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The Most Luxurious Yacht Ever Made | Showcasing Fine Art Gift Ideas


Superyacht A (estimated market value of $323 million)
Dubai (estimated market value: $350 million)
Azzam  (estimated market value: $650 million)
Eclipse (estimated market value: $1.5 billion)
History Supreme (estimated market value: $4.5 billion)

While most of us are still dreaming of a perfect vacation, there are some who are privileged enough to enjoy it whenever they want. Back in the days, boats serve as a necessity for anglers and bringing home an abundance of the daily catch. It’s a simple vessel built with basic provisions. But within the past decades, it evolves into something more valuable. People seek more engine power, speed, and latest designs to showcase their wealth.

Luxury yachts began to stride the waters during the early 20th century. The art of building a luxury yacht was a status symbol to unparalleled wealth. It’s a floating vessel of magnificent indulgence which only the richest of the rich can afford. With all its sophisticated state of the art technology not to mention lavish designs, it’s meant to roam the open waters with pride.  

Two of the super yachts, the Savarona and the Christina O were built during the growing popularity of building luxury yachts. That may seem too far back, but today most the luxury yachts are made with only the finest materials. Here are the top five most luxurious yacht ever made: Refined, Trendy and Realistic 3D Bathymetric Wood Charts

Superyacht A (estimated market value of $323 million)

Blohm and Voss of Hamburg designed the Superyacht A. Why A? It was named after its wealthy owners Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko, both are Russian billionaires. Standing at 400-feet long and measuring up to 24,000 square feet, it looks like a crossover of a submarine and a stealth warship. However, it does have luxurious facilities most of us only dreamed of. It has a 2,500 square feet master bedroom, six guest suites, and a disco. The tableware and glassware are made of the finest French crystal. It also has a helicopter hanger and a speed boat. Three swimming pools are built to enjoy 14 guests which served by 42 crew members. 3D Nautical Wood Chart Maps

Dubai (estimated market value: $350 million)

Initially Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei custom-made Dubai with the help of Blohm and Voss and Lürssen shipyards. The prince commissioned building the luxury yacht 10 years before its launch in 2006. However, Platinum Yachts was later bought the yacht for the King of Dubai, (thus the name) Sheik Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum. His Highness designed the interior of the yacht with handmade mosaics and an accent of circular glass steps. The steps even change its color as the light reflects on it above the top deck.

The King intentionally designed the yacht with bold colors with large common area and lounge. There are also several guest suites and VIP rooms all lavishly designed. In a yacht as big as Dubai, it needs more than several people to serve its passengers. The crew area alone can accommodate 115 people.

The Dubai also has a big swimming pool, several Jacuzzis, and a spacious sunbathing area. To top it off, it has a helipad which can hold a 9.5-ton helicopter. Carved Lake Art is located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan

Azzam  (estimated market value: $650 million)

Lürssen Yachts do know their thing, as another one of their creations created waves of awesomeness. They recently built a $650 million luxury yacht christened as Azzam to the President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan.

Christophe Leoni, a French interior decorator known for his luxurious and extravagant creations designed Azzam. What makes Azzam even more amazing is its immense size and top speed. Even at 590 feet long, this does not stop the super yacht in reaching top speeds of 30 knots or 35mph, one of the fastest yachts created. Unfortunately, the outside world knew little about Azzam.

Eclipse (estimated market value: $1.5 billion)

Another Russian billionaire owns the world’s second most expensive yacht. Roman Abramovich bought Eclipse worth from $800,000 to $1.5 billion. The builders? No other than Blohm and Voss of Hamburg and they outdid themselves in doing so. Measuring around 536 feet, Eclipse has the state-of-the-art defense technology while enjoying the world’s most luxurious facilitates.

It has two swimming pools, two helicopter pads, a number of hot tubs, a disco hall and 24 cabins for guests. A surprising take on the luxury line? Eclipse can hold a mini-submarine, three launch boats and capable of going 50 meters underwater.

The super luxurious yacht has a missile defense system, bulletproof windows, and intruder detection systems. No paparazzi can even take pictures of anyone onboard Eclipse, as laser beams will block their professional cameras. Now, that’s security to its highest level.

History Supreme (estimated market value: $4.5 billion)

And the number one spot goes to the History Supreme. A UK based luxury designer Stuart Huges took three years to complete its extravagant design. An unnamed uber rich Malaysian businessman purchased History Supreme for $4.5 billion. The most expensive yacht in the world has solid gold and platinum designs with 220,000 lbs of other precious metals.

Builders coated History Supreme with a thin layer of solid gold from top to bottom. If that is not enough precious metal, the master bedroom is adorned with meteorite rock and a sculpture made from real Tyrannosaurus bones. The Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium is lined with 68 kg of 24-caret gold. And if that is not enough, designer included a liquor bottle decorated with a rare 18.5-carat diamond, it’s worth alone amounts to $45 million. To keep connection inland, there’s an iPhone with 500 cut diamonds. Another fancy feature includes two interchangeable diamonds over its home button, a 7.4-carat pink and an 8-carat rare diamond.

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