Thursday, June 14, 2018

Important Monuments in Italy that’s Worth a Visit


One of the most powerful nations of the ancient times and the fascinating country today, Italy helped shaped the modern day European continent. There are hundreds of different ways to know more about the country and each one of them will surely leave a mark in your hearts. Italy has a lot of historical sites still standing today; it’s amazing to think these are the same monuments which the greatest early thinkers built for their nation without any modern technology and machinery to help them. Would it be spectacular to these some of the most important monuments up close in their most preserved form? Luckily, here are some of them which everyone in the family can enjoy when visiting ‘The Boot’ or some may say the land of great history and diversity. 

The Colosseum

When thinking about Rome, the first thing comes to mind to most travelers is The Colosseum. No surprises there, The Colosseum signifies the grandeur of the Roman Empire. It’s the largest amphitheater ever built by the Romans. Built in the 70 AD and with Greek architecture design it used to host gladiator battles, mock sea games, and animal hunts. It’s a direct contrast to the modern day buildings that surround it. 

The Roman Forum

Once the center of the Roman Empire, it was surrounded by different government buildings and a very busy marketplace. Built like a rectangular plaza, its ruins make for one of the most significant monuments in Italy. During the peak of the empire, The Roman Forum was the center of all important government decisions and negotiations, its historical significance is very much incomparable.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is hailed as the best-preserved monument of the ancient Roman Empire. Romans built constructed this place to be used as a temple dedicated to the pagans gods of Rome. What makes this monument so spectacular was its marvelous elegant design and precise architectural proportions despite the absence of modern day technology. Beams of light entering the top of the dome would reflect throughout the Pantheon, its strategic placing of windows still amazes experts to this day. 

Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral is the third largest worldwide. It took a good long six hundred years to complete the infrastructure. The result? It’s one of the most spectacular and majestic buildings in Northern Italy. It’s associated to the Magisterium of the Bishops based on gothic architecture. The sight of the building will leave you breathless in awe. Those six centuries of patiently building and meticulously planning the cathedral really paid off.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

What does not destroy you, strengthens you, or in this case, makes you famous. The Leaning Tower of Pisa became a world sensation for its very obvious flaw. Construction began in the 1100s and started to lean towards ground due to weak foundations. Experts predicted that the tower will completely topple over by the year 2000 but Mother Nature decided not to. Every year, thousands of visitors climbed its steps to get the very scenic view of the whole city. 


During the ancient Roman times, Pompeii was a booming city and an important port in the Mediterranean free trades. But the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius stopped the city on its track from becoming one of the most influential port cities in the world. Under the shadows of the volcano, stand the ruins of the once great city. Today, Pompeii is a modern-day tourist attraction in Italy, where visitors can have a glimpse of the ancient civilization. The ruins of Pompeii are now a UNESCO world heritage site. Visitors can explore the desolate remains of baths, temples, and other artifacts of the city. 

The Vatican

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Pope gradually took over Rome. It was built in memory of the first Pope, St. Peter, it was now a very important destination for Christians all over the world. The Vatican is the center of the Catholic Church, Head of the Roman Catholic Church and serves as a home to the Pope. It houses some of the world’s priceless pieces of art which makes it even more significant. The dome was painted by none other Michelangelo himself that alone is worth a visit to the Vatican. Not to mention, the flamboyant Swiss guards that manage to control the visitors in the vicinity. The St Peter’s Basilica attracts millions of devotees and visitors alike all year round.

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