Monday, July 23, 2018

What To Do in Nassau


Nassau is the commercial epicenter of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas with an estimated population of 274,400 as of 2016. It houses almost 70% of the whole Bahamas population. Located on the New Providence island, it stands as the main business district of the country. It as the main stronghold of the fiercest pirates in the world, so the Pirates of the Caribbean aren’t that farfetched after all. The city got its name after the city of Germany, Nassau and in honor of William III of England, Prince of Orange-Nassau. 

During the late 18th century, Nassau population grew when the American Loyalists and their slaves came to the island after the American War of Independence. The influxes of people were so high that it immediately outnumbered its original inhabitants. Today, the city is known to attract millions of tourist worldwide.

With so many things to do and family activities to choose from, it’s really unlikely that the city will bore you. There are several different ways to explore the place, one leading to another great adventure. Here are some of the best fun-filled family activities:

Tour the Rose Island

Many referred the Bahamas Out Islands as Family islands because of the variety of family activities it offered. The laid-back community is a gateway to more exciting destinations. Rose Island is one quick ride onboard a speedboat. It makes for a perfect day trip on the island with pristine white sand, secluded beach area, and great snorkeling spots. 

Climb the Queen's Staircase

Climbing the Queen’s Staircase is, in fact, a must do when in Nassau. Built between 1793 and 1794, it was a grim reminder of slave’s hard labor as they carved the 600-foot-tall Queen's Staircase out of solid limestone. The stairs also provide an entryway to Fort Fincastle, standing on the highest point of New Providence Island in Bennett’s Hill. It was later named to honor Queen Victoria.

Visit the Pirates of Nassau Museum

Nassau has a long and grim history worthy of learning. During the early 18th century, it was once a notorious pirate haven known as the “Republic of Pirate” with hundreds of stories to tell. The museum tells , narrative of the various different pirate history of the entire Caribbean. There are interactive exhibits, dioramas, and good old pirate battles. It’s a good way to spend some time to get to know more of the island’s history.

Dive at Stuart's Cove

Stuart's Cove is a perfect spot to go diving whether you are a beginner or a veteran diver. The place is not too crowded which makes it a perfect place to really enjoy the underwater marvels of Nassau. Veteran divers get a chance to dive with wild sharks while the fewer experienced ones, can still marvel at a safer distance. If you don’t want to have your feet wet, there’s a mini-sub to still see the other side of the world. 

Go to Graycliff to taste their famous chocolate, Cigars, and a lot more

The Garzaroli family developed this hillside place into an amazing tourists spot. The Graycliff Hotel and restaurants cater to almost everyone in the family, from entertainment to rum tastings. It’s a virtual entertainment complex with a very fine chocolatier to make little kids happy and a cigar company for the adults to enjoy. Cigars are specially made on site and rolled by hand which can be paired with rum tastings. There’s a pizzeria that offers great snacks and a Bahamian heritage museum for added information about the place. Before you leave, check out their amazing wide selections of 200,000 bottles of wines. 

Buy the perfect souvenir at Straw Market 

The name “Straw Market” came from slaves who sold local handicrafts to Nassau visitors for hundreds of years, the name however, never left the island. These folks used to peddle weaved bowls using skills they learned from their native land. Since the fire broke down several years ago, the market still continued today at the Nassau Straw Market. But today, they sell more than straw baskets, you can find great wood art carvings, t-shirts, and beaded necklaces, and almost every typical island-themed souvenir there is.

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