Wednesday, October 11, 2017

7 Reasons Boating Can Teach You|Custom Collectible Wood Art for the Boater in Your Life


Boating is not just for the adventurous mind, it is also for the brave and fearless heart. But you don’t need to be, boating could teach you all these once you embark on a journey. So why go boating? Well, these are some of the reasons why: 

Boating = Family Bonding + FUN

Boating is indeed fun for the family; you can go to places and stop whenever you want to enjoy a sunset, take a dip in the water, or simply relax in some secluded dock. Younger kids would love swimming in calm shallow water. While teenagers would love activities that generally involve some adrenaline rush like wake boarding, skimming at a high speed, going with the wind in a sailboat, the possibility is quite endless.  

You can go boating alone and just relax in the open seas but what fun could it be? Boating with your family and friends doubles the fun. Bonding together while sailing in the seas, taking turns as a lookout, cruising, and anchoring can strengthen your relationships. Why? Because you trust each other, it also serves as a great activity for team building if the usual boating activities bore you. 

Having adventures of a lifetime

Boating was always meant for adventure. Embarking on a journey will open doors for new adventure waiting to be discovered in each place you will visit. From the first voyagers who discovered islands and paved the way for new routes to the brave captains who fought massive waves in fierce storms who survived to tell tales. 

Whenever you go sail with your boat, new experiences are waiting for you to become amongst the seamen who ventured into seas. It does not matter if you own a fisherman’s boat or a luxurious yacht, what matters is the adventures and new life experiences that await you, one that cannot be felt anywhere in the land.

Boating is about finding happiness

Boating activities can lift your spirit, no matter how simple it would be. You can read a book in solitude in a beautiful sunset as your background. If you are more of an adventurous spirit, nothing more can give you happiness than sailing through the winds at top speed in a racing competition and winning it. Taste the salty sea when getting major air while wake boarding or seeing your child tries pedal boarding for the very first time. You could not possibly deny the joy of getting your first catch or setting a new record for reeling in the biggest fish. 

Getting Physical Fit

Looking for the best way to shake those love handles away? Then anchor away and go boating. It may not seem so rigorous like cross fit training. Boating requires every bit of your muscle to work like when anchoring and steering especially in high waves. Even if not on those situations, activities like kayaking, canoe racing, and hiking in a nearby island can burn hundreds of calories. That would make your next gym appointment days or even weeks away. 

Bringing out the creative craftsman in you

Boats, like your trusted vehicle but less complicated than an airplane, needs a creative craftsman. If you love DIYs, boating can bring out the best in you. Just like cars, boats need special attention to details, particularly when it comes to maintenance. There will always be a something to clean, paint, polish or holes to mend, even bolts that need replacements. Owning a boat can turn you like a certified motor head in no time but in a good way. It just means you are learning a new trade which could be productive and fulfilling at the same time. Nothing beats a job well done especially when you made it.

Learning a new trade

At first, buying a boat can be intimidating. You need to master the art of safety first before sailing in the vast oceans. You may need to learn how to tie a proper knot, an essential skill for boating or you need to get a formal education in seamanship, chart reading, rules of the road, and even piloting. Aside from these basic skills, you need to master conquering the waves and forecasting weather like a pro.  Boating is fun but it does not mean it is easy, learning this new skills can challenge your mind but can also fulfill your dreams of going into the boundless adventure of a lifetime. With continuing education, comes wisdom that only boating can give you.

Leaving it all behind

Feeling stress lately?  Then embark on an adventure aboard a boat. There are hundreds of places to go to, with the Great Lakes nearly accessible to almost every city, you can just go to a mini getaway over the weekend. Boating can take your mind away from all the stress of your office and city pollution. After a few days, come back with a invigorated mind ready to tackle those problems, one at a time. Then repeat.

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