Friday, September 29, 2017

Home Decors to Get Rid Off|Custom Wood Art You Need To Have in Your Home


Everyone has that vision of a perfect home – cozy, trendy, and most of all clean. But because of design trends every now and then, we might find our homes stuffed with unusual things. To make your home more inviting and more relaxing, it is time to declutter or upgrade to more conventional designs. Here are some of the things to stay away from.

Sleek and flat looking rooms

Over the past few years, modernist interior design tops the list. But modern is almost synonymous to sleek and flat looking rooms. In short, homes may look monotonous and boring. For this year, textures, patterns, or anything that break that blunt design is in. Several designs may include pleat folds and anything that incorporate your personal style. 


Last year, we saw overkill to brass designs. Along with warm metallic counterparts like bronze and copper, brass was a trend back in the 70’s.  We had seen brass incorporated into every kind of furniture we can think of. However, using brass in almost every corner of your home gives out a very ‘stiff’ and industrialized atmosphere. If you went overboard last year with brass designs, it is time to throw some of them. Brass fashion can easily come and go, as long as you don’t go overboard with it, you are good. Rumor has it, that brass will soon make experience revival.

Brushed Metals 

Your main aim should always be the comfort of your home. Trends for this year lean toward textures and comfy feel. Stay away from the industrial look and try to minimize gold accents. Look for shinier metals create a very sophisticated look especially in your kitchens.

Edison bulbs

Edison bulbs are used to complete the industrialized look which was popular last year.  If you have any of these left hanging from your ceiling, get rid of it. Opt for a more fitting lighting in your home. You would want to make your home with a bubblier vibe that will always look inviting. Not something that came out from a science project.

All Whites

Over the years, all white kitchens, laundry rooms, and living rooms graced the front covers of home magazines. It all looks good in the magazine but impractical in the real life, especially if you have children. Cleaning will be a nightmare. Try to break the dull colors with textures, patterns, and accents. For this year, navy is the new black. Incorporate navy colors in some areas of your home to make it look up to date.


DIYs are not really a bad thing but too having too much of it is not always a good thing. Try to do home cleanse, and focus on a few pieces of your DIYs in your home to show your personality. This year is the year for artisans and pieces that show great skills. Visit Carved Lake Art for some of their unique masterpieces of wood carved lakes. They are a great décor that will attract attention because of their high-quality work. Also, Detroit Michigan will be your haven for paintings and artisan works.

Looking for more design inspiration? Look no further! Carved Lake Art offers custom-made topographical wood art that would be a great addition to your home. Here's a 3D Nautical Wood Chart of Cape Cod.

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