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5 Most Interesting Trivia about New York | Wood Chart Map Gifts Here!!! Refined, Trendy and Realistic 3D Bathymetric Wood Charts

Coney Island was named after a very famous English resort

During the 1660’s Englishmen dominated New York and Coney Island became their holiday destination during the 1830s and 1840s. They even built a bridge connecting the Coney Island to the main city of New York. Because of the extreme similarities like the southern location, topography, and history, it was named after Brighton, a famous English seaside resort.

Like Brighton resort, the Grand Hotel Brighton and Brighton beach pavilion were built on Coney Island. The hotel patrons were mostly from the upper middle class. The long boardwalk and beach pier was built just like Brighton’s, paying tribute to the Royal Pavilion back in 1783.

Because of efficiency in transportation, like steamship services and carriage road, people of Manhattan, New York, and Brooklyn could easily access Coney Island. It then became a popular tourist destination within the region.

Today, Coney Island continues to be a tourist spot known for its amusement park, seaside resort, and the Ford Amphitheater. 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps

New York is considered as the Hollywood of the East

Before the glamor of Hollywood came to be, the American film industry was based on the east coast during the early thirties. The glitz and glamor of the industry were apparent in the Broadway district of New York.

Theatrical performances attracted the movie industry for its talents and performances. Paramount Pictures, the fifth oldest surviving movie company in the world, based their operations in New York. The world famous studio was built in 1920 and was declared as a national gem in 1978. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan

Wildlife flourish in NYC

New York may be dubbed as the concrete jungle of the west, but wildlife flourishes in the city. An abundance of wildlife thrives in the modern fast track world of NYC. The world’s largest number of peregrine falcons takes refuge on bridges and skyscrapers of NYC. There thousands different species of animals found in city parks. Staten Island houses a huge diversity of wildlife from birds to white-tailed deer, and rabbits. The island serves as home to the world’s largest freshwater turtles. Our charts are beautiful, free shipping, satisfaction is guaranteed

NYC boasts of the first of its kind underground park

NYC's very own underground park is located on Delancey Street in the very heart of Lower East Side in Manhattan and placed in the 1.5 acres of Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal. Called as, “one of the least green areas,” the city of New York aims to create an impact on the world by using forgotten underground spaces.

Named as the Lowline after another successful park called High Line, it converts old unused underground space as another space to for Mother Nature to flourish. The Lowline followed the footsteps of High Line, an elevated public park on a deserted railway in the West Side of Manhattan.

The unused underground space used as a trolley terminal back in 1908. Thanks to the brilliant mind of James Ramsey, and his innovative solar technology, the park was successful. Using his design sunlight can permeate the park making green gardens possible.

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Waldorf Astoria hides a secret train station beneath its floor

The most famous hotel in New York, Waldorf Astoria was built on top of a secret train station named as Track 61. The track serves as an extension of Grand Central Terminal is just a few blocks away from the hotel. Rumor has it, that  Track 61 was built in during the 1930s for the former US President Franklin Roosevelt. Its main purpose is to hide the true condition of his polio disease from the general public. They used to be a train car and lift to provide accommodation for the presidential limousine whenever the former president stays at the hotel.

NYC will have the Tallest Ferris Wheel in the world

The attitude in New York is the bigger the better. NYC will soon be the trending spot for the tallest Ferris wheel in the world once completed. The 630 feet Ferris wheel will be called New York Wheel and will be built in Staten Island. Construction will start sometime in 2018 and will provide tourists the best views of New York Harbor, New York skyline, and the Statue of Liberty. How massive is the wheel? 40 people can comfortably fit in each pod, a total of 1,440 per rotation that will take 38 minutes for the complete ride. It stands on a $7 million construction budget for its LED lighting alone with 3.5 million expected visitors each year.

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