Wednesday, December 18, 2019

2020 Home Interior Trends

It’s that time of the year when both interior designers and homeowners are clamoring to know all incoming trends for the year 2020. Whether you are looking for inspiration or just want an upgraded look of your home. Scouting for these trends is a must. When it comes to staying on top of the hottest trend next year, it's important to know what’s in, what’s staying and what’s ‘out’. If you are wondering what’s going to be a hit in 2020, then read on and make that change you are wanting to have. 

The minimalist living is on the rise in the past few years, and its showing to chance of slowing down. Influencers and interior designers alike are very much into the idea, now that rents are still going sky high and urban living is part of the essential lifestyle, every space count. What makes minimalism so attractive lies in its very core principle – fewer things means less clean up and more space.

Steer Away from Pink Hues 

As 2019 was all about Indigo hues, 2020 is more like terracotta and brown hues. Hues that mostly resembles earth colors are a big factor in designing homes as people find their way to connect more to nature. Choose earth colors or warmer tones as they embody coziness and warmth. This also includes grays and a limited neutral palette, so choose among warmer, richer browns hues rather than pinks and indigos. These colors can greatly complement timeless hues of whites and grays. 

All About Vintage Pieces 

Modern things can be great, but more people are starting to appreciate the beauty of vintage furniture. There had been a big shift in homeowners wanting more of vintage pieces as it reduces carbon footprint which is great for the planet. Also, these vintage pieces are more valuable as most of them are already considered as antiques. You don’t have to spend that much when buying vintage pieces. All you need is a great eye and an even greater flee market. 

Textures all the way 

Influencers and interior designers cannot stretch more on the greatness of having textures incorporated into your homes. Textures not only break that even and boring design element but they are great in giving depths to your otherwise simple homes. Having textures are not just about getting different kinds of fabric but they also include having accent pillows and walls. 

Having one Great Art Work 

A home won’t be complete without having one focal point in your home. Whether it’s your kitchen, dining, or living room, you need to have at least one great piece of artwork. Artworks are not just only for display but it also says a lot about your personality and your passion in life. How do you call it home if it doesn’t reflect your personality? A great artwork can also add value to your home and can save you an awkward moment just in case someone visited your home for the very first time. It’s the ideal icebreaker and show-stealer. 

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