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What to do in Cape May | See our Carved Laser Cut Art

How to Spend Time in Cape May

Cape May is a city and seaside resort at the tip of southern New Jersey’s Cape May Peninsula. It’s known for its grand Victorian houses such as the Emlen Physick Estate. The estate is now a museum with a preserved interior from the era. Shops and restaurants line the Washington Street Mall, 3 pedestrianized blocks of Washington Street. The Cape May Lighthouse provides views across the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Why travel to Cape May?

Why spend vacation time in Cape May? Well, the area is considered as the country’s first seaside resort and stayed the same for decades. Not totally a bad thing, but it adds to its charming scenery. Travelers go to Cape May to admire the century-old Victorian gingerbread buildings. Either they walk, ride a bicycle, carriage and trolley bus just to see the historic districts.

For every season, there is a wide variety of things to do in Cape May. During summertime, you can enjoy their pristine beach. The water is still warm even after Labor Day. In winter, the shorelines show a different scenic beauty of solitude and peace. But a visit during summertime, the place explodes with joy from several activities.

Here is a list of activities that your family can enjoy in summer time:

Cape May Lighthouse

Cape May houses one famous 1859 Cape May Lighthouse that was fully restored. Some say, when visiting the lighthouse, you should finish climbing the 199 steps. It may sound intimidating at first climbing all those stairs, but the work is worth it. Atop the lighthouse, you can see a very beautiful scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay. It opens daily so you can drop by anytime you want.

World War II Lookout Tower

This lookout tower is amongst the 15 towers that were built in 1942. It helped soldiers aim batteries of coastal artillery. World War II Lookout Tower played a major part in the history of coastal defenses. Now, the tower became a part of Cape May Point State Park.

East Coast Parasail

For adrenaline junkies, East Coast Parasail can offer activities from the usual dip in the water. Their activities will take you above the waters in top speed. But, because of high demand, making a reservation is always advised. But for those faint hearted, you can just observe from the ground basking in the sun.

Cape Kayaks

Explore and experience this natural habitat with an experienced guide who will not just simply guide you but also point out migrating wildlife as well as indigenous species.  Enjoy paddling through the pristine waters of Cape May & Wildwood Crest's Salt Marsh. To make the experience educational, rent a kayak to explore the flora and fauna as you paddle across the water. Have a blast in the sea renting surf kayaks while experiencing summertime in Cape May.

Cape May Food Tours

After all those activities, it’s time to replenish lost energy with one of Cape May Food Tours to fill your hungry tummy. While there are numerous fast food chains and cafes within the city, food tours will take you to the city’s unique culinary take. Let your taste buds explore the city while learning more about the beautiful Victorian resorts. Tour guides will share some of the surprising facts about Cape May. They will even take you on a tour about the architectural style of the city that enchanted visitors for centuries. Food tours include specialty cuisines from local restaurants, ethnic eateries, and specialties food stores.

Spas & Wellness Centres in Cape May

All those activities and strolling in the town will leave you sore to the bones. Relax those aching muscles in one of the Spas & Wellness Centers in Cape May. Some of the mind relaxing activities include Pilates and yoga. They even take their classes on the beach during good days. You can choose from these studios:

  • Balance Pilates & Yoga Studio
  • Sea Spa
  • Cape May Yoga
  • Cape May Day Spa
  • Aqua Vie Day Spa

Shopping in Cape May

And then, it’s time to go home. But don’t leave Cape May without bringing something along with you. The city is also lined with shopping districts to buy a souvenir. You can either head to:

  • Washington Street Mall
  • West End Garage
  • Great White Shark
  • Sea Weeds by the Sea

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