Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Scotland

Life is basic and boring if you go to the same places and take the same pictures as everyone else. After all, Columbus wouldn’t be Columbus, ‘The Explorer’, if he had stuck to the same journey as everyone else again and again, right?

Beyond the classic cities and landscapes, Scotland can offer so much more. With this 10 wonderful destination alternatives, you can explore the less travelled roads of United Kingdom’s northernmost country and discover the country’s hidden wonders. You can be guaranteed with extreme satisfaction with picturesque villages, ethereal natural beauty, a taste of history with historic buildings, art-filled galleries, as well as excellent local restaurants, just to name a few. 

1. Berwickshire is a must-go for quaint coastal town lovers. 

Traveling to Berwickshire will indeed fulfill your pleasantly-old-fashioned heart. This town, which is nestled in the east of the Tweed Valley Forest Park in the Scottish Borders, is an hour away from Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital. Being a historic county, Berwickshire can offer you a relaxing break from the hectic stress that life and the city offers—there are many great outdoor activities such as diving! While staying here, you can enjoy the beauty of quaint towns and villages, stunning country houses, magnificent birdlife, and beautiful sandy beaches sheltered by high cliffs. Doesn’t that sound remarkable? 

2. Cowal Peninsula

If you love the glistering lake, or lochs as Scottish people would say, and high mountains, why not try the Cowal Peninsula? Surrounded by Loch Long an Long Fyne in the west of Scotland, the Cowal Peninsula in Argyll and Bute is a place where you can find stunning scenery. The northern part of the Cowal Peninsula is surrounded by the Argyll Forest Park. Furthermore, the area is only a little over an hour, by car, away from Glasgow, where you can find the fascinating Highlands. Those who love the outdoors, food, and wildlife buffs will have the time of their lives in this peninsula.

3. Lanarkshire, the land of beautiful scenery and outdoor pursuits.

Although the other places we have mentioned above have spectacular views and outdoor activities, nothing can compare to Lanarkshire. Lanarkshire, also known as the County of Lanark, is a historic county in the central lowlands of Scotland. It is important to note that leaving this place, which is sandwiched between Glasgow and Edinburgh, might be a bit hard to leave. Why? Because Lanarkshire offers an abundance of sights to see and activities to do. A round of gold, fascinating historic buildings, two UNESCO World Heritage sites, what more can you possibly ask for?

4. Love pristine and dramatic scenery? Try the Sutherland and Caithness area.

Who doesn’t love pristine and dramatic scenery that looks like it came out of a movie? The Sutherland and Caithness are some of the isolated and least populated parts of the far north of Scotland. However, they offer great amounts of sensational scenery, wonderful wildlife, rich heritage, high mountains, narrow valleys, seascapes, and landscapes. Your holiday in this remote area of Scotland will offer you so much!

5. The small but abundant Cumbrae.

The Isle of Cumbrae or Great Cumbrae is the larger and most accessible of the two islands known as The Cumbraes in western Scotland. The untainted coastline is popular amongst visitors who especially love water sports, cycling, walking, and nature.

6. Nothing beats peaceful walking in beautiful scenery, so go ahead and try the Angus Countryside and Glens. 

If you are one of the many people who enjoy peaceful strolls while enjoying the scenery around you, then the countryside of Angus, which stretches out from the city of Dundee, is the perfect area for you to witness the lush valleys and soft peaks of the Angus Glens. In these areas, you can find endless miles of twisting small roads and paths, which are perfect for walking, cycling, and just enjoying the great outdoors—there are also towns and smaller villages where you are able to experience serenity and interactions with friendly locals. 

7. What about Dumfriesshire?

If you love rolling hills and sandy beaches, then Dumfriesshire might be the perfect place for you! The hilly area of Dumfriesshire has a generous mixture of landscapes, undisturbed lochs, woodland to a rocky coastline, as well as sandy coves. Dumfriesshire, or the County of Dumfries, is situated along the shore of Solway Firth and is an outdoor lover’s ideal haven.

8. Next on the list, Banffshire!

If you love rugged cliffs and an abundant amount of wildlife, it’s a must to pay a visit to Banffshire. With miles of rocky cliffs, sandy bays, and splendid examples of Georgian architecture, the wonderful corner of northeast Scotland, is full of pure artistry.

9. The Shetland Islands, the wonderful archipelago of Scotland. 

Being made up of more than 100 islands, there’s so much more to the Shetland Islands than meets the eye. Each island possesses and shows off their own stunning sceneries, unique heritage, and special characters. With every island you visit, you’ll get a taste of their wealthy archaeological and historic sites as well as a diverse array of flora and fauna—which are distinct to the isles.

10. With East Lothian, you are guaranteed pretty seaside villages and beaches. 

With East Lothian, known for its picturesque countryside and delightful coastline, you’ll never be bored. Although last in the list, with a range of outdoor activities, over 40 miles of coastline, golden beaches, food, some of the world’s finest golf courses, and award-winning attractions, East Lothian is definitely not the least when it comes to wonderful places to visit in Scotland!

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