Wednesday, February 6, 2019

How to Spend your Time in San Juan Island

An archipelago in between Vancouver Island in Canada and Washington in the US, San Juan Island sits in the northwest corner of the US. It has four islands which are all accessible by a ferry operated by the Washington State Ferries system. Located about 60 miles north of Seattle, ‘The City that never sleeps’, and just a few minutes away from Anacortes WA, San Juan Island is a perfect vacation getaway to relax and see all of the Pacific Northwest. 

Most people who visit the island came to enjoy peace and quiet. Tourists love how they can enjoy the island’s natural beauty without crowds. Because despite its proximity to larger cities, San Juan had maintained its serenity and country charm. Aside from its natural beauty, the island’s temperament weather is what keeps tourists coming back for more. San Juan’s temperature rarely goes beyond the 70s or below the 40s all year round, and it doesn’t rain much. So when you are visiting the island expect it to be full of sunshine and almost perfect weather. With that in mind, you can have all the fun and enjoy outdoor activities without worrying too much about the weather, as every day is the perfect day to go out and have fun under the sun in San Juan. 

San Juan is home to the Southern Resident Killer Whales or commonly known as Orca pod, and is also considered as one of the main events of any tour in the island. At least 80 whales in this pod swim the waters of San Juan. To help you list down the things that you can do on the island, here’s a teaser about some of the best things and places to do in San Juan. 

Tour Friday Harbor 

Most tourists catch a passenger ferry from Anacortes that stopped directly into Friday Harbor. This is the perfect time to tour the island on your first day. As the only incorporated town in San Juan, Friday Harbor boasts of many great cafes and restaurants. You can even rent bicycles to explore the entire island to see many scenic wineries, beautiful parks, an alpaca farm, and lots of countryside farms. Be lost in many of its farmer's markets, bookstores, and art galleries. You can even kayak on its sandy beach and whale watch, there tours available in the city that goes out of Friday Harbor on regular basis. 

Have an unforgettable experience in Pelindaba Lavender Farm 

Visiting lavender farms is one of the many great experiences you can have; just taking a sniff of lavender farms can take you to paradise. Kids would love to smell and run in the fields plus you can have an amazing photo op. Explore the fields and buy your heart’s desire at their excellent gift shop full of assortments of lavender products either for personal care or culinary use. 

Don’t miss to whale watch from Lime Kiln Point 

After soaking under the sun, smelled the nicest flowers in the island, its time to treat your eyes with some people considered as the greatest show on earth: whale watching. Aside from seeing them up close on a boat, whale watching from Lime Kiln Point is downright magical. You got to see how an enormous pod of orcas can be. Even without any whale in sight, you can still have a breathtaking view of the island. And visiting Lime Kiln Point would be the perfect place to cap off your journey in San Juan Island

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