Friday, May 12, 2017

Best Family-Friendly Beaches in Lake Charlevoix|Wood Maps Of Charlevoix Coast Line

There are a number of great beaches along Lake Charlevoix. Many of these sandy beaches are great for families while some can cater for those who want quiet time with their loved ones.  

Ferry Beach

Families with small children will love Ferry Beach.  The swimming area in the beach slowly deepens making it easy for toddlers to swim and enjoy the calm waves. Compare to Lake Michigan, the water on Ferry Beach is slightly warmer. Ferry Beach is also equipped with a playground, concessions, picnic area and restrooms. The wooded area is paved with trails and very well maintained. You can even cook those perfect barbecues on the sandy beach. Another great thing about the beach is that you won’t have any problems with the parking area, as they have plenty of parking spaces.

Depot Beach

This beach is named after the nearby historic train depot. So if you are coming with your family, you can go on a side trip and check the historic train adjacent in the beach. The old train depot is well maintained and a good way to teach your child a little about of good old history. It marks how people flocked Charlevoix way back in the 1800’s.  It also boasts a wonderful garden near the sandy beach. The park has picnic areas with good tables, playground, grills, volleyball nets, and restrooms.

Young State Park

If you are a boater you will surely love Young State Park. A number of boaters moor offshore and go for a quick dip into the water of Lake Charlevoix. The beach stretches from the northern part of Lake Charlevoix and Boyne City. This 560-acre state park offers a great general store where boaters load up with their supplies and a beautiful camping ground. It’s a family friendly beach where you can hike, bike and run along its sandy beach.   It’s a popular destination for local and tourist alike, and you may need to have reservations during peak times.

Fisherman's Island State Park

If you have outdoorsy teenagers and you want them to experience rustic camping, (or simply go camping), Fisherman’s Island State Park is your best bet. The beach is an off the beaten road destination but you will find the pristine water more welcoming. There sites where you have a direct access to the water. Be careful though, some of the parts in the beach are too deep and rough for you to swim in. Don’t worry if you can have too much fun in the water, you can always find superb Petoskey stones along its sandy shores.

Petoskey Stone Hunting – an added bonus in Charlevoix beaches! Happy hunting!

Petoskey stones are fossilized corals from 350 million years ago when Michigan when the open sea still flooded the whole state (or country).  Many people believed that the Charlevoix beaches are the best place to find them. If you are lucky you can find a Petoskey stones dating way back more than 300 million years ago. You can spot them easily because they have a hexagonal pattern. The stones are more visible when wet and a few yards away from the water. Don’t overload that bucket! Only 5 gallons are allowed for each person.  It’s really fun (more of an exercise) finding a Petoskey stone but you can also buy them in Charlevoix, Traverse and Petoskey City gifts shops.
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