Friday, October 13, 2017

Have a Tampa Bay Adventure! Exciting Places to Visit|Wood Art for Your Home


Tampa Bay is a town full of natural estuary and harbor located near the Gulf of Mexico and Florida. It consists of Hillsboro Bay, Mckay Bay, Middle Tampa Bay, Lower Tampa Bay and Old Tampa Bay. As a center economic center of western Florida, Tampa Bay has historic old districts, and high-rise office buildings connecting the old town to the new. Must visit places in Tampa Bay include Ybor City, Hillsborough River, and the charming Columbian Restaurant. 

Ybor City

Tampa Bay once houses the world largest cigar factory in the world, Ybor cigar factory. The city was after the cigar magnate Vicente Martinez Ybor. Ybor came into the city around the mid-1880s after his workers threaten to unionize at his Key West cigar plant. At the height of his business at least 4,000 people hand rolled more than 900,000 premium cigars in a month. Sadly, during the Great Depression and machinery brought the end of his legacy. Today, the place is listed under National Historic Landmark District. Ybor City now becomes a city center home to many galleries, restaurants, cafes, and shops. 

Columbia Restaurant

Within the unique town of Ybor City lies Columbia Restaurants, the country’s largest Spanish restaurant. a Cuban immigrant named Casimiro Hernandez, Sr. started the restaurant in 1905. From a small café corner, it now grew into a world-class Spanish restaurant that can seat 1,600 people. At night people often come to Columbia Restaurant to watch the flamenco dance show. In some nights they feature Jazz music to serenade their customers along with their architectural charm. 

Tampa Theatre

Constructed in 1926, Tampa Theatre has a façade built on multi cultural designs like Greek, Byzantine, and Italian Renaissance. On a regular basis, it plays classic films and selected foreign movies along with concerts and programs. Watching a classic movie in this theater will complete the experience of old movie houses. 

Sunshine Skyway

As not a destination itself, Sunshine Skyway is one man-made marvel worth to laid eyes with. Dubbed as “highway on stilts”, the 12-mile bridge contains several lanes to accommodate vehicles to enter Tampa Bay. The middle section is an engineering feat that features two suspended gigantic pylons. This allows on-going vessels to pass easily beneath. Engineers changed the design when a cargo ship rammed into the bridge which crumpled it. 

Henry B Plant Museum

Henry B Plant Museum is a Victorian palace that has a unique Moorish design feature. The museum showcases the history of the hotel which was once owned by railroad magnate Henry Plant. Founded in 1933, it features the Plant’s contribution to the economic development of Tampa. Each room display very delicately designed period furnishings, getting a glimpse of the luxurious lifestyle of Henry B. Plant. Walk in its grounds and explore luscious greeneries which a gardener kept well maintained. The rest of the museum is now part of Tampa University.

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