Monday, May 15, 2017

Exciting Activities from Lake Mendota to Lake Monona|Buy Topographical Maps For Both

There are several different ways to spend your time in these lake regions. But I would suggest rent a bike first and go around the lake region with it. You’ll be able to get the vibe of the city if you want to explore something, it easy to get back to it. Here is a list of must dos whenever you visit the city or cities.

Go Biking and experience the first Bike elevator

You can start at Olin-Turville Park where you can get stunning views of the 12-mile bike ride. This course will take you to more scenic lake views and old-fashion neighborhoods in the area. But please, do stop around the mile 7 mark to stretch your legs and grab some ice cream at the famous Monona Bait & Ice Cream Shop. When you are done with the course, take your bike at the Monona Terrace to experience the first bike elevator. Just go to the east side of the building and it can accommodate up to three bikes. This will take you from the lake level to the street level. Don’t worry Madison is one of the bike friendly cities in the country.

‘Hail’ (Take) a Water Taxi

Bummer- no cool video-- go and shoot one!

If you want to be in the water but don’t want to get wet then take a water taxi. The Edgewater open its first water taxi which served a ferry between the Memorial Union Terrace and the Edgewater Pier. There are even water boats for Happy Hour cruises and private events. But for now, you can just get off from the water taxi and head on to Memorial Union Terrace.

Memorial Union Terrace

This had a very uni-vibe during the warm season. The scenic view from the park is just amazing with several seats. Cafes and restaurants lined the area where you get something to eat paired with a great beer. Memorial Union Terrace serves as a great place to just relax and unwind for the rest of the day. Different people from all ages flock the area to hang around. There’s ice cream for the kids and beer for adults to indulge in. Because is a popular place, it can get pretty crowded if the weather allows for the sun to come out. Also, activities from swimming to paddle boards are available in the area.

Visit Capitol Square on Saturdays to experience Farmer’s, Market

**This video is awesome because it shows people jumping during a protest-- just watch it :)

Every tourist must visit the Capitol building. The place is a great are to take a walk and see some familiar sights. You can also grab something eat.  Restos lined up in the place for locals and tourist to get some of their best tasting delicacies. But if you want to make your visit worthwhile, try to come on Saturdays. They held their weekly Farmer’s market within the Capitol area. Here you can buy, sample and eat the local produce, the best way to taste their authentic cuisine.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Some people say that Lake Monona is calmer than Lake Mendota. The best place to watch the lake is from Olbrich Botanical Gardens. You can just spend the day here contemplating or play Frisbee and volleyball with your kids. You can also rent a bike and go around the course for a couple of times before sitting in one of the best seats to view the lake.
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