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Things to do in Wales


The history of Wales began thousands of years ago when Neanderthals first step foot in the country. Homo sapiens arrived in Cymru or Wales about 31,000 BC and the recorded modern human dates from the last ice age era about 9000 BC. Experts consider Wales as one of the significant countries for its ancient discovery of civilizations which dates back from the Mesolithic, Neolithic, and Bronze Age. But like of all Britain, the Celtic Britons and the Brittonic language dominated the country of Wales.

In 43 AD the Romans began their aggressive conquest of Britain, they started their invasion in northeast Wales against the Deceangli. But it’s not until the 79 AD when they regained total control of Wales with their victory against the Ordovices. The Romans retreat from Britain in the 5th century gave way to the Anglo-Saxon invasion in Wales. The largest of these groups, the Welsh people stood as the foundation of the Wales countryside.

Today, Wales is increasingly becoming popular as UK’s most favorite and most beautiful outback destination. Despite its size, it packed with a lot of fun outdoor activities that every family would enjoy.

Ride the Welsh Highland Railway, one of the spectacular train rides in the world

Almost every country has its own railway systems, but the country’s very own railway system is something you wouldn’t miss when visiting the country. Known for its charming green valleys and majestic mountains, the Welsh Highland Railway system is home to some of the oldest and most scenic railways in the entire planet. Many travelers who had been on the trains, claims that it’s the most spectacular ride they had. The journey starts from the Porthmadog station and ending in Blaenau Ffestiniog. It will take travelers to the most beautiful route that runs through the narrow gauge and making its way at the very heart of Snowdonia National Park. It’s hop-on-hop-off, ride so travelers can freely disembark at any of the trailheads, and enjoy a short walk to really enjoy the journey.

Get your gear on and surf the waters of the Gower Peninsula

The Gower Peninsula remains as a very popular destination for Beach lovers and everyone who loves the sea. But the waters of the peninsula attracts most surfers even beginner surfers who want to experience the waves in the region. The area has lots of bays that has swell of waves forming at varying degrees. There are a number of surf communities that offers surf lessons for everyone who wants to be on the water. For adrenaline junkies, the peninsula features vertigo-inducing sea cliffs, rock arches, and hidden coves waiting to be discovered. But for travelers who just want to chill and enjoy the scenery, there are plenty of kayaking and coasteering spots all around the Gower Peninsula.

Discover the most spectacular views at the Wales Coast Path

There really no denying that Wales has one of the most spectacular views on the planet. Dubbed as the most beautiful view in all of UK, the Welsh coast offers an abundance of lush green valleys and majestic cliffs. The 870-mile walk links all the seaside tracks together in Wales, starting from Chepstow in the southeastern region to Queensferry in the North Wales Borderlands. The highlights of the tour are seeing the grand Pembrokeshire coast which looks like a giant chiseled it out from the Atlantic Ocean and the Llŷn Peninsula with views that teeming with wildlife and wild vistas. To celebrate the beauty of the Wales Coast, there are many walking festivals happening each year. Organizers have set a variety of walks to suit every traveler need like experiencing the authentic Welsh cuisine and craft ales.

Be mesmerized with the beauty of Snowdonia

Snowdonia clearly represents the entire Wales scenery, beautiful mountain ranges with lush forestry. Located at the county of Gwynedd, Snowdonia boats of 14 majestic peaks standing at over 3,000 feet high and peeking through the clouds. The most famous of the peaks is perhaps the 3,546-foot Snowdon in which travelers can ride a train to see more of its spectacular view. Snowdonia can be seen as far on the West Coast in the county of Porthmadog. Because of its beauty, the place inspires some of the known legends in the world like King Arthur, who locals insist was Welsh.

Let your imagination soar within the many castles of Wales

Another known fact about Wales is that the regions are teeming with historical castles – where history and myth co-exist, paving the way for many fairy tales like stories of the modern world. Wales houses more than 600 castles with dozens of them in well-preserved conditions. Some of the most famous castles include Harlech, Conwy, Criccieth and of course Caernarfon. Caernarfon Castle was the most extravagant and expensive castles ever built by a king of England.

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