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History of San Juan Islands | What Every Boater in your Life Needs

The rich history of the places and events we visit today is easily available to us. We can just go online and learn them. We can search everything in a few single clicks. But, they might not be that accurate. They might not be complete. What you want are the essentials. In this article, we will attempt to indicate some of the useful trivia and facts about San Juan Islands. We will explore them in closer detail, so you have a better appreciation of the place. Let’s start.

The first important historical information about San Juan Islands is the fact that the archaeologists used the term “Gulf of Georgia Culture Area” to refer to the variety of San Juan and the Gulf Islands. In addition, the San Juan Islands today used to be a big part of the highly traditional and ethnocentric Coast Salish group. Linguistically, the islands are unique from its surroundings, but they mainly consist of Klallam, Saanich, Samish and Songhees dialects.

Another important historic event in San Juan islands happened in 1781 when explorations of the Royal Navy ships were launched under the leadership of George Vancouver. There were also explorations led by Charles Wilkes. Despite the challenges in the explorations, the conquistadors were able to expand their conquests.

It may also interest you to know that San Juan is the name given to the islands from the Spanish explorer Francisco de Eliza, who explored the islands and charted them in 1791. Because of this, the name Isla Y Archipelago de San Juan stuck to the islands.

It was also an interesting historical event in San Juan islands when the British government reorganized the region’s official charts. But, this project didn’t go beyond the British territory.

It was also a common occurrence in the history of the San Juan islands to experience a series of diseases. Some of these diseases were caused by the European settlers. One lethal disease brought on by these settlers is smallpox, which was on the rise in the 1770s.

There was also a lot of civil conflicts that happened in the history of San Juan. Most of them didn’t scale enough to merit a significant transformation in the islands. We should also mention here that there are many changes today in the names of San Juan islands because of such conflicts. That said, the name that San Juan Islands retained today is a reminder of how much the islands have gone through.

It’s also a good part of San Juan Islands’ history the rich texture of its culture. Ranging from the stories of the Nooksack in the Northern Straits to the settlement of the Europeans, San Juan remains a vast land of rich heritage.

Summary and Conclusion

It’s safe to assume that San Juan islands remain to be a culture of rich heritage. With the vast texture of its historical backdrop, you can appreciate how this land remains to be one of the prime tourist destinations today.  

Monday, December 18, 2017

Santa Barbara History|Perfect Holiday Presents

We have so many good things to learn about the places we live in today. With these places’ rich history, we can learn more about the past. We could learn more from their mistakes. We can understand how the people before used to enjoy their life. In the case of the history of Santa Barbara, you may not be able to understand its present without digging its past first. You wouldn’t have been able to understand where it is now without studying its history. In addition, you won’t appreciate where it will lead into the future if you don’t know where it came from. In this article, we will try to dig into Santa Barbara’s past to appreciate it today. We will attempt to understand where its culture comes from and why its traditions are still practiced today. Let’s start.

The History

It may be appropriate to start the narrative of Santa Barbara’s history around 13,000 years ago. This is the time when the Native Americans arrived in the land. It’s safe to argue that the Native Americans were the earliest settlers of the land. In their arrival, the vegetation and agricultural landscape of the area changed. It improved. It grew. It expanded. It reached to areas that didn’t get enough farm land.

In the 18th century, the Spanish came into some parts of the Mexico and grabbed the land from the Native Americans. They conquered parts of the land and used them to expand their empire. They used Christianity as a means to gain control over the people. This even got worse when in 1848, the Spanish empire expanded their conquests to parts of California, which include Santa Barbara. In the Mexican War of Independence, United States was able to succeed in getting rid of the Spanish troops and gained control of California and defeating Mexico. The Mexican-American war is also one of the biggest wars in the world that had the highest casualty.

Another important turning point in the history of Santa Barbara happened when dusty groups of small adobes gathered people around the area to dig gold in Santa Barbara. This led to the Gold Rush era of Santa Barbara. During this event, many Victorian-era resorts were built in the region to celebrate the gold rush. It was also at this time when various film productions were produced. There was also the rise of an oil boom town in Santa Barbara because of this.

The Present

The history of the Santa Barbara shaped what it is now. Right now, Santa Barbara is a prime resort destination. Despite the fact that it experienced earthquakes so many times in the past, it is able to rise again and provide a resort destination for everyone. Since in 1812, Santa Barbara is peopled with Europeans and Spanish descent to enjoy leisure and recreation of Santa Barbara’s offerings.


Santa Barbara is indeed a remarkable place to visit for tourists. In this article, we showed to you Santa Barbara’s past in the hopes that you will appreciate the place with greater and deeper depth.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Exciting Things to do in Santa Barbara|Gifts for the Holidays

Santa Barbara: What To Do

There are so many things to do in Santa Barbara. In fact, you may not be able to do them all in one day. You probably need a week. You sometimes even need a month just to enjoy its full pleasures! Everything in Santa Barbara is filled with history. You can appreciate this history by exploring the tourist spots in the area. In this article, we will list down some of the fun things you can do while in Santa Barbara. Let’s start.

1. The Arts

People with taste for the arts will love Santa Barbara. There’s everything for any art lover. Do you like church architecture, designs of forbidden wastelands and old icons? Do you enjoy the various ways that the architects before theorized their art? Visit Santa Barbara now and find out how the artists did their work before.

2.  Santa Barbara Zoo

Another fun thing you can do while in Santa Barbara enjoys the country’s flora and fauna, including the ones that you can find at the Santa Barbara Mission Center. This is the place where the Spanish mission in the region was founded by the priests of the Franciscan order in the present day Santa Barbara.

This place was founded by the great Padre Fermin Lasuen. That said, the zoo you can explore in Santa Barbara is filled with various animals that would reach to about thousands in number. The zoo also features a lot of animal habitats, miniature rides and picnic areas for families.

3.  The Santa Barbara Botanical Garden

This place is one of the best places you can visit in Santa Barbara. With its rich diversity of flora and fauna, it’s not hard to see why this place is a favorite among families. You can explore about 70 acres of native plants in California that will enchant you to your heart’s content. You can also get about 5.5 miles of landscaped paths that could excite you with varioous flora and fauna. You could even experience an authentic Japanese garden here. With its selections of redwood grove and other trees, this place is a special tourist spot for many.

4. Santa Barbara County Countryhouse

This Spanish-based Colonial Style Revival of a courthouse is a special spot for many tourists. With its complex mural rooms and embellishments from Spanish designers, you will enjoy the past Santa Barbara in style and taste. Visit this place and bask in the culture and heritage of the past. Enjoy the architecture. Enjoy the designs. Feel the vibe of what the beauty of heritage can bring.

5. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Another fun thing you can do when you’re in Santa Barbara is to enjoy the Museum of Natural History’s exhibits. The place features all of the wonderful historical artifacts and relics that you couldn’t find elsewhere. There are also landmarks of various cultural art in the region, which includes a planetarium and a butterfly garden that would please even the picky tourists.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The History of Monterey Bay|Great Gift Ideas

There’s a rich history behind the formation of Monterey Bay. But where do we start? In this article, we will start the narrative before 1800. Let’s begin.

Essential information about Monterey Bay’s history would have to start with its people. Before 1800, it was the Native Rumsien people who lived in the area. For thousands of years, these people lived in the region even before the Euro-Americans moved into the place. There’s not enough information we know about what the lifestyle of these people is. However, we do know what drew them to live there. One of the big reasons is abundance. There’ so much rich natural resources in Monterey Bay, including fish and wildlife. Living there would guarantee survival to its people. What made Monterey Bay abundant in wildlife is mainly because of its mild weather that’s perfect for vegetation.

Another important historical event in Monterey Bay is when the Spanish Explorer Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo became the first Euro-American to ever see and discover the bay last November 17, 1542. He named the bay Ba Bahla de Los Pinos, which in English translates to Bay of Pines. Sixty years later, around December 1602, it was the explorer Sebastian Vizcaino who became the first European man to ever set foot on the bays shores.

It was then that he renamed it “Monte Rey Bay”, which is in honor of New Spain’s Viceroy who was the one who sponsored him the trip. It was also the viceroy who ordered his exploration. There were even recorded documents verifying that he and his crew of 200 people celebrated the expedition under a large oak tree that overlooks the bay.

In 1776, Spain also named Monterey as the region that would play the capital region of Baja (lower_ and Alta (which is the upper area). It was also the same year that Captain Juan Bautista de Anza was able to arrive from Sonora. These explorers, by the way, were bound to the areas of San Francisco.  It’s also necessary information for people to know the rich history of how Royal Presidio catered to the wives of the explorers. It was in Royal Presidio that the wives created pueblos and raised their families.

Another event in Monterey Bay was in 1818. That year, the effort to destroy Spain’s presence surrounding California was strong. Argentinian revolutionary and privateer named Hipolito Bouchard was the first person who attacked Monterey. After the biggest sea battles and fight in the region, Bouchard was able to claim the Monterey Bay.

After the war, there were developments and changes in Monterey Bay, including an expansion of the Royal Presidio, adding buildings and residential areas, streets and businesses in the region.


The rich history of Monterey Bay makes it one of the places in the world with rich history. With the battles, fights, and achievements that the explorers had experienced in Monterey, it will not be hard to appreciate the historical heritage of the land. In this article, you also learned that there’s still so much to appreciate in Monterey Bay. This article is just a start.

Monday, December 4, 2017

What To Do In Monterey Bay|Amazing Gift Ideas

Monterey Bay, a great place in California is perfect for long weekends, vacations, and hangouts. It’s a great combination of wildlife, beaches, good wine, natural beauty, and amazing outdoor activities. Make a bucket checklist of what you want to do while visiting area by reading the following below:

Things To Do In Monterey:

  1. Visit The Monterey Bay Aquarium

This aquarium, known for its focus on conservation and education makes it a great sightseeing find. You can view seals and sea otters from the windows. You can also sight special exhibitions such as its cephalopod show. This is definitely a sight worth enjoying. Plus, the great ocean wildlife in the aquariums will surely please your eyes.  

  1. Whale Watching

Fast Raft is a company that lets you watch whales, sea otters, and dolphins through a boat. Sometimes, these animals go up towards the boat.

  1. Wine Tasting

Having one of the greatest views in Monterey, A Taste of Monterey is a wine bar situated near the aquarium. You can have a great taste of wine and relaxing good food.  

  1. Visit Monterey State Historic Park

In 1602, this is the place where the Spaniards first landed. Spanning two miles, the Monterey State Historic Park is filled with historic buildings, walkways, and gardens.

  1. Monterey Bay Kayaking

This is a great way to get close-up views of animals in the wild. It is also an amazing way to explore and know a little bit more about the bay.

  1. Go To Historic Cannery Row

Cannery Row is filled with a multicultural history of various immigrants coming in from Asia and Europe. This place is Monterey’s tourism center. It has a lot of tacky shops to prove that it is worth going to. You can also book a tour by Tom Thomas to get to know the area better.

  1. Seal Watching

It is common to see marine mammals around this area. Harbor seals and sea lions can be found sunbathing on rocks and boats. The best time to see these marine mammals is during the spring. This time of the year is the birthing season. During April, Monterey Peninsula beaches becomes the home these marine mammals and their babies.

Where To Eat:

  1. Peter B’s Brewpub

They provide innovative food and local craft beer that will surely make your stomach burst with joy. This is a great place to go to if you’re searching for a casual place to hang out and eat.

  1. C Restaurant & Bar

This is located inside the Intercontinental Hotel and provides you with a great view of the bay. Food is a hundred percent excellent and will surely make you growl for more.  

In Conclusion:

Monterey Bay is one of the best tourist attractions in California. The place is sure to give you fun-filled memories with your family and friends. It can be a great place to relax and enjoy the midst of life. Visit Monterey Bay now in order to enjoy this great place nature has provided us.

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What Can You Do In Newport Beach?|Beautiful Wood Art

Newport Beach is one of the most exciting places to have a weekend. You can see amazing beaches, romantic restaurants, and nature preserves. You have various options with regards to activities. In addition, you can take a walk at the various places and visit the Orange County Museum of Art. You can enjoy a lot in this place. Below are the best things to do in Newport Beach:

  1. Visit Balboa Peninsula

This residential neighborhood contains a lot of events and attractions. Its significant landmark is the Balboa Pavilion. This pavilion is also a marine recreational facility. The peninsula is also a nightlife center with a lot of options when it comes to bars and restaurants. Some of the other attractions include Balboa Pier, Dory Fishing Fleet, Newport Pier, and Balboa Fun Zone. If you are with kids, it is best to visit the Environmental Nature Center and the Balboa Fun Zone.

  1. Go To NewPort Pier

Situated in McFadden Place, this municipal pier is a fabulous place for recreational purposes. It is popular for being able to provide the visitors with a place to dine, fish, and walk.

  1. Check Out Orange County Museum Of Art

This museum centers on the early 20th century art of California up to the present. A top Newport Beach attraction, the museum has a collection of about 3000 objects. These include sculptures, photography, and paintings. Events are also hosted in the place such as children activities and lectures.

  1. Visit Newport Beach

Activities in Newport Beach include biking, volleyball, and walking. In addition, there are water activities such as fishing, swimming, surfing, and boating. You can also go and enjoy the Newport-Balboa Bike Trail that runs for several miles.

  1. Stroll Around Balboa Village

This amusement area is definitely historic. The Ocean Boardwalk can be found here. This is a popular place to stroll and do sight-seeing. It is lined up with various restaurants, activities, and shops.

The shops in Balboa village include boutiques, art galleries, and specialty shops. Restaurants are a variety, from Italian, American, and Japanese, among others.

  1. See The Environmental Nature Center

This center contains a group of about 15 California native plant environments. It boasts of great plant ecosystems (e.g. oak woodland, desert, and fresh water march), wildlife habitats, and walking trails.  

  1. Balboa Fun Zone

This family destination has a beach, boardwalks, restaurants, hotels, and shops. It also has amusement rides such as Ocean Motion, Fish Pipe, Ferris Wheel, Burt the Bull Shark, among others.

  1. Enjoy The Spa At Pelican Hill

This spa boasts of a fitness center, boutique, relaxation lounges, and 22 treatment rooms. Various options are also available here. These include personal training, wellness classes, and spa cuisine. They have saunas, herbal steam rooms, and soaking tubs. Treatments you can avail of include body therapy, advanced aesthetics, massage therapy, reflexology, and deep tissue treatments.  

In Conclusion:

This list is not exclusive. You can definitely find a lot more places in Newport Beach. This spot is a great way to relax during the weekend. It is both for nightlife aficionados and family get-togethers.