Thursday, February 13, 2020

Signs you Need a New Boat

Ah boating, nothing beats the sensation of going out in the vast ocean and be welcome with unwavering power of the waves. If you love the open seas, chances are you are also in love with your boat. We know you love your boat as much (or more than some) of your friends. You love to read about the latest trend and lifesaving hacks in boating. And when it comes to searching for this info, you may come across several top boats of the year. We don’t blame you if you compulsively compare these new boats to your old one. 

If you’ve been searching for a new boat, chances are, your well paid for boat outlived its usefulness and you are thinking (hard) of replacing it. Well, if you are reading this, there’s a big chance you want to replace it sooner. You’ve reached what most boaters consider a love and hate situation for their boat. It’s when they know they need to sell, replace their boat soon but don’t want to let it go. Don’t worry we understand you, it’s not just about being cheap or whatever but your boat has grown on you and you’ve been with the greatest adventure of all time

So, we list down the signs you may need to buy a new boat because there will come a time when it becomes more trouble than it’s worth. 

1. It’s been a long time since you’ve been boating 

When you first buy a boat, you want the whole world to know you have one. And you hit the water in every opportunity you have; sharing your new water toy with family and friends. But after a while, life will come knocking on your door, and you spend less and less time boating. Then, your boat got stuck somewhere waiting for overdue and expensive maintenance. 

2. Steering Problems 

Then when you find the time and able to hit the waters, you have steering problems. If your boat isn’t steering properly, then you need major repairs for it. This is an opportunity that it may well be out of your hands than do all these expensive repairs. A new boat won’t have this and you have less hassle going to the repair shop. 

3. You bring more tools than ever 

Okay, so you can once sail again and deal with steering problems, but you’ve noticed that you are bringing more tools than ever. Why? Because you are afraid of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. So why gamble on this problem if you can just have a new boat? You don’t need to compromise safety over your love for your boat. We are sure that your new boat will bring in the same feeling like the old one.


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