Thursday, September 27, 2018

To live and boat: 5 Best Places to Live, Boat, and Retire

Retirement days are the inevitable harsh truth everyone needs to face. But some people were ahead of the game, retiring like a pro – boater that is. Boating is gaining popularity over the past decades, and rightly so, as boating and the wide open seas revitalize the body and mind. 

There’s no denying that some places are a lot nicer than others either with beautiful scenery or more friendly faces. Some are just too ‘mainstream’ while others serve ideal getaways for those who really wanted peace and quiet. 

When considering livability, convenience, public access, and relaxing sceneries, these are the Top 5 Best Places to Live, Boat, and Retire.

# 5 Long Island, New York (Atlantic Ocean)

Stretching for one hundred miles long, 20 miles wide and this metropolitan area is surrounded by water and a great way to spend the whole day boating. Public and private marinas lined up within its port towns. Most boaters love the South Shore for its rich maritime history and great ocean views. New York is known for its calm bays and inlets opening to the wide open seas. On the North Shore, boaters will see a different kind of scenery, mansions, and few castles perched on high cliffs will greet boaters with along the Long Island Sound. With its great proximity to New England, and few miles away from Rhode Island and Connecticut many boaters usually come here to also see the Lady Liberty and the Yankee Stadium. 

# 4 Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri)

Expanding about 55,000 acres and measuring about 90 miles long within 1,150 miles of shoreline, Lake of the Ozarks remains as one popular boating destination. It’s the largest man-made lake built whose water levels remain stable than other flood-control impoundments. Lots of beginner boaters love how serene and quite the lake appears. 

When Bagnell Dam was constructed on the Osage River in 1931, Lake of the Ozarks had been attracting boaters from all corners of the country. With hundreds of dockside cafes and watering holes, it offers convenience for many boaters as they do not need dry land to enjoy these amenities. The lake features nine public access ramps and dozens of private marinas. Boaters love how lodgings and resorts surrounding the lake provide boat slips and campgrounds offerings speedboats. But the greatest feature of the lake is the 10-mile aquatic trail that leads to a number of natural communities. 

# 3 Chickamauga Lake (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Chattanooga probably has one of the most amazing amenities boaters can have; a serene lake for those who love peace and quiet and the flowing river waters for those who seek a bit of adventure. Even if its built an impoundment of the Tennessee River, this man-made body of water sure feels like a lake due to its 60-mile length. The city’s effort to build the $120 million “21st Century Waterfront Plan” paid off after winning three national awards for outstanding livability. Boaters can start their journey in one of the many boat launch ramps on Chickamauga Lake at Booker T. Washington State Park. There are many picnic sites scattered all over the 353 acres of scenic landscapes. People who love water sports can paddle to their heart’s content as there are many bass boasts, recreational boats, and commercial barges around the lake’s shorelines. Living in this town, boaters always have a choice to boat or to stay dry safely – every day of their retirement days. 

# 2 Green Bay, Lake Michigan (Green Bay, Wisconsin)

From its rich history of trading post where furs and other goods passed by it waters, boating remains a big deal in Green Bay. Dubbed as a small laid back town with big city amenities, Green Bay residents boast of many dining and shopping areas as well as impeccable wineries. The Bay Beach Amusement Park attracts more than a million people each year for as little as 25 cents each ride. Bayshore Park offers a ramp through the Niagara Escarpment and known for its ravaging waters that great for adventuring boaters. The area has great fishing spots and an alleyway for other great bodies of water like the Mackinac Island or Killarney, Ontario.

# 1 Grand Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan

Michigan will not earn its resident’s name as the ‘Lake People’ if don’t love Lake Michigan and its surrounding waterways. Traverse City has this small town charm with all the amenities of a metropolitan city and everything that an avid boater needs and could ask for. Marinas are scattered in most of its parts with easy access bays and launch ramps. They even have a boating access sites that feature launch-and-park facilities. Boaters can shop within the day and dine in the evening before boarding their boat homes to another great destination. Because Traverse City is blessed with the weather-moderating influence of Lake Michigan, it can harvest as much as 360 million pounds of cherries each year. Grand Traverse Bay is always known for its great sceneries, fishing spots, and extensive wine collections. 


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