Friday, April 21, 2017

7 Ways to make your house more inviting

How To Make Your Home More Welcoming

  1. Concentrate on your front door, give your entryway an inviting vibe

Give you front door a little touch of color and it will make a big difference to your guest. People look for inviting colors like green or yellow, even a homey feeling of orange.  Add a green plant beside your doorway this will draw eyes and a good conversation starter.  Everyone is a sucker for adorable signs of hello by the door. Also, don’t just say welcome, display it! Or find a quirky sign, like beware of the kids (if you have them). That will surely put a smile on the faces of your guests. 

  1. Experiment with soft textiles.

Go crazy with soft textiles, like plush rugs, floor pillows and soft ottomans. These will make your guest more ‘at home’ feeling. You will even notice their favorite spot whenever they visit. Also, it’s a good set up for movie marathon nights. Pillows and a soft carpet makes an ideal setting for guest coming in with their toddlers (for those unexpected bumps, especially if their babies are learning to walk)

  1. Maximize the use of color and design

A hint of color will draw attention in your house. It’s a simple trick in the book but will do wonders in your home. It pulls the eyes inside your home and it will make your guest wants to go inside and explore more of your home. Try putting beautiful paintings as this adds a little bit fun in sometimes plain wall.

  1. Create a ‘soft’ ambiance and straighten out harsh lines

Straight lines even in modern upholstery can look unnatural and uninviting. The trick here is to create soft lines in between and breaking the corner lines. You can drape your couch with fine sheep wool or a unique shawl. You can even put round rugs and more pillows as this will make your space more personal and inviting.

  1. Personalize one furniture piece in your home

Now, this is fun to do. Concentrate on one piece of furniture you bought from one of your travel or in a popular store. You can personalize it in giving it a reupholstered look using a fun upbeat fabric. This will make your house more like a home and not just a piece from a boring catalogue. Adding some of your favorite color or your favorite piece, you can channel your unique personality into your home. Your guest will definitely remember your home.

  1. Hide your outdated magazines

It may not be aware, but your stacks of bills, outdated newspaper and magazines look like a mess to your guest. Besides, who would want to come in inside a house that looks like an office? One quick fix is all you need. Tuck those clutters away using a box or an ottoman that has a built in storage inside. It is easy to store and easy to get, so it’s a win-win solution for you.

  1. Last but definitely not the least; make sure your home smells terrific!

A nice smelling house means a great house. Or at least make sure it does not smell like rotten eggs. Take a mini-vacation, or some time away from your home, you can smell what your house smells like when you first enter the door. Its smells stuffy get rid of the odor or buy a home deodorizer. An indoor fragrant plan is the best way to fix a smelly house.

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