Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Making Your Home Cozy


Make your outdoor a hangout spot 

An outdoor hangout spot would be an amazing addition to your home. Additions such as chairs and a firepit outside would amp up the feel, atmosphere, and overall look of your home. 

Unique Mirrors 

Hanging up or just simply placing mirrors with cool designs on any plain part of your home, such as above your dresser, can really change up the look of your house. Furthermore, mirrors can give an illusion of more space because of the light it reflects. 

Comfortable Pillows 

We all use pillows for comfort, so why not use it for style as well? Putting pillows that are cool and comfortable will quickly and effortlessly add accents to your home. 

Throw Blankets 

Going with the theme of comfort, adding throw blankets will also add comfort and style to your home. Not only can you put it on your couch for warmth, but you can also stack your coolest blankets on a ladder or a nice woven basket for display and invite your guests to grab one. 


Neat up your bedding 

Ensure that you choose the right bedding to match your whole bedroom. If needed, invest in some expensive sheets for style, coziness, and luxury. 

Hang up unique mirrors 

Placing mirrors on or above any empty space can really give your room personality and style. Additionally, mirrors can give your room an illusion that it is bigger than it actually is. 

Comfortable Pillows 

Cool pillows can give comfort and a great accent to any space. The style of your home can be taken to a new level with comfortable and stylish pillows. 

Large Area Rug 

If your home does not have carpet and has hardwood floors instead, a large area rug will effortlessly and instantly give style and warmth to any area. You can even make the rug your focal point and invest in matching pillows, paint color, and accessories that have the same color or pattern of the rug. 

Themed Photo Collages 

Any home you enter will at least have one or a few pictures portraying memories of themselves or their loved ones. Creating themed photo collages will let you and other people that enter your home who or what is important to you—it also adds a personal and aww-able touch to your home. Make a collage, frame it, and add it to any empty space in your room; whether it be on top of a cabinet, T.V stand or hanging. Add photos from any vacation, family event, or even just selfies. 

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