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Safety Tips when Boating with Pets

Sailing Tips for safety with pets

Your pets are you best friends for life. You would not leave them alone in the house or in someone else’s care while you luxuriously stretch out in your boat off to a perfect vacation. Pets and sailing-boating have something in common- they are both high maintenance hobbies-passions.  Having a pet play Skipper onboard is not impossible. In fact, it can be quite fun to dress them up in their life jackets and Gilligan's Island Hats.  Here are some of the tips to ensure your pet’s safety while sailing:

1.    Prepare your boats for pets

Check your boat before bringing any animals on board, especially for cat owners. Boats are full of tiny holes and openings perfect for your cat to comfortably sit in (no matter how small it may look). Also, make sure the engine compartment is sealed, and close off any holes leading to it, or in it. You would not want to drag your cat out of the engine compartment while afloat..
For cat owners, you may want to add safety nets or ropes around the side of your boat. We all know cats hate water so if they slip or jump overboard, the nets can save you pet’s life. It is also important for cats and dogs to get familiar with your boat. Let them get comfy onboard before sailing.

2.    Pet Safety

Yup! Life jackets do exist for your pets, and it comes in all different sizes and color. Some may even come in bright and vibrant color and a useful handle. You can check your local veterinary store to see if they can order one for you. Dogs can possible go overboard and is advisable for them to wear one. But before you put them on this life jacket, try introducing to them first. For cats, however, the nets are the main safety precaution for them as life jackets can interfere with their mobility.

3.    Get a pet microchip

What’s the worst that can happen when traveling with your pet? Well, authorities can take your pet away from you because of insufficient documentations. How to prevent it? Get pet microchips with their vaccination information. These are the most common requirement in most countries (if you plan going on cross country sailing). You may want to put the boat’s information engrave in your pet’s collar.

4.    Schedule pet potty stops

Pets need to use a bathroom break too! Most cats are trained to use cat litter. You can simply put cat litter on top of a non-slip mat to avoid it getting on the way. Clean it as often as possible so the boat won’t smell something that came out of a toilet. Dogs, on the other hand, can be trained to use newspaper which makes it easier for everybody onboard. But whenever possible, make marina stops a necessary as throwing poop in the open waters are illegal – everywhere in the world.

5.    Keep your pets hydrated

Always keep your pets hydrated. Make sure your pets can hide under a shade or an under an umbrella. Keep them away from the harsh sunlight and keep an eye on your pets.  Prepare a bowl of fresh water beside them and refill it as often as possible.
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5 of the Best Boats in 2017

Boating is a fantastic way to de-stress and rejuvenate in the vitamin sea. Handpicking THE perfect  boat, on the other hand, is a daunting task. Don’t worry here is a list of some of the best boats making rounds for the review. Boating enthusiasts are raving about these boats for this year. While Carved Lake Art doesn't sell boats we do sell THE BEST gifts for boaters on the market. From topographical wood carvings to cribbage boards and clocks.

Four Winns HD 220 OB

The Michigan boat designer decided to leave a hefty room in the new Four Winns HD 220 OB. Much to the delight of boaters who begged to have extra room for their catch of the day, the designer left a bare space where the engine used to be. Four Winns has a larger cockpit and the all fiberglass boat still feels sturdy. The designer does not only incorporate more room into the boat, the company created a setback bracket which reserves of its swim platform. Even the ride of the boat is outstanding with top rev reaching 500 rpm.

Bayliner Element E21

Bayliner has a new mission on the open seas, and that is to create boats that are both affordable and easy to maintain. The new E21 has a deck boat with the dual console and an optional glass windshield. It features a deep transom platform, wing ports, and a starboard. The cockpit is even self-bailing with storage under each of three seat cushions if ever you need additional space on the boat. The best part in the E21 is the battery and battery switch located just below the starboard, just in case you need to reach it. Also, the backrest provides an interesting detail as it contours and curves which make it even more good-looking.

Glastron GT-180

Do you want to explore the open waters for fun? Then Glastron GT-180 is the perfect boat for you. The overall design and finishing touches of the boat just spell fun.  It is also a great boat for the family; it features good handgrips and high coamings perfect for children who would want to come along for a joyride.  If you have teenagers, then give them the keys, it is not too fast as it could only go along a speed of 45 mph, so you don’t need to worry about them cruising in this boat.

Jeanneau New Concept 795

The Jeanneau New Concept 795 is a popular European style boat which idea is imported from French concept of ‘pocket cruiser’. The inside of the boat offers comfortable seats and ergonomic tilt wheel.  It can do wonders on the open waters with its 250 horsepower engine that makes it one powerful boat to drive.

Monterey M45

The Monterey M45 takes pride of its fearless handling and turns even at top speed.  With a powerful engine and a smooth digital throttle and a shift that perfectly fits underhand the Monterey M45 is a popular choice for boating enthusiasts. It has a lot of power for watersports fanatics, perfect for those family adventures vacations. The boat can easily tilt and ready for beaching up and it can also drain rapidly for cold-weather sailing.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Boating Tips that could save your life

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It’s not about how many trips you have, or how much boating experience you have in your life. Accidents can strike any minute and anytime during your boating trip. It is always good to come prepared EVERY time. Here are some of the usual yet most neglected boating safety tips:

1.    Always follow a Pre-Departure checklist

Make sure to follow a pre-departure checklist every time you leave the pier. Your Pre-Departure Checklist should at least include enough life jackets for everyone onboard, sound producing device (horns or whistles), flashlights, and distress signals (flares). You may also want to add tools and spares for your boat, fire extinguishers and fuel.

2.    Know the Weather

The weather is your best ally on the open waters. Always check the conditions of your local weather before and during departure. Tune into radio forecasts because nature can suddenly change its course. If there are any rough changes in the winds or sudden temperature drop, play it safe and get to dry land.

3.    Designate a Second in Command person

Another important part of sailing is to have another assistant Skipper or at least another second in command person onboard. This person must be familiar with all another aspect of the boat operations, and general safety. Make sure that you are not just the only person who knows how to handle your boat. Just in case you got injured (hopefully not) another person can take charge of the boat’s safety and can get everyone back to shore.

4.    Create a Float Plan

Before leaving make sure someone knows your plan in the open waters. You can tell one of your family member or an employee at your local marina your boating itinerary. For your safety, this can include:

  • Boating itinerary
  • The boat registration information and boat type
  • Name, address and contact number of the boating leader
  • Name and contact number of all passengers
  • The communication and signal equipment onboard

5.    Avoid alcohol at all cost

Alcohol and water do not mix in any kind of occasions. The chances of accidents increased ten folds when alcohol is involved during the trip. Alcohol reduces mind logic and you would not want to be on the open seas without proper thinking.

6.    Stay vigilant

Common sense is the most important part of your boating trip, it’s all self-explanatory but it is also the most ignored trait. Common sense sailing means operating at a safe speed particularly in crowded areas, staying alert and keeping clear away from large vessels. Always check watercrafts for since some waterways can be restricted when turning or stopping. Another precaution to take is to check for buoys and other navigational aids. Those are safety measures placed for the safety of all boats and watercrafts.  

7.    Use lifejackets

Most drowning victims are because boaters are not wearing lifejackets. It is important that you stored sufficient life jackets onboard. Make sure these life-saving devices are easily accessible and everyone knows where to get lifejackets. Better yet, fit the lifejackets, make sure each passenger has their own before leaving for the open waters.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

7 Ways to make your house more inviting

How To Make Your Home More Welcoming

  1. Concentrate on your front door, give your entryway an inviting vibe

Give you front door a little touch of color and it will make a big difference to your guest. People look for inviting colors like green or yellow, even a homey feeling of orange.  Add a green plant beside your doorway this will draw eyes and a good conversation starter.  Everyone is a sucker for adorable signs of hello by the door. Also, don’t just say welcome, display it! Or find a quirky sign, like beware of the kids (if you have them). That will surely put a smile on the faces of your guests. 

  1. Experiment with soft textiles.

Go crazy with soft textiles, like plush rugs, floor pillows and soft ottomans. These will make your guest more ‘at home’ feeling. You will even notice their favorite spot whenever they visit. Also, it’s a good set up for movie marathon nights. Pillows and a soft carpet makes an ideal setting for guest coming in with their toddlers (for those unexpected bumps, especially if their babies are learning to walk)

  1. Maximize the use of color and design

A hint of color will draw attention in your house. It’s a simple trick in the book but will do wonders in your home. It pulls the eyes inside your home and it will make your guest wants to go inside and explore more of your home. Try putting beautiful paintings as this adds a little bit fun in sometimes plain wall.

  1. Create a ‘soft’ ambiance and straighten out harsh lines

Straight lines even in modern upholstery can look unnatural and uninviting. The trick here is to create soft lines in between and breaking the corner lines. You can drape your couch with fine sheep wool or a unique shawl. You can even put round rugs and more pillows as this will make your space more personal and inviting.

  1. Personalize one furniture piece in your home

Now, this is fun to do. Concentrate on one piece of furniture you bought from one of your travel or in a popular store. You can personalize it in giving it a reupholstered look using a fun upbeat fabric. This will make your house more like a home and not just a piece from a boring catalogue. Adding some of your favorite color or your favorite piece, you can channel your unique personality into your home. Your guest will definitely remember your home.

  1. Hide your outdated magazines

It may not be aware, but your stacks of bills, outdated newspaper and magazines look like a mess to your guest. Besides, who would want to come in inside a house that looks like an office? One quick fix is all you need. Tuck those clutters away using a box or an ottoman that has a built in storage inside. It is easy to store and easy to get, so it’s a win-win solution for you.

  1. Last but definitely not the least; make sure your home smells terrific!

A nice smelling house means a great house. Or at least make sure it does not smell like rotten eggs. Take a mini-vacation, or some time away from your home, you can smell what your house smells like when you first enter the door. Its smells stuffy get rid of the odor or buy a home deodorizer. An indoor fragrant plan is the best way to fix a smelly house.

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7 Wonderful Places to Visit in Green Bay

  1. The Automobile Gallery

Remember the old days? When cars had dramatic lines, and burgers were brought to you on roller skates? Well, don’t fret you can always go back in time in The Automobile Gallery. The gallery offers a wide variety of vintage cars with an amazing mix of car models from different eras.  The cars are displayed casually which makes it easy to go around and appreciate its vintage beauty.  The recent renovation matches the theme of the museum; it makes the visit worthwhile for the tourists or even with the locals.

If you are lucky, you can even bumped into the owner! He may even tell you about the priceless stories behind each car and their restoration process.

  1. Meyer Theatre

Image result for meyer theatre

If you want to delight your senses, then head on to the Meyer Theatre.  It can hold around 1,000 people and the great thing about Meyer Theatre is that there is no bad seat in the house. So, even if you booked in the last minute, you can still enjoy their show.  The theater is still a great place to enjoy concerts or even watch locally produced plays.

  1. Green Bay Botanical Garden

This 47-acre botanical garden offers a lot more than the display of numerous amazing flowers and plants.  Green Bay Botanical Garden also houses great architectural buildings great for dramatic selfies.

For the Lord of the Rings fans, a trip to Green Bay Botanical Garden is a must. They have their own hobbit house known as The Les & Dar Stumpf Hobbit House. That will save you a huge amount of time from travelling all the way down to New Zealand.  Another great innovation added to The Les & Dar Stumpf Hobbit House are the solar light tubes and water efficient equipment, proving that as their name suggests, they went green.

Green Bay also offers programs like photography, cooking, and even hiking. Don’t miss out the Garden Fair and WPS Garden of Lights event, where you can walk along their creative display of 250,000 lights during the Holiday festivities.

  1. Walk of Legends

For sport fans, particularly football fans (who doesn’t love Football?) The Oneida Nation Walk of Legends in Green Bay is a walk to take. It can make you burn calories, so you feel like you're in "THE GAME" (just kidding)- but you will enjoy the scenery at Green Bay, and perhaps get to know more about the locals.  The Walk of Legends is comprisesdof 24 monuments which immortalize the football history in the area.

  1. Neville Public Museum

A trip to a new destination isn’t complete without a visit to a local museum, especially if you have kids. Neville Public Museum can tell you all about the Northeast Wisconsin history. They have exhibits ranging from ice age to the present day. They also have diverse subject of art, science and their local history.

Neville Public Museum takes pride of their permanent exhibit called “On the Edge of the Inland Sea.” Their objective is to educate visitors about the country’s history as the Great Lakes Region.

  1. National Railroad Museum

Since 1958, The National Railroad Museum preserved the history of railroad travel in the country. Their advocacy leads to a collection of more than 70 engines and train carriages. The kids will surely enjoy the “Thomas the Tank Engine” train tour around the museum. Visitors can watch educational films about the history of railroad travel in the country. They also have an impressive collection of old photographs and other transportation mementos; some are from Hindenburg and Titanic.

  1. Fox River State Recreational Trail

For appreciate the beautiful scenic view of Green Bay, the Fox River State Recreational Trail is highly recommended. It starts in downtown Green Bay area and runs along the Fox River in the northeastern part of Wisconsin.  The popular 20-mile trail goes to the Brown County Line filled with hikers who want to enjoy the Green Bay picturesque view of the Great Lakes Region.

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Grand Traverse Bay Wood Maps

The Leelanau Peninsula in the northwestern area of Lower Peninsula of Michigan formed the Grand Traverse Bay.  From its peak and in the tail part, it measures 32 miles (51 km) long, 10 mi (16km) wide. The deepest part of the bay measures around 620 feet (190 m). The Old Mission Peninsula divides the bay into two parts.
Traverse City is located in the southern part of the bay where the Boardman Rivers exits into the western part. Also, the Grand Traverse has an East and West part. Several significant smaller bays are in the Grand Traverse Bay, namely,
•    Bowers Harbor
•    Northport Bay
•    Old Mission Bay
•    Omena Bay
•    Suttons Bay
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Michigan is the main producer of cherries in the United States. Aside from these the surrounding countryside of the Grand Traverse Bay also produces grapes for Michigan’s wine business. The long stretch of sand means a number of great beaches offer various activities and a popular tourist destination.

Activities near the Grand Traverse Bay include:

  • Swimming in several beaches
  • Boating
  • SUP- Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking

Boating at the Grand Traverse Bay

Grand Traverse Bay contains several smaller bays which surrounds the main bay. The best place to dock a boat is at the Northport Public Marina.  The bay is one of the best places to go boating for an amazing Great Lake vacation.  Grand Traverse is also famous for its golden sand beaches and pristine blue waters.  Anglers can also enjoy the enormous quantities of fish in the bay.

Fish in the Grand Traverse Bay

The size of Grand Traverse Bay offers an ideal way for boating and fishing. The great thing about the lake is that when fierce storms plagued the main lake, one can simply go fishing to smaller lakes nearby.

Fish available in the bay includes:
•    Steelhead
•    walleye
•    coho salmon
•    smallmouth bass (averaging 7 pounds each)

Famous Beaches

The bay offers several surrounding beaches, from the famous tourist spot beaches down to the off beaten path. Here are the well-known beaches in the Grand Traverse Bay.

•    Bryant Park
-    A few minutes away from Traverse City, the Bryant Part sits on the west side and a great way to see the sunset.
•    Clinch Park
-    This beach offers activities such as kayaking, canoe rentals, and paddle boarding.
• West End Beach
-    This beach is known for partying and socializing. It offers several activities including beach volleyballs, a grass field perfect for playing catch.
•    East Bay Park
-    East Bay Park is the shallowest of all the beaches in Grand Traverse Bay. It also has a camping site and a playground for kids to enjoy.
•    Power Island
-    The island is situated about 3.5 miles from Bowers Harbor on Old Mission Peninsula. It has wooded camping sites, hike trails and sandy beaches.
•    Haserot Beach
-    This beach is one of the off beaten tourist destination because people seldom go here. It’s perfect for undisturbed bonding moments with the family.
•    North Bar Lake
-    The famous Sleeping Bear Dunes makes the 40-minute trip from downtown Traverse City worth it. Sand dunes of 400 feet tall adorned the scenic view of the North Bar Lake.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Burt and Mullet Wood Maps

Burt Lake Carved Wood Maps

Carved Wood Maps of Mullet and Burt Lakes in Michigan

Burt Lake is located in Cheboygan Count in Michigan and named after William Austin Burt who made a federal survey from the years 1840 to 1843. The surface of the lake reached up to 17, 120 acre or 69 km2. The lake stretches 10 miles or 16 km from north to south, about 5 miles or 8 km at its widest and 73 feet or 22m at its deepest. The lake serves home to Lake Sturgeon, which temporarily held as the largest sturgeon caught in the United States.

Burt Lake is part of the Inland Waterway. One can ride a boat from Crooked Lake near Petoskey across the northern part of the Lower Peninsula to Cheboygan on Lake Huron. One can find several resorts and camping side along Burt Lake’s location. If you want to just buy our Burt And Mullet Lakes Wood Map here, you can or keep reading for some great info on these fishing havens.

Quick Facts

Area: 69.28 km²
Length: 16 km
Width: 8 km
Surface elevation: 181 m
Outflow location: Indian River

What are activities in Burt Lake?

The most popular activities about Burt Lake comprises of:

•    campground
•    vacation rentals
•     fishing
•    hiking
•    boating
•    cross-country skiing
•    snowmobiling
•    sailing
•    swimming
•     beach
•    state park
•    camping

What are the fishes caught in Burt Lake?

Commonly caught fish in Burt Lakes includes:
•    bass
•    black bass
•     pike
•    rainbow trout
•     brown trout
•    smallmouth bass
•    largemouth bass
•    carp
•    sturgeon
•    sunfish
•    trout
•    muskellunge
•    northern pike
•    yellow perch
•    walleye

Fishing hot spots in Burt Lake are located in Dagwell Point, Colonial Point and Greenman Point. Also, the southern shore of the lake provides, a shelter for fish around the weed lines.

Mullet Lake

The Mullet Lake is located in Cheboygan County in Michigan and named after John Mullet. Mullet along with William Burt made a federal survey of the area between the years 1840 to 1843.

Mullet Lake and its neighboring lake, Burt Lake shares its major inflows from the Indian River. This river also connects the two lakes as well as Pigeon River, Little Pigeon River, and Mullet Creek. The water current of Cheboygan River flows out in the northeastern part of Mullet Lake.

The lake belongs to the Inland Waterway, and once can cross the lake from Crooked Lake about 38 miles or 61 km close to Little Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan. Mullet Lake stretches 10 mi or 16 km long, its widest span is about 4 mi or 6.4 km. The whole surface area of the lake spreads about 16,630 acres or 67.4 km2. Mullet Lake measures 148 ft or 25 m at its deepest.

Quick Facts

Area: 70.25 km²
Length: 16 km
Width: 6.4 km
Surface elevation: 181 m
Outflow location: Cheboygan River

What are activities in Mullet Lake?

The crystal clear water in Mullet Lake provides the best way to walk along its shoreline, go for fishing or cruise along its scenic view. The most popular activities about Mullet Lake comprises of:

•    Kayaking
•    Rafting
•    Fishing
•    boating
•    Pedal-boating
•    Scenic trail
•    Hiking

What Kind of Fish Are Caught in Mullet Lake?

The lake’s clear water makes it easier to reel in fishes. Commonly caught fish in Mullet Lakes includes:
•    bluegill
•    brown bullhead
•    brown trout
•    cisco
•    lake sturgeon
•    muskellunge
•    northern pike
•    pumpkinseed sunfish
•    rainbow trout
•    rock bass
•    smallmouth bass
•    walleye
•    white crappie
•    yellow bullhead
•    yellow perch