Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Festivities and Sights near Lake Huron|Buy Wood Nautical Charts

One of the Great Lakes, Lake Huron rests in between the borders of Canada and the United States. It divides the state of New York and Ontario. This article will show you some of the off path destinations in Ontario.

If you are looking for drama, (theatrical drama that is), then head on to this village in southwest Ontario. The Blyth Centre for the Arts is located in a rural Huron County. It celebrates theater at its finest year-round. You can get several amazing performances as the showcase student exhibit each season. You can also see famous Canadian artists perform in its stage even in off-season times. Some of the most memorable performances happen from June to August when you can laugh those stress away in gut-busting comedy performances. Drop by to its grand re-opening this month.

Celtic Roots Festival

The Celtic Roots Festival is one of the largest Celtic history festivals in North America. The town of Goderich, Ontario celebrates the traditional Celtic music annually.  You can get yourself immersed in the culture of the famous Celtic music. Locals showcase a wide variety of musical acts from many different musicians and artisans. The festival is not just for locals, as people all the way from Scotland, Ireland, and Wales traveled halfway across the globe to witness the famous festival. So if you are into music, fun, and travel this festival near Lake Huron will surely delight you.

Now, enough with the festival and let's travel the entire lake coast for its some of its famous and historical museums.

Huron County Museum

Some say, to know more about the place you must look into the past. The Huron County Museum will take you back to the early like in Lake Huron. The museum displays exhibit from military arsenal dating back during the WWII. The museum also houses an old stream train for the public to get a taste from the old transportation era. Huron County Museum also displays delicate China and old furniture.  If are a mechanic at heart, then you might find it fascinating to view their old farm tractors and equipment.

Bruce County Museum

You will never get a dull moment in the Bruce County Museum because they offer rotating displays for the kids in summer. They also have a big collection of shipwrecks and artifacts in the region. It’s a great place to go with your kids as the museum offers interactive activities for them to learn about history. The staffs are super helpful and very accommodating.

Huron Historic Gaol

This octagonal fortress served a dual purpose as a courthouse and jail for more than a century. This relatively small museum is one of the National Historic Site of Canada. You will find the site well-kept but filled with artifacts and historical items. This place was also the place where Canada held their last public hangings. The museum also offers grounds and some scenic view especially if you have a drone to bring with you. You can visibly see the magnificent architecture of the place.

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