Thursday, April 20, 2017

7 Wonderful Places to Visit in Green Bay

  1. The Automobile Gallery

Remember the old days? When cars had dramatic lines, and burgers were brought to you on roller skates? Well, don’t fret you can always go back in time in The Automobile Gallery. The gallery offers a wide variety of vintage cars with an amazing mix of car models from different eras.  The cars are displayed casually which makes it easy to go around and appreciate its vintage beauty.  The recent renovation matches the theme of the museum; it makes the visit worthwhile for the tourists or even with the locals.

If you are lucky, you can even bumped into the owner! He may even tell you about the priceless stories behind each car and their restoration process.

  1. Meyer Theatre

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If you want to delight your senses, then head on to the Meyer Theatre.  It can hold around 1,000 people and the great thing about Meyer Theatre is that there is no bad seat in the house. So, even if you booked in the last minute, you can still enjoy their show.  The theater is still a great place to enjoy concerts or even watch locally produced plays.

  1. Green Bay Botanical Garden

This 47-acre botanical garden offers a lot more than the display of numerous amazing flowers and plants.  Green Bay Botanical Garden also houses great architectural buildings great for dramatic selfies.

For the Lord of the Rings fans, a trip to Green Bay Botanical Garden is a must. They have their own hobbit house known as The Les & Dar Stumpf Hobbit House. That will save you a huge amount of time from travelling all the way down to New Zealand.  Another great innovation added to The Les & Dar Stumpf Hobbit House are the solar light tubes and water efficient equipment, proving that as their name suggests, they went green.

Green Bay also offers programs like photography, cooking, and even hiking. Don’t miss out the Garden Fair and WPS Garden of Lights event, where you can walk along their creative display of 250,000 lights during the Holiday festivities.

  1. Walk of Legends

For sport fans, particularly football fans (who doesn’t love Football?) The Oneida Nation Walk of Legends in Green Bay is a walk to take. It can make you burn calories, so you feel like you're in "THE GAME" (just kidding)- but you will enjoy the scenery at Green Bay, and perhaps get to know more about the locals.  The Walk of Legends is comprisesdof 24 monuments which immortalize the football history in the area.

  1. Neville Public Museum

A trip to a new destination isn’t complete without a visit to a local museum, especially if you have kids. Neville Public Museum can tell you all about the Northeast Wisconsin history. They have exhibits ranging from ice age to the present day. They also have diverse subject of art, science and their local history.

Neville Public Museum takes pride of their permanent exhibit called “On the Edge of the Inland Sea.” Their objective is to educate visitors about the country’s history as the Great Lakes Region.

  1. National Railroad Museum

Since 1958, The National Railroad Museum preserved the history of railroad travel in the country. Their advocacy leads to a collection of more than 70 engines and train carriages. The kids will surely enjoy the “Thomas the Tank Engine” train tour around the museum. Visitors can watch educational films about the history of railroad travel in the country. They also have an impressive collection of old photographs and other transportation mementos; some are from Hindenburg and Titanic.

  1. Fox River State Recreational Trail

For appreciate the beautiful scenic view of Green Bay, the Fox River State Recreational Trail is highly recommended. It starts in downtown Green Bay area and runs along the Fox River in the northeastern part of Wisconsin.  The popular 20-mile trail goes to the Brown County Line filled with hikers who want to enjoy the Green Bay picturesque view of the Great Lakes Region.

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