if you are only gone for a few hours, you need to check on these three things constantly. 

You might be surprised at how small or big the list is but here are some of the top three things you shouldn’t forget- since your safety and for some situations, your life depends on it. 

1. Basic First Aid Kit 

No one knows how to stock on their first aid kit until the situation calls for it. And its really important to be vigilant and prepared in case of emergency. So you need to think thoroughly about what you ‘might’ need in your first aid kit. You should at least think of every possible emergency scenario there is including a stalled boat in the middle of nowhere and at night. Also, you need to know how to apply first aid, even the most basic ones. Help may take at least a couple of hours before it reaches you and your crew, so you need to be prepared beforehand. As any emergency is a matter of life and death, its important to keep your first aid kit in a handy place that is waterproof and with clear markings. 

2. Have A Working Phone Or Marine Radio With You at All Times 

Nature has its temper and weather is all unknowing even for the seasonal boater. You may leave the dock with a clear sky but you might be greeted with thunderstorms and violent winds in the middle of the lake. With the Great Lakes weather, accidents can happen instantaneously or you might need to call for help from local authorities – you never know. Having a working phone or radio is always a must-have for every boater. 

It’s also very helpful to stay tuned in to a marine VHF radio signal just in case to hear in any event of a storm. While every local maritime frequency has its own distress, safety, and calling, you can contact the nearest coast guard using an international 156.800 MHz frequency. 

3. Floating Device 

Any kind of buoyant aid that will help you float like a life jacket, life vest, and throw-able floating equipment can save a life in the vast ocean. It is not just a safety precaution but one that is required by law. And the law requires at least two kinds of floating device on a boat. Having a floating device is all self-explanatory from here.

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