Thursday, March 8, 2018

Eleuthera Places to Visit


The very beautiful island of Eleuthera belongs to the archipelagic state of The Commonwealth of Bahama. Derived from the Greek word eleutheros which means “free” forms a part of the Great Bahama Bank. Eleuthera former name was Cigateo back in the 17th century and was always known for its picture-perfect beaches. The eastern part of the island faces the Atlantic Ocean while the western side looks out to the Great Bahama Bank. Famous for its geographical shape that is long and thin, Eleuthera boasts the best pink sand beaches in the world and ancient reefs. Around 11,000 residents call the island their home and its tourism serves as its primary economy.

Haynes Library, Governor's Harbour

For travelers who can’t beat to part with books, or for anyone looking for an off the beaten path destination, make sure to visit Haynes Library. Despite its size, it really amazing to find the library fully and well stocked with great books. With a strong support from the community along with two heroic ladies saved this building from its ruin. The library also offers weekly show discussing the Bahamian history. It’s a quiet place to stop by and just get away from the touristy crowd. They also sell different tourist books and make sure to buy their Eleuthera Jazz souvenir shirts.

Eleuthera Island Farm

Get a full paradise experience and visit Eleuthera Island Farm. The farm is a perfect getaway covered with abundant tropical bushes. It’s a hidden gem in Eleuthera that serves great pasta sauces, jams, jellies, vegetables, fruits, and mouthwatering dips. It’s great for families with little children in tow while getting their famous fresh bread and cinnamon rolls. Be there early as people line up to get their fresh bread. The paradise-like atmosphere makes it even more attractive as one can indulge in this tasty treat while feeling the sand under their feet.

Eleuthera Hill-Top Farms

Another recommended tourist spot on the island is the Eleuthera Hill-Top Farms. Families with smaller children would love to see their fresh produce right from their farm. Just along the Queens highway, they sell quality fresh organic eggs. And yes, it is a real farm that sells their eggs right under the chickens. It’s a nice side trip for families and a good source of freshly made jellies. Tourists are raving about their very juicy and fresh pineapples. The owner can even help you out planning your trip in the island and would love to let the children see their animals. 

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

Another hidden paradise in Eleuthera, Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve houses more than 300 species in its 10.1 hectares of land. Walk around the 3 km trails around its freshwater wetlands, medicinal plant collection, a weather station and even poisonous plants collections. If the information floods you, don’t fret, there are locals who will accompany you to explain the different flora and fauna of the plant preserve. Tour guides are well informed about the different herbs and plants to the many tourists who in this place. This place is a good change from the usual beach hoping in the island. The well-manicured and mapped trail serves as a natural habitat for over 34 species of birds. 

Lighthouse Beach

The Lighthouse Beach in Eleuthera will feed your inner adventurous buff. Most of the people who visited Eleuthera dubbed the Lighthouse Beach as the most beautiful beach on the island. The drive to this place is really quite a challenge and is only accessible using 4-wheel drive vehicle as smaller SUV can’t make it all the way there. Be ready for a rocky and bumpy ride as there are rocks, potholes, and a lot of mud puddles. But the trip will be worth it, the vast stretches of pink sand will greet you as the lighthouse towers over the amazing view. Be sure to bring plenty of water and food as the place is secluded from the usual touristy spots.

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