Thursday, March 14, 2019

Reasons to Visit Long Beach Island

Locally known as just LBI, Long Beach Island has been a beach lover’s haven since time immemorial. Spanning for about 18 miles, it boasts of white sand and crystal clear waters. It may have small shore but its towns are teeming with strips of artisan stores, good food, and even greater tourists spots. Long Beach Islands hides many sweet spots for quality family time. Stretching for about 18 miles it has all the summer essentials you want. From touristy spots, action-packed adrenaline rush activities, to hidden gems, LBI has it all. Visitors love how they can surf the amazing waves of the Atlantic Ocean and chill to the calmer waters of the Barnegat Bay. Hailed as the best beach in Jersey’s shore, Long Beach Island is a perfect holiday destination for your family, as it’s less crowded than other famous beaches in New Jersey.

People visit LBI for one reason and one reason only, to enjoy its picture-perfect beaches; all that is raked every day to get its super soft sand that is garbage free. LBI gets a little too busy from Memorial Day until Labor Day if you are not into crowds might as well avoid those times. With miles of sandy beaches, LBI will not disappoint, you can have a perfect spot on the beach no matter where you go. The path to the left of the bridge is often less crowded. Visitors suggest Surf City or Barnegat Light, as these two are considered as hidden gems in Long Beach Island. 

If you are into fishing, then Barnegat Lighthouse State Park will surely delight you as they are a commercial fishing port of Viking Village. You can explore its town along with other local shops for souvenirs to take back home. Then there are the bustling towns of Ship Bottom, Holgate, Brant Beach, and Beach Haven. These towns are the main attraction on the island and host some of the celebrated events during the summer season. But if you are looking for some quality family time, then head straight in the north, to the towns of North Beach, Surf City, Loveladies, and Harvey Cedar. You may find more relaxing and less crowded. 

Few things you need to remember before hitting the waves: 

There are public bathrooms available along the shores of Long Beach Island. They are located at several entrances to the beach. If you can’t find one, municipal buildings or restaurants are considerate enough to let you in. If staying for a few days, its best to rent one of the many private homes near the beach, for your convenience. 

Lifeguards can be found everywhere in Long Beach Islands, as they really take safety seriously. At some point during the year, there are at least 200 lifeguards to keep peace and look after swimmers in Long Beach Island. 

Always check the tides no matter what. Little ones will sure love low tides as they can play along with the shorelines and build sand castles. But be wary of high tides as the waves can kick in. Big kids will definitely come out to play and surf the tides. Also as precautionary, you might want to check if there are rip tides happening anywhere near your locations. These tide formation can devour even the best swimmers in the world. 

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