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Lake SKANEATELES History & Things To Do


Lake Skaneateles - Perfect Holiday Spot

The Lake

Lake Skaneateles located 23 miles outside of Syracuse in Onondaga County, is one of the six major Finger Lakes in New York. The lake sits in the heart of the Finger Lakes and was named by the Iroquois and means 'long lake'. The waters of the lake are pristine -- so clean that many local communities rely on it as their main unfiltered water source. The area around the lake is landscaped with protruding cliffs and serene pastures. The lake is 315 feet deep, 16 miles long and one and a half miles wide.
Skaneateles sits at the highest altitude of all of the Finger Lakes and stretches through the counties of Cortland, Cayuga and Onondaga. 

Locals and visitors enjoy scores of activities on the lake including fishing for a variety of species like pike, bass and trout. There are boat and jet ski rental agencies off its shores and excursions and cruises are also available. The lakefront Cliff Park is home to a lovely gazebo where concerts are held during the summer months. There is also a pier that juts out into the lake 500 feet. The pier is a great place for locals and visitors to drop their fishing lines and is also a prime location for photo opportunities.


The Village

The village of Skaneateles was founded in 1833, by Revolutionary War veterans who were awarded grants in exchange for their military service. The uniqueness of the village is seen in the architecture of its historic district where grain and dairy were the main stay for cultivation in 1830. By 1850, industry expanded to cloth and wool, brick, paper, bricks and iron, as well as the production of machinery, carriages, farm equipment, and sleighs. This was followed by industrial construction of sailboats, canoes and motor launches. 

The streets of the village are well kept and fringed with homes of the Neo-Renaissance Revival typical of the 19th Century. Many are historically linked to the Underground Railroad -- interconnected underground routes and residencies used during the 19th century to help slaves reach slave-free states. 

The town also has an assortment of shops and activities to keep visitors busy throughout their stay. There are hillside vineyards that host tours and wine tastings, great hiking trains for the young and old to experienced, museums and galleries, antique and specialty shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars to please everyone's taste and budget. 

Visitors have no problem finding places to stay along lakeside or in the village. Options include renting cottages and cabins, bed and breakfast facilities, five-star hotels and budget motels. Many hotels are located in or near the village center near restaurants and shops. Most offer free parking and Internet access. Historic accommodations include The Sherwood Inn and The Benjamin Porter House. They include private baths, internet and cable televisions and continental breakfast. There are also pet-friendly accommodations like the Skaneateles Suites and Wicher Garden. 

For budget conscious seafood lovers, Doug's Fish Fry serves up tasty shrimp, clams and fried fish, as well as grilled and steamed seafood. The restaurant's menu also includes hotdogs and chicken. The Sherwood Inn adds a touch of class to the fine dining experience and offers an array of menu choices. The Blue Water Grill serves wonderful ambience and delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. 

Many who leave Skaneateles want to take a piece of this wonderful area with them. Wood maps of Lake Skaneateles are the perfect way to take everlasting memories back home. The layout of these maps involves intricate carvings that include the lake as well as additional favorite places and things. This wooden map will tell a story about your stay in a detailed and fascinating way - a way that will be cherished forever.

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