Friday, September 22, 2017

Have Fun at Grapevine Texas! 5 Interesting Places You Need to Visit|



Grapevine Texas is known for its old western flair combined with the conveniences of a modern city. Located in North Texas near Dallas and Fort Worth, it’s a popular destination for conferences and a short day tour of the city. Most tourists would rather spend their long DFW layover in Grapevine than to stay at the airport. Who doesn’t? There is a convenient Grapevine Shuttle from DFW airport going to downtown Grapevine. 
But the real event in Grapevine happens during Christmas time. More than 1 million people come to see over 1,400 events in 40 days. Because of its tradition keeping up the Christmas spirit very much alive, it was even named as the Christmas Capital of Texas. Tourists can still visit these attractions all year round.

Grapevine Vintage Railroad 

The Grapevine Vintage Railroads features 1920s railroad carriages. They have daily tours between the historic towns of Grapevine rail station and Fort Worth. Every now and then, they set themes on the train ride which incorporates some of their best known local artists. The train ride may sometimes offer wines from local Grapevine wineries. The North Pole Express is one of their best-featured train rides which everyone in the family will surely enjoy.

Grapevine Botanic Garden 

Tourist would find a sanctuary to unwind in Grapevine Botanic Garden. It a very scenic park which featured well-paved trails with ponds and streams. Some enjoy a quick snack from one of the shady sitting areas. The garden showcases wide varieties of plants that everyone would appreciate.

Grapevine Wineries

As the name implies, one should have taken a hint that the town has one of the best wineries in the region. There are a lot of wineries in Grapevine, as the local really love their wines and very proud to showcase them to tourists. Embark on a wine trail, starting with Homestead Winery. 
Located in a charming 1890s Victorian house they have lovely chocolate wines to wine made from green chilies. Another winery destination is Messina Hof, situated in a 19th-century hotel. They offer over 50 different local wines which are hard not to find your perfect bottle.


Vetro means glass in Italian. For more than a century, Italian artisans discovered the art form of glassblowing. It is a very precise which involves intricate techniques to form and mold hot molten glass. This produces amazing great art glass that still fascinated the world. Today, tourist can witness firsthand how artisans make their art from Vetro. The art center received a national recognition for its works. It has a full-scale working studio and a gallery to feature their works of art.

Historic Downtown Grapevine

The best way to spend the day in Grapevine is to visit its historic downtown. Go back in time in the gorgeous Main Street. The street and storefronts look like frozen in time which takes tourists back in the Wild West. It feels like a setting from an old Hollywood movie where there is still horse-drawn stagecoaches and dirt on the road. Now, the place is lined with wineries, shops, art centers, and restaurants. Do not miss out their Glockenspiel Clock Tower.

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