Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Santa Barbara: Destinations to Include in your Bucket List

The longest section of the West Coast in the US, Santa Barbara is the county seat of Santa Barbara County. Located between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, it has almost perfect weather, one that is often described as the Mediterranean. Tourists who visited Santa Barbara wants to enjoy the beach and relax. Because the city is gaining the popularity of the past few years, some visitors may find the surprising turn in the island. Santa Barbara boasts the latest trend in fashion on State Street and will set your imagination free with amazing watercolor arts in the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. 

Many considered Santa Barbara as one of the most glamorous towns in California. Lined with beautiful Spanish-style buildings with gorgeous architectural decors, the city has it all from the palm-lined waterfront to scenic mountaintops. When a major earthquake hit Santa Barbara in 1925, it destroyed most of the city. It was then rebuilt in a Spanish Colonial Revival style resulting in the marvelous display of architectural wonders that adorned the city today. 

Families with little children in tow loved how top tourist attractions in Santa Barbara stand within close proximity, making it easy to plan and explore the city with many child-friendly destinations as well. As there are many great tourist spots in Santa Barbara, here are some of the best destination you can tick off your bucket lists. 

Stearns Wharf 

Visiting Stearns Wharf is a great way to start your journey in Santa Barbara. Blessed to have breathtaking views of the sandy beaches and harbor, your views cannot get better than having Santa Ynez Mountain as your backdrop. Founded in 1872, it held the record as the longest deep-water pier between San Francisco and Los Angeles. You and your family can surely enjoy the place lined with great restaurants, two sites of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Treat your kids with some ice cream while enjoying a very relaxing stroll around the pier, don’t forget to try and have a seafood lunch while overlooking the beach. 

Inspiration Port 

Taking a hike at Inspiration Point will definitely clear your mind. As the name implies, it boasts of amazing views that will keep both your heart and mind pounding for joy. There are two ways to get to Inspiration Point, an easy way and a more challenging way to reach the top. If you are a beginner hiker or never tried hiking your life, you may want to start with the Tunnel Trail which is about 3.5-mile hike round trip. The other is called Jesusita Trail and considered to difficult with steep hike and stretches about 7 miles round trip. 

Santa Barbara Museum of Art and Mission Santa Barbara 

You have never been to Santa Barbara if you haven’t visited the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and Mission Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara Museum of Art was recently opened after a massive 5-year renovation project filled with great exhibits and amazing artworks. They had a mix of rotation exhibits as well as a great permanent collection that anyone can appreciate. Meanwhile, the Mission Santa Barbara is the most iconic landmark in the city. Built on 1786 with Franciscan friars still loving today, it has a great historical value to Santa Barbara. Dubbed as the”Queen of the Missions”, it has a very picturesque setting. You may notice that the Mission Santa Barbara has a strong influence on the overall look of the city. 

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