Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Things to Do Near Silver Lake (Traverse City)

Silver lake is an enormous and beautiful lake that sits in the center of Traverse county Michigan. This massive lake, like many of the great lakes, was formed by the melting of glaciers throughout the years. If your wondering how deep is silver lake, The lake spans across 600 acres of land and has an average depth of 23 feet deep with the deepest part of the lake measuring over 90 feet deep. Silverlake is a beautiful sight to see with a lot to offer visitors interested in beautiful scenery and a great time!

History of Silverlake

Silverlake was slowly and gradually formed in the lower terrain of Michigan near the great lakes as glaciers began to melt and create lakes all around the Traverse County region. It joins with the Boardman river to flow into the Grand Traverse Bay near Traverse city. In 1965 a group of residents who owned property around the lake came together and created the Silverlake Improvement Association in an effort to maintain the lake's water quality and protect it from outside pollution. During this improvement there were also wood maps of Silver lake mapping out the entire area containing the lake. Today, the lake is known for its beautiful sights and fun things to do on and around the lake itself.

Things To Do

Aside from the beautiful scenery and views that Silverlake has to offer, there are also tons of activities and recreational things to do there as well. Fishing is particularly popular at Silverlake as it has an abundance of different types of fish. Fish such as perch, bluegill, bass and walleye are all popular residents at Silverlake. Some other fun activities to do at Silverlake include swimming, camping, canoeing. Swimming in the lake is a lot of fun because the water is just the right temperature in the summer months and parts of the lake are rather shallow allowing for smaller kids to enjoy it as well. The lake also has deeper parts to it where people like to dive and rope swing which is always a blast! Camping is also a fun activity that can be enjoyed at Silverlake due to the large amount of land surrounding the lake and sandy beach that encompasses it. Campers like to set up their camp right outside the perimeter of the lake where they can sleep under the stars and cook the fish they caught earlier in the lake over a nice fire. Canoeing is another recreational activity that can be fun to do at Silverlake as well. The calm waters of the vast lake make for a great canoe ride full of peace and tranquility. 

Nearby Landmarks

Nearby landmarks of Silverlake include Traverse city, Manitou pass and the ever famous lake Michigan. Traverse city is famous for its night scene and downtown stip of bars and restaurants. It is also a popular place for tourist's to travel due to its close proximity to Lake Michigan. Another popular landmark near Silverlake is the Manitou pass. The Manitou pass is the, often busy, pass that connects the main land to the Manitou islands. Silverlake is also relatively close to Lake Michigan which attracts more than 3 million out of state visitors during the summer months alone. 

Silverlake is truly a great place to visit and often overlooked. With its beautiful scenery and abundance of recreational activities available, silverlake is the perfect place for anyone to visit and have a great time!

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