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Finding Chesapeake Bay | Great Quality Art

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The Chesapeake Bay lies between the states of Maryland and Virginia. As the biggest estuary in North America, it plays an important feature in the economy and the ecology between the two states. Maryland sits in the northern part of the bay while Virginia rests in the southern part.

As the bay spreads in these two states, you may need to create a bigger itinerary when visiting the place. Some of the best destinations in the Bay are: Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan

Chesapeake City

The first stop you should visit in the Chesapeake City, located in the northern part of the bay. Here, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal connects the bay up north. Since the canal is still in use, you can see different ships passing here from Delaware to New York. You may also want to drop by at the C&D Canal Museum where they exhibit artifacts from the history of the waterway. Refined, Trendy and Realistic 3D Bathymetric Wood Charts

Fort McHenry

One famous landmark to visit in the area is Fort McHenry. It served a very pivotal involvement in the history of the region. After the British troops burned down the US Capitol and White House, they immediately went to Baltimore. With 4,500 troops, they sent their warships and bombarded Fort McHenry and other nearby harbor locations. For 25 straight hours, brave soldiers defended the fort and defeated the British.  Today, the fort offers scenic views of the harbors. 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps

Dock Bars of the Bay

If you want to experience Chesapeake’s hospitality and local scene find some time going to this dock. Waterfronts bars are always the best seat in the house. The place has several bars to choose from ranging from tiki bars to their famous oyster houses. You can spend the whole afternoon watching the open waters or a championship game on TV. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan


Another great stop is in the country’s Sailing Capital – Annapolis. If you are a boating enthusiast, you might want to go here. It is also the capital city of Maryland which draws hundreds of tourist every October for the annual sail and power boat season. The historic town shares it a very dedicated passion for sailing to tourists. The best time to visit the sailing town is from April to September with Wednesday Night Sailboat competition to cap off the day. Our charts are beautiful, free shipping, satisfaction is guaranteed

Captain John Smith National Historic Trail

You would not want to leave the Chesapeake Bay without exploring Captain John Smith National Historic Trail. The trail follows the famous journey of Captain Smith during the 17th century while exploring the whole bay. Maps are available in National Park Service which composes 3,000 miles of trail from Maryland going to Virginia until reaching Delaware and D.C. 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps

Smith Island

There are places that you may skip during your trip, but for whatever reason, do not miss Smith Island, as you may not be able to see it again. Captain John Smith discovered the island where it was commissioned as one of the cultural treasure in the US. Because of extreme weather condition, and mostly due to erosions and rising seawaters, the island is gradually diminishing. You can either catch a ferry or ride a bike from the popular Smith Island Cake going to this island. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan


Oxford is considered as one of the oldest towns in Maryland which host some waterfront activities for families. The town still has the charm of the old waterman’s port with Yachting magazine dubbed the as the “best waterfront town in the world”. It was once a main shipping industry in the Eastern Shore, exploring the town will give you an insight on how it used to be back in the days. Our charts are beautiful, free shipping, satisfaction is guaranteed

Havre de Grace

Another historical place in the Chesapeake Bay is Havre de Grace. The Concord Point Lighthouse is hard to miss during a trip here. The lighthouse used to house John O’Neil who defended the lighthouse during the 1812 war. The town is known for its shopping districts, maritime museums, and antique shops. Refined, Trendy and Realistic 3D Bathymetric Wood Charts

Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse

Just a few miles from Annapolis, Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse is accessible via tour boats leaving the town. You might find it intriguing to visit the only lighthouse that has pilling screwed directly into its sandy bottom. Book early though, as the place only provides limited public viewing. 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps

Fells Point, Baltimore

Referred to as the ‘nest of pirates’ a few decades back, Fells Point now has trendy bars and restaurants that offer a scenic view of the water. Once house some of the main shipbuilding industry, it still has some of those Belgian-block stone streets worth of a visit. Today, it now hosts many visiting boats in Broadway Square. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

If you want to see the whole histories of the region in just one go visit Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. They museum displays log canoes, Drake tail oyster boats, and skipjacks. It’s a great place to learn more about the nautical history which founded its civilization. The restored lighthouse always fascinates tourist.

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