Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Most Unusual Tourist Spots in Italy

Most tourists sought out Florence, Milan, and Rome, but often missing great hidden gems across the country. There are so many places and events to go to Italy; from its fashion weeks to its magnificent exotic gardens. The top destination in Italy is often riddled with tourists leaving travelers with little appreciation of the place. Here are some of the most unusual tourist spots in Italy portraying the country’s rich culture and history.

Castello di Petoria

A castle located the very center of Italy in the city of Gubbio is the Castello di Petoria. Built during the Middle Ages, it has not changed much throughout the year. Until in 1909 when it was converted to a prestigious hotel and has been hosting thousands of tourists since then. The castle is a perfect place to get away from the outside world and just indulged in the most picturesque view in the world.

Castel Savoia

Overlooking the amazing view of the astonishing view of the nearby Aosta Valley in the north-western part of Italy, Castel Savoia is home to a royal for many years. Queen Margarita made Savoia her official royal home during the 9th century. She fell in love with the beautiful scenery and the privacy she needed. The castle has magnificent gardens filled with different species of beautiful plants. 

Matera, Basilicata

Matera is one of the poorest towns in Italy, if not in the whole Europe about 50 years ago. The place comprises of Sassi or honeycomb cave dwellings that used to house around 20,000 people. But during the 60s, the government cleared the area and had remained derelict ever since. Because it attracts worldwide attention, the once-abandoned place is now filled with hotels, café’s, restaurants and art galleries. 

Erice Castle

Built in the 12th century, Erice Castle would remind you of Rapunzel’s tower because of its location and different levels of towers. Some would often say that Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty inspired the construction of the castle. Nevertheless, its beauty is quite unique and one of the finest fortress built during the era. 

Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio which translates as “the dying town” was built some 2,500 years ago. “A Jewel on the Hill”, as what travelers would describe the place overlooks a very scenic valley. Because of the extreme weather condition is Italy, the town is closed to visitors for most of the year. However, if visiting Italy during the summertime, list this under your itinerary as Civita di Bagnoregio is one of the most unusual tourist spots. Be one of the privileged to see the beautiful side of this town.

Grotte di Castellana

In the southern part of Italy lays one of the most captivating destinations in the country. Over 90 million years old, the Grotte di Castellana has amazing cave systems and rock formations. Gear yourself for 2 miles of walking the hiking trails that will leave you both breathless and in awe. 

Ponte del Diavolo

Ponte del Diavolo or the “Devil’s Bridge” is a very charming stone bridge in the town of Cividale del Friuli. Constructed during the medieval times, it crosses the town over a river. Most locals believed that the bridge contains mystical power and named the bridge after an ancient Tuscan folklore. The bridge stands out from its amazing natural view of Mother Nature, showing its great masonry works. 

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