Friday, November 29, 2019

Traits of A Great Boater

Although many can work a boat and train to be an experienced sailor, skipper, or a captain, not everyone is able to do an exceptional job doing it. As we know, there are plenty of qualities that are included in being a good boater. However, there are two most important qualities: compassion and calmness amid any circumstances they are faced with. Not only will these qualities be seen on the outside, they can also be influential to those around and inspire everyone on board. 

Other qualities are being able to communicate their expectations and not underestimating what Mother Nature has to offer while ashore. For those who are working in larger boats and ships, whether it may be a boater or a captain, they need to be more hands-on and have good leadership to set an example to their crew. Furthermore, they need to be compassionate about their crew’s wellbeing and make a positive work environment. Here is a list of a good boater’s common traits and qualities. 

Able to communicate with their fellow boater effectively 

An essential quality that a good boater needs is leadership. Having good leadership means being able to strategize and maximize the efficiency of the crew, resulting in good teamwork. A good leader is able to command while still giving motivation to the crew. 

They prioritize teamwork 

Being committed to making sure that there is good working harmony to the crew, makes a good boater. No sailor is able to run the boat alone—boaters need a team with good teamwork to accomplish tasks and safety successfully. For those working on large boats, a good leader would make sure work is divided equally and fairly to the crew. 

Great decision maker 

Many find themselves indecisive when making decisions on their day to day lives; this may be as simple as going out or staying home to eat. However, for a boater, being a good decision maker is one of the most important skill they must acquire. Being able to make decisions quickly is crucial for safety of everyone on board—one wrong decision or any slight misjudgments can run result in tragedies. 

Must be disciplined 

Being disciplined is good for any job or role. However, a good boater must live and breathe discipline. A good boater abides by the rules and regulations for the safety and wellbeing over those on board. For those boarding larger ships, captains must set an example for their crew; discipline is a universal skill that results in respect.

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