Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Long History of Wood Art

For centuries, the wood had fascinated the human mind, with its versatility, durability, and is always full of surprises. Wood is perhaps the oldest if not the most challenging art material artists ever used. It’s quite amazing how wood carvers can turn a log piece of log into an amazing log with just using hammer and chisel. Wood art has a long and rich history. It’s one of the world’s oldest professions and remains highly respected to this day. 

Wood is deemed as a perfect material for groundbreaking art and even experienced artists are astonished how wood can change and dictate how it’s going to be formed. Artists may begin a concept on their mind but during the processed wood, it has its way of making it into something else – an art form worth marveling about. Indeed, wood proved itself as a viable contemporary art material – one that earned its name anything more than a mere craft.

Every woodcarver has its own set of tools and types of machinery to cut, shape and sand wood. But with the emergence of digital tools for fabrication, artists used it as a will for making intricate wood designs. These help them to conceptualize, design and carved each wood. It doesn’t just allow them with the design but it lets them work more efficiently and productively – without compromising its quality. 

There are hundreds of videos available, from DIY frit bowl to sculpting art pieces. With materials showing how artists can make great wood art, more people are getting into this industry. Technology has done a great amount of influence when it comes to wood art. Because of modernism, wood carvers can make intricate designs and somehow pushing beyond the limit of wood versatility. Some tools had been made specifically to make designs that are never been achieved in the past. It only shows how modern technology revolutionized traditional wood carving art. Check some of or intricate map designs and amazing pieces of wood art here. 

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