Wednesday, April 26, 2017

5 of the Best Boats in 2017

Boating is a fantastic way to de-stress and rejuvenate in the vitamin sea. Handpicking THE perfect  boat, on the other hand, is a daunting task. Don’t worry here is a list of some of the best boats making rounds for the review. Boating enthusiasts are raving about these boats for this year. While Carved Lake Art doesn't sell boats we do sell THE BEST gifts for boaters on the market. From topographical wood carvings to cribbage boards and clocks.

Four Winns HD 220 OB

The Michigan boat designer decided to leave a hefty room in the new Four Winns HD 220 OB. Much to the delight of boaters who begged to have extra room for their catch of the day, the designer left a bare space where the engine used to be. Four Winns has a larger cockpit and the all fiberglass boat still feels sturdy. The designer does not only incorporate more room into the boat, the company created a setback bracket which reserves of its swim platform. Even the ride of the boat is outstanding with top rev reaching 500 rpm.

Bayliner Element E21

Bayliner has a new mission on the open seas, and that is to create boats that are both affordable and easy to maintain. The new E21 has a deck boat with the dual console and an optional glass windshield. It features a deep transom platform, wing ports, and a starboard. The cockpit is even self-bailing with storage under each of three seat cushions if ever you need additional space on the boat. The best part in the E21 is the battery and battery switch located just below the starboard, just in case you need to reach it. Also, the backrest provides an interesting detail as it contours and curves which make it even more good-looking.

Glastron GT-180

Do you want to explore the open waters for fun? Then Glastron GT-180 is the perfect boat for you. The overall design and finishing touches of the boat just spell fun.  It is also a great boat for the family; it features good handgrips and high coamings perfect for children who would want to come along for a joyride.  If you have teenagers, then give them the keys, it is not too fast as it could only go along a speed of 45 mph, so you don’t need to worry about them cruising in this boat.

Jeanneau New Concept 795

The Jeanneau New Concept 795 is a popular European style boat which idea is imported from French concept of ‘pocket cruiser’. The inside of the boat offers comfortable seats and ergonomic tilt wheel.  It can do wonders on the open waters with its 250 horsepower engine that makes it one powerful boat to drive.

Monterey M45

The Monterey M45 takes pride of its fearless handling and turns even at top speed.  With a powerful engine and a smooth digital throttle and a shift that perfectly fits underhand the Monterey M45 is a popular choice for boating enthusiasts. It has a lot of power for watersports fanatics, perfect for those family adventures vacations. The boat can easily tilt and ready for beaching up and it can also drain rapidly for cold-weather sailing.