Thursday, November 15, 2018

What to Know about Monterey

Located in California, Monterey sits on the state’s Central Coast where it stands at about 26 feet or 8 meters above level. The city houses some of the firsts of California like its first public building, first library, first theater, first printing press and so does its first-ever newspaper. This place is so beautiful that it attracted many artists and writers alike, inspired by its charming scenery and natural wonders. 

But what makes Monterey amazing is its abundant fisheries and great wide outdoors. It has the best beaches coastal terrain in the state that every family should explore. If you are thinking of coming here, here is a list of the things you shouldn’t miss in Monterey. 

Monterey State Historic Park 

Start your journey in getting to know more about Monterey’s history and the best place to read it all is no other than Monterey State Historic Park. It has a very unique but beautiful 19th-century brick and adobe buildings. You and your family can even make your own mini trip with its 2-mile self-guided walking tour known as the ‘Path of History’. There are several buildings that are worth visiting because of their historical value to the city. Exploring some of the charming gardens within the path adds another great adventure to this little trip. 

Monterey Bay Aquarium 

If your family wants to see something spectacular, then head straight to Monterey Bay Aquarium where your little ones will be amazed by the many sea creatures they have. Everyone will surely enjoy looking at sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, sea turtles, and hundreds of different fish inside their massive aquariums. Come early to really enjoy the aquariums 45 interactive exhibits featuring birds, fish, reptiles, and many more. They even have feeding area for your little ones to immerse themselves to the marine life. Because of the aquarium’s popularity finding parking might be a challenge but you can park in nearby garages. 

Monterey Museum of Art 

While you are in the city, be sure to see the Monterey Museum of Art. Re-kindle that old spark you have for the love of art and visit this place to see some of the best California contemporary art. They have exhibits showing modern landscape painting as well as photographs. Don’t underestimate this museum as you might capture that perfect post-worthy picture. 

17-Mile Drive 

But if you really love the outdoors but don’t have enough time to traverse all of Monterey Hills, then this 17-Mile Drive will definitely do the trick. The route itself has the most breathtaking views of its beaches while spotting some of the multi-million-dollar homes along its coastline. This drive has its strategic marked points where you can stop of a while and let it all sink in –the scenic views of the ocean, the cool breeze, and the calm feeling of being with nature. Many advised stopping at the Pebble Beach Resorts to see the Pebble Beach Golf Links, the Casa Palmero, and the Inn at Spanish Bay. 

Monterey Jazz Festival 

Most tourists schedule their travel in Monterey when they held their annual Monterey Jazz Festival. The city truly comes alive during these times as it is one of the longest-running jazz festivals in the world which started since 1958. Meet some of the country’s greatest jazz performers, fun usually starts in spring. 

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