Thursday, July 5, 2018

Best Family Activities in Edinburg


Travel to the country of what Scotland consider as the adventure playground in the west – Edinburg. The city is fast becoming a popular destination for families. Kids would really love to explore its city, wherein the modern world paved the way for nature to seep through in some of the best learning activities in the city. Awaken your inner child and let your kid’s imagination run free in some of the best family attractions in Edinburg.

The Museum Of Childhood

What would be a perfect start for your family vacation other than The Museum of Childhood? It’s the very first of its kind in the world dedicated to the history of children. Located on Royal Mile, the museum houses the best collections of children’s toys throughout the history of mankind. Reminisce your own childhood days viewing some of the most familiar and unique toys from around the world. Let the children learn how ‘the good old days’ keep the children busy even without gadgets. The puppet theater and the dress up area are two of the main highlights in the museum. 

National Museum Of Scotland

Continue to feed your children’s mind with treasures of the past at the National Museum of Scotland. They have wide ranges of collections and fascinating finds that will keep your little ones busy for hours. Expect to know gargantuan facts and figures throughout the history of the earth. With impressive collections and rare artifacts, it’s a great place to learn some of the best cultural heritage of Scotland. They also have Earth in Space Gallery and extensive mammal collections in the world, spending some time here will all be worth it – something that the whole family can cherish. 

After a tiring day of knowing almost all important facts on earth, it’s time to freshen up and spend another day of fun and play. Take your kids away from the comfort of the modern day world and let them spend some time under the sun and where animals roam free. Let them enjoy a full day onboard train rides or go-karts. Situated just a few miles of Dunbar, let your little ones choose their activities from the indoor animal barn, crazy golf, trampolines, hay barns to ball blast arena. Tucked away those gadgets and let them loose while climbing walls, giant fortress, and educational barn. Kids will never run out of ideas in this structured educational place that’s really wildly fun for them. 

Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth offers great kid-friendly features like their interactive exhibits, impressive technology, and a 4D experience for everyone. Housed in a mysterious spaceship-esque building, it’s the only place in Scotland that has a full 360-degree film theatre. It offers the amazing tale of planet earth as well as many fascinating facts about Mother Nature. Kids and kids at heart will surely be blown away by its beauty and different exhibits.

Scottish Storytelling Centre

Enjoy one of the oldest art forms in human history – storytelling. There are a number of oral narratives as told by different cultures around the world. The Scottish Storytelling Centre has performed many ‘living art’ throughout the years, so they are the expert of storytelling which everyone in the family loves to see. It's home to Scottish International Storytelling Festival and hosts many cultural programs every year. Visiting Edinburg within the festival will delight anyone who wishes to hear all of the Scottish legendary tales. Some of the most loved stories include Greyfriars Bobby and meet Nessie, the Gruffalo, and Wee Willie Winkie. So expect to pull up a chair and make lots of rooms for cookies and other goodie delights while watching the show. 

Deep Sea World

As your kids filled their imagination with different stories, treat their eyes with the largest underwater tunnel in all of UK at Deep Sea World. Every kid loved to see the real Nemo and Dory at their natural habitat. See the little ones have fun looking at different fish species like angelfish, sharks, piranhas, starfish, and seals. This amazing underwater attraction is located in North Queensferry in Fife. 

Their giant underwater aquarium is filled with multiple themed areas using Scottish seawater from the Firth of Forth providing sea animals with fresh sea water supply. Enjoy this unique aquatic experience which everyone would surely love.

Jenner’s Toy Department

Lastly, when the kids had their educational tour, it’s time to treat them a tour of Jenner’s Toy Department. It’s every kid's heaven filled with buckets of Lego, board games, talking toys, cuddly bears, and action figures. They have departments for toys of the great outdoors like bikes, mini scooter, and hoverboards. Giving them a treat or two would never hurt, but let them wander inside the toy department and see the sparks on their eyes light up.

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