Monday, August 27, 2018

Saving Mother Nature in simple ways by Using recycled wood crafts in Interior Design

Everyone likes to have a stylish and well-decorated home, but going green and reducing carbon footprint is a proactive decision to make. When designing your own space, allow products and style to be in harmony with their surroundings. To even lessen carbon footprint, use local materials or buy from retailers which use recycled materials. 

Colors are a great source of inspiration, choose a color to paint the exterior of your house, use the same color palette to paint accents corners and blunt spaces in your home. But what could be even better than to reorganize your home and still save some money? Here are some of the best universal tips from interior designers that don’t go out of style.

Harness natural light as much as possible

Sunlight naturally brightens up home, it also provides health dose of Vitamin D that keeps bad moods at bay. Homes with natural light effortlessly become a happier place to live. As you harness natural light in, you reduce your monthly electrical bill. Choose window curtains of light color and fabric, these will let more sunlight to penetrate your home in a subtle way. 

Make more green spaces

Fill your home with the beauty of nature. There is a lot to choose from the most common edible herb gardens to great blossoming flower pots, choices are limitless. Flowers and shrubs can be easy accents to dull corners of your home. They are also great stress relievers and oxygen bombs which freshen up the air. Plants can also remove most toxic smells in your home and can help to maintain temperature. More designers are making efforts in finding ways to incorporate green spaces into homes. Even in high rise urban areas, vertical gardens are now a common sight. 

Give personal touch – lots of it

One rule of interior design which every expert follows is to provide a personal touch as much as possible. Love the seas? Incorporate some woodcrafts into your living room and put sands or seashells in the decorated glass. Can’t get enough of family photos? Hang your photographs from your recent and most memorable family vacations. For better presentations frame these pictures to add accents. To bring nature in, without too much hassle of maintaining them, fill vases with the colors of the season like autumn leaves, mistletoes, or summer flowers. 

Bring the nature inside

For the past few years, elements of nature are the hottest trends of interior design. Anything that connects with nature either natural wood flooring, marble kitchen counters, bamboo accents, even tiny landscapes at home is a trending design of all time. The idea of green space and nature at home offers a space to de-stress. It’s a readily available organic source of calmness and serenity even in tiny urban spaces. 

Incorporate hints of brass, copper, and wood

Hints of metal accents are a big come back in the last few years. From small brass door accents to elaborate wood and metals wall decorations, there are numerous different choices to pick from. These trends will not fade anytime soon, it’s a fun and most budget-friendly way to spice things up in the house. It will give a more elegant look at a fraction of a cost and a big nod to Mother Nature’s finest works of art.

Functional and Multi-purpose wood pieces

With the minimalistic look on the rise, interior designers are creating functional places in most homes. A wall d├ęcor can also be a good work of art as a clock. Or a simple coffee table can be a centerpiece of a conversation starter. When choosing home furnishing, function and style had always dominated the choices. However, with ever changing times, reducing carbon footprint and recycling had been a big thing of the future.

Thinking green

Now more than ever, there’s a call to lessen carbon footprint and incorporating Mother Nature into our homes. Different communities learn to design various home fixtures to have multi-use in most homes. Designers are opting to more sustainable elements of design as much as possible. 

You don’t need fancy and expensive decorations; make use of what really matters – the beauty of nature. Colors of nature make us feel refresh like a paradisal summer vacation, relax like the smell of spring meadows, and long for festive celebrations like the colors of autumn or just stay at home during the coldest of winters. Mother Nature is not just a decoration; it’s the way of life that most of us took for granted. Incorporate that into your home and you would not want to leave it behind. 

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